Testing FAQs

What test are you going to administer? Are you going to do pooled testing (saliva) or individual nose swabs?

The test will be a PCR test through a self-administered nasal swab. This is not a deep, nasopharyngeal swab, it is an anterior swab that you can conduct yourself under observation from our trained staff. Tests will not be pooled, each test result will be analyzed and delivered individually. The tests will be sent to the Broad Institute for analysis and results will be delivered within 24 hours through the CoVerified app or website.

Do I have to schedule an appointment for my test? What happens if I miss my appointment?

It’s best if you schedule an appointment at your designated testing site to prevent overcrowding. On the CoVerified app or website, you can go to the “Testing” section, choose your site, and search for open appointments.

In case you need a last-minute test and aren’t able to schedule your appointment in advance, the testing site may be able to accommodate you for a walk-in. You won’t be penalized if you miss your scheduled appointment, as long as you get a test at some point during that week. Penalties will kick in once you go a full week, Monday through Friday, without taking a test. 

I only come to campus once a week, do I need to make an extra trip to get tested the day before I work/have class?

While it’s best to be tested 24-48 hours before you plan to be on campus or in a congregate setting, it is okay for you to only test on the day you come to campus. With weekly testing combined with our vaccination requirement, we are hoping to be able to identify any cases within a reasonable timeframe to identify any potential spread before it happens. 

If I am experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, can I get tested on campus?

Students who are experiencing symptoms and need a test should make an appointment with the Health Center so they can administer a safe test. Faculty and staff should leave or avoid campus and contact their healthcare provider or locate a local testing site that can do symptomatic testing.

If I am a staff member and a student, do I need to get tested twice as often?

No, you do not have to test twice as often. Following the current testing requirements will be sufficient to meet your testing requirements - once per week if you are on campus one day a week OR twice a week if you are on campus more than one day a week.

I’m only on campus for night classes. What do I do if the testing site has already closed?

We are planning to have our testing site open five days per week. The testing site will be open until 6pm on Mondays-Thursdays and until 5pm on Fridays. If you absolutely can’t be on campus during the testing site hours, then you can submit a test taken off-site through the CoVerified app.

What if I take a test somewhere other than Simmons?

It’s best to get tested at one of our campus testing sites, but if you are not able to test on campus, you can upload your test results to CoVerified.

CoVerfied App

  • Choose the plus sign at the bottom of the app home screen 
  • Select option to upload a test result. 

CoVerified Website (web.coverified.us)

  • Go to the left sidebar
  • Choose "Reports" 
  • Select "Report Test Result' 
  • Enter the information and a PDF or screenshot of your information 

Note that other testing sites may not have as quick of a turnaround for results, and Simmons will not reimburse you for any testing costs from tests you choose to take at an off-campus location.

What if I’m going to be gone for a week and miss my test? Do I need to get tested somewhere else?

If you know you’re going to be away from campus for an extended period, you should set your status in CoVerified to “Remote.” This way, you won’t be penalized for missing a test. However, if your status is “Remote,” you should not be on campus at all. Students, faculty, and staff who are on campus while their status is “Remote” may be subject to the same penalties as if they were on campus while out of testing compliance. You do not need to take a test while you are away, but you should test as soon as possible upon your return.

If you do not set your status to “Remote” and you are off campus for a week, you should get tested ASAP upon your return. You may receive a warning message about your missed test, but as long as you take a test during the week you return, you will remain in compliance. Missing two straight weeks of testing without an approved excuse (sickness, vacation, etc.) will trigger a compliance process with either Student Affairs or HR.