Registrar Forms

3D Requirement Course Selection
For Undergraduate students on the PLAN who are selecting the courses that will be counted towards their 3D Requirement. This form requires the signature of the student's SIM-301 instructor.

Used to add or drop from a course. This can also be used in the process of being consented into a course by faculty.

F-1 students sponsored by Simmons University shall consult the Center for Global Education (CGE) before withdrawing form a course.

Consent to Release Education Records
In compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), which is a federal law that protects the confidentiality of student education records, Simmons University cannot release information pertaining to a student's education records to a third party without the prior written consent of the student, except in accordance with law, such as upon receipt of a lawful subpoena or court order.

Course Schedule Verification Form
For current Simmons students requiring verification of their current course registrations, including the number of credits in which they are enrolled.

Declaration of Major
All active Undergraduate students may declare their intended major after earning 32 credits and must declare prior to earning 80 credits.

Declaration of Minor
All active Undergraduate students may declare a minor after earning a minimum of 32 semester hours and prior to earning 80 semester hours.

Dual Degree Award Detachment
For graduate students in the LIS-Archives and History dual-degree program only, use this form to receive the two degrees on separate dates. Students in other dual-degree programs are not eligible to detach their award dates from one another. See the Dual Degree Award Detachment Policy for more information.

Incomplete Grade Agreement - Undergraduate
Before the last day of the semester, undergraduate students can request an extension of time to complete their coursework if they have the support of their instructor and will complete the remaining work within four (4) weeks of the request. Requests for extensions made after the last day of classes should be submitted using the Petition for Incomplete Grade - Undergraduate form.

Formal Audit
For Undergraduates looking to formally audit a course. Open to any Undergraduate Student who is not in their first semester. Graduate students seeking formal audits must go through their department.

Major/Minor Requirement: Exemption Approval Form
For Undergraduate students who are seeking approval to fulfill a major or minor requirement with an alternative course than is listed in the course catalog for declared area of study.

Pass/Fail Form
For Undergraduate students that want to take a course for a pass or fail grading option. Students are allowed to take one course per semester pass/fail, except courses that fulfill competency requirements. Consult departments directly for courses that fulfill major requirements.

Petition for Course Overload
Undergraduate students who pay flat tuition and have earned at least 32 credits may elect to take up to 22 credits at the standard flat tuition twice (for two semesters) during their academic program. To be eligible for this higher credit cap, students must have an overall 2.8 GPA and be in behavioral good standing. Students must fill out the UG Overload Form, available in the Registrar's Office, when registering for the semester in which they would like to exercise the 22-credit flat tuition option. (Dix Scholars and CompleteDegree students are not under flat tuition and are not eligible for this overload.)

Petition to Graduate
For current Graduate level students who wish to graduate. Please email [email protected] and request the link to the Petition of your specific College.

Petition for Incomplete Grade - Undergraduate
For undergraduate students who need an extension of time on the final grade due date.

Petition For Incomplete Grade - Graduate
For Graduate Students in the following programs: Behavior Analysis, Children's Literature, Education, Gender & Cultural Studies, Health Professions Education, History, Library and Information Science, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, and Public Policy. For other programs, please consult your Student Handbook or Program Director.

Petition to Participate in Commencement - Undergraduate
For Undergraduate students who are within 8 credits of completing their degree requirements but still wish to participate in the Commencement ceremony. The eight credits must be completed during the following summer.

Petition for Study Abroad
Course approval for courses that will be taken during Study Abroad.

Petition for Transfer Credit: Graduate
For current Graduate level students who wish to transfer in credits from other institutions. Please submit all documentation and materials to the Program Director or Department Chair, along with the form pertaining to the corresponding college.

Petition for Transfer Credit: Undergraduate - Summer/Winter
For current Undergraduate students looking to take courses during a summer or winter semester at other institutions and verify that the credits will be accepted by Simmons. This form must be filled out and approved before the course is taken. Students can only transfer in a maximum of 16 summer credits throughout their whole time at Simmons.

Petition for Transfer Credit: Undergraduate - Fall/Spring
For current Undergraduate students looking to take courses during a fall or spring semester at other institutions and verify that the credits will be accepted by Simmons. This form must be filled out and approved before the course is taken. Students looking to take courses at Simmons and at another institution at the same time will need approval from the Administrative Board.

Petition to the Administrative Board
For Undergraduates who need approval regarding unique circumstances.

Readmission Petition – Undergraduate
For withdrawn undergraduate students who wish to return to Simmons. This form will allow you to request approval for Readmission.

Release of Information Request
Form for current or former students to sign that legally states that we are allowed to release personal information to a third party.

Replacement Diploma Request
Issued at the student's request in the case of loss of original document or need for an additional copy.

Senior Audit
For Undergraduate Seniors who wish to graduate, this form must be completed and signed by the student's advisor one year prior to completion of degree requirements.

Transcript Request
For all former students wishing to request official transcripts. For current students, please request transcripts through Workday unless it is a rush or needs a form included.

Unofficial Transcript Request Form
For current and former students wishing to request unofficial transcripts.

Verification Request Form
Used to request proof of enrollment or proof of degree earned.
Enrollment verification: for current students to show the number of credits registered for each semester and corresponding status.
Degree verification: prove that a student graduated from Simmons University including conferral date and type of degree earned.

Withdrawal from Half of a Dual-Degree Program
For graduate students in a dual-degree program who wish to drop one half of the program but remain enrolled in the other half.