Beverly C. Sealey

Professor Emerita


  • M.S.W.
  • Ph.D.

Research/Creative Activities

Fullbright Senior Scholar, Lecturer/Researcher Award, Principal Investigator. Research project in Ghana, comparing differences in family background, ethnicity and ethnic value orientation, and views on the family among middle-class Ghanaians. (2007-present)

Simmons University, Faculty Fund for Research, Principal Investigator. Research project looking at young adult self-perceptions or parent-child relations and social functioning among ethnically diverse black youth, and future orientation. (2005-present)


Selected Publications

Cosgrove, G., Gammoley, D., Gabel, S. G., Lager, P. B., Leta, H. B., Lusk, M., Martin, S., Mathiesen, S., Olsen, J. K., Scott, G. R., & Sealey, B. C. (2010). Social work international opportunities for academic credit: Suggested Guidelines for study abroad programs. Washington, DC: CSWE, Council on Global Learning, Research, and Practice.

Selected Presentations

Sealey, B.C. (2011, October). Child abuse and neglect. Presented at the Department of Social Welfare, Ghana, W. Africa.

Corbin, J., Gabel, S.G., Mathiesen, S., Olsen, J., Rowen, D., Seasly, B.C. (2011, October). Reactions of students and faculty to socio-cultural-political differences in study abroad and internship programs. Presented at the Annual Program Meeting for the Council on Social Work Education and Council on Global Learning, Boston, MA.

Sealey, B.C.( 2010, April). Resiliency and racism, film screening of "The Secret Life of Bees." Presented at the NASW Massachusetts Chapter Continuing Education Film Series, Boston, MA.

Sealey, B.C. (2009, September). Ghana, West Africa and the Fullbright Experience. Presented at St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church, Cambridge, MA.

Sealey, B.C. (2009, June). Social policy and welfare: Comparison of U.S. and Ghana. Presented at the Ghana School of Social Work at Osu, Ghana, W. Africa.

Sealey, B.C. (2009, May). Introduction and welcome address presented at the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers, Conference on Elder Services and Nursing Home Care, Bedford, MA.

Sealey, B.C. (2009, March). Child victims of abuse and neglect: Neighborhood factors to protect children in Egypt. Presented at the 28th International Social Work Conference at Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt.

Sealey, B.C. (2008, July). Preparing leaders for practice in an increasingly global world: Reflections on developing a study abroad course. Presented at the 2008 Leadership and Management Studies in Sub-Sahara Africa Conference at Aukland University of Technology, Aukland, New Zealand.

Sealey, B.C. (2008, June). Conducting research in an international environment: The Fullbright Scholar Program to Ghana. Presented at the National Institute of Mental Health, Family Research Consortium.

Sealey, B.C. (2008, April). Self-perception of relationship with parents, attitude toward school, and delinquency among African American, Caribbean American, and Chanaian Adolescents. Presented at Michigan State University at the Conference on the Undefended Childhood in a Global Perspective.

Professional Affiliations & Memberships

  • Hildebrand Family Self-Help Center, Inc - Consultant - 2006-Present
  • Child Care Resource CEnter - Board of Directors - 2004-Present
  • Henry Buckner School - Board of Directors - 2000-Present