Social Work: Accelerated 16-Month Program

Our 16-month Accelerated MSW Program will get you into the field faster. 

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The Simmons program – the only on-campus accelerated MSW in New England – allows students to complete an MSW degree in four consecutive semesters over 16 months. You’ll start in January, taking courses in the spring, summer, fall and following spring semesters. You will also complete field placements during each semester of the program.

The accelerated program is perfect for students who have worked or volunteered in social work, and who excelled academically in their undergraduate studies

The Simmons Accelerated 16-Month MSW program allows students to complete their MSW degree in four consecutive semesters over 16 months. The plan of study starts in January with students taking courses in the spring, summer, fall and following spring semesters. Students are in field placements each semester.

The accelerated MSW is the only on-campus program in New England. This 65-credit degree program has the same course work and requirements as the two-year full-time and three-year extended programs, but students earn their degree one semester sooner. The 16-month MSW program enrolls 12-15 students each year.

Due to the accelerated course schedule, previous strong undergraduate academic performance is a plus, and substantial prior work and/or volunteer experience in social work/human services is strongly recommended.

The Accelerated 16-Month MSW program does not apply to specialized MSW programs such as the School Social Work Certificate Program, Trauma Practice Certificate Program, or Health Care Certificate Program, which need to be completed either full-time or part-time in 24, 36 or 48 months.

Please note that the alternative accelerated schedule, which includes a summer semester of field education, will somewhat limit the first-year field placement choices (Field placement during the spring and summer semesters of the first year.)

Because the small and limited number of students in the accelerated MSW program, students must take online the Clinical Practice class during their first year (first 2 semesters spring and summer.)

See the full program plan.

The 16-month MSW program starts only in the spring semester.

Our students apply their academic knowledge through direct-practice internships with individuals, groups, agencies, and larger systems. Prior to entering the MSW Program, students meet with our field education faculty to assess interests, discuss learning goals, and arrange an internship plan. First-year internships provide a strong foundation of social work practice skills. 

Accelerated MSW students will have two field placements – one during the fall and spring of the first year and an advanced clinical year placement in the summer and fall of the second year. Students will meet with a field placement specialist in the fall to begin the placement selection process for their advanced clinical year. 

Please note that the alternative accelerated schedule which includes a summer semester of field education will somewhat limit the advanced year field placement choices. 

Employment as Field Placement

On occasion, students who are currently employed by a human service agency may be permitted to do their internship as a supervised "job placement" at their current agency. Students interested in this option must apply to the field department. Only placements that meet the strict criteria — including the provision of a new LICSW supervisor and a new work assignment — are approved. Only one placement can be a job placement.

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Social Work at Simmons University

Our progressive, hands-on curriculum integrates education and practice with social justice values, multicultural perspectives and a strong emphasis on field education.

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