College of Social Sciences, Policy, and Practice

Ready to change the world?

At the College of Social Sciences, Policy, and Practice, our students understand that to change the world, you need to understand it. From development to implementation, our students study the impacts of policy and analyze the social forces that shape communities around the globe.

You'll learn from renowned faculty who put their research to work improving social and economic policy for real-world systems change. Our students find placements at Boston's K-12 schools and world-renowned hospitals, intern with local, state, and federal legislators, and conduct original research on problems at the intersection of complex economic and social issues.

At Simmons, our campus culture is focused on community service and activism. You'll hone your passion for advocacy and become influential leaders in social work, higher education, community development, government, law, community health, and finance.

Recent News

College of Social Sciences, Policy, and Practice

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