Department of Public Health

The Department of Public Health offers a Public Health Bachelor of Science program that challenges students with a unique combination of interdisciplinary liberal arts education with a specialty focus on public health. You'll learn the conceptual foundations and empirical bases for analyzing the interplay between science, society and health. Many pre-med and other health professions students also choose to minor in Public Health to augment their specialty education with this broad perspective. The BS in Public Health is offered on campus, as well as through our Complete Degree online program. Public Health majors may also fast-track their careers by pursuing master’s programs in Public Health or Nutrition through unique combined degree options.

The Department of Public Health offers a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree with a distinct focus on health equity. While students learn the general principles and practices of public health, they also learn to address structural determinants of health often situated in historical systems of oppression. This online program combines self-paced learning with interactive live class sessions with faculty and fellow students. MPH students also participate in two in-person immersion courses, one in Boston focused on racism, oppression, and health, and one in southern Arizona focused on immigration, health and restoration in the borderlands.

Why Public Health?

CEPH SealDue to global concerns regarding chronic and infectious disease, health inequities, food and water safety, and sanitation and environmental health issues, there is a rising demand for graduates with degrees in Public Health.

Students earning their Bachelor’s in Public Health degree learn how to interpret public health data, frame a public health issue, review and apply scientific literature, and present findings on approaches to the issue. In the Master of Public Health program, students learn about the intersections of public health and social justice, applying skills of policy analysis, community organizing, and community-based research methods in partnership with local organizations.

Students who graduate from Simmons University’s Public Health programs have excellent employment prospects as researchers, community health workers, and health program managers.

    Department Mission, Vision and Values


    Simmons Public Health advances a vision where all individuals and communities are assured fair and equitable opportunity to achieve optimal health and well-being, ensuring inclusivity across identities, locations and circumstances.


    Simmons Public Health trains public health practitioners to advance population health and health equity through innovative education, transdisciplinary collaboration, applied research and practice, community organizing and engagement, and health advocacy for systems change. Our program prepares students in the general principles and practices of public health, and to address structural determinants of health often situated in historical systems of racism and other forms of oppression.


    • Social Justice: We value social justice as a core concept of health equity, which embraces the uniqueness, dignity, and inherent value of all individuals and communities and challenges power differentials and structures that preclude fair opportunity for optimal health for all. 
    • Community Partnership: Rather than work on behalf of, we strive always to work with the communities whose health we aim to enhance, through partnered knowledge production, participatory agenda setting, and collaborative action for social change.
    • Scientific Rigor and Integrity: We strive for outstanding performance in enacting health equity that is built on the foundation of scientifically rigorous research, evidence-based public health practice, and personal and professional integrity and ethics.
    • Critical Systems Thinking: In order to assess and address health inequities, we employ a critical lens to understand broad systems and structures that produce and reproduce inequities and injustices in health.
    • Innovative Leadership: Taking inspiration from past innovation, and challenging existing paradigms, we advance a model of leadership that imagines new systems and structures to improve health equity and create sustainable, transformative impact.

    Public Health Requirements

    Simmons University is nationally recognized for our exceptional Public Health programs that provide the conceptual and empirical foundation for analyzing the interplay between health, science, and society.

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    On-Campus Public Health Program Admission Requirements

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    Online Public Health Program Admission Requirements

    Highlights of Simmons’ Public Health Programs

    • Simmons University is nationally recognized for our exceptional Public Health programs.
    • Our Public Health faculty are dedicated scholars and mentors.
    • Undergraduate and graduate Public Health degree students participate in internships and research opportunities enhancing the in-classroom experience for deeper understanding of course concepts.
    • Demand for graduates of Public Health programs is on the rise, allowing graduates with Public Health degree the opportunity to enter a range of careers, including public health policy specialists, program managers, emergency management specialists, health educators, epidemiologists, community health workers, researchers, and public health communicators—all seeking to identify and solve important issues in public health.