Return-to-Campus Checklist — July 27, 2021

From the Return-to-Campus Steering Committee

We are excited to welcome faculty and staff back to campus starting next week, Monday, August 2! It is important to note that this date serves as Phase 3 of our return-to-campus plan, and is the starting point for many faculty and staff to begin transitioning to in-person activities.

Return-to-Campus Checklist:


Don’t forget to purchase parking passes, commuter rail passes and local train and bus link passes through your Workday account. If you are planning to park on campus, please set up your account in advance. Note: the first level of the SOM garage is under construction. Follow the barriers and signs to parking.

Room Renumbering

As part of the One Simmons Initiative and construction, the buildings on the Academic Campus have all been assigned letters, and the spaces inside have been re-numbered (e.g., A-XXX for Main College Building, B-XXX for One Palace Road, C-XXX for the Management and Academic Building, etc.). The distinction between east, west, and center wings in the Main College Building have been removed and the numbering now runs across the entire building. We will have updated maps posted around campus and on the Return to Campus website.

Mask Policy

Even if you are fully vaccinated, masks are required indoors at this time. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided. When outdoors, masks are not required for those who are fully vaccinated.

Simmons ID

Do you remember where you put your ID? Don’t forget to bring it. If it is lost, we will issue you a new one. You can submit a request online, upload your picture, and pick up your ID on campus at Public Safety.

COVID-19 Vaccinations

Vaccines are critical to our ability to achieve a vibrant on-campus experience. If you have not done so already, we encourage you to get vaccinated and update your vaccination status.

For the latest news and updates about campus enhancements, COVID-19, and campus reopening, please continue to visit the Return to Simmons page.

Arrival On Campus

Upon arrival next week, access the Main College Building (MCB) from the quad middle entrances. There is no access to the MCB from The Fenway, and the quad ramps are under construction – there is elevator access from the quad entrance.

Once there, pick up your key, maps of new spaces on campus, have a coffee, collect your welcome-back water bottle, and reconnect!

You will be greeted by the Simmons Welcome Back Ambassadors who are here to support you and answer questions you may have upon arrival. They will be in Common Grounds between 8:00am and 12:00pm from August 2 to August 5, and August 9 to August 12. After this time, there will be continued support in terms of key pick-up and campus information.

Thank you in advance to those who volunteered to be Welcome Back Ambassadors (in no particular order):

  • Brian Norman
  • Meghan Kass
  • Paul Lombardo
  • Barbara Zerillo
  • Alie Wilkins
  • Lauren Murray
  • Richard Voos
  • Elisa van Dam
  • Lulu Shen
  • Kerri Brophy
  • Renique Kersh
  • Sean Fogarty
  • Daisy Guerrero
  • Kelly Williams
  • Joe Wilson
  • Kathy Rogers
  • Kristen Palson
  • Russ Pinizzotto
  • Nakeisha Cody
  • Phardia Berret
  • Christina Webber
  • LaTanya Maxwell
  • Lindsey Baumgardner
  • Joan Martinez Cuerva
  • Rosemary Hernandez
  • Chelsea Ginsberg

Thank you for your collaboration, flexibility, and patience as we continue to navigate the landscape of COVID-19 and campus construction, which will enhance the student experience for generations to come. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

The Return-to-Campus Steering Committee

Kaylen Addison, Renique Kersh, Suzie Murphy, Russ Pinizzotto, Laura Brink Pisinski, Niki Vanderpol, Laura Wareck