Instructor Consent

In some cases where students cannot register themselves for a course, they may be granted consent to be registered. When the Office of the Registrar receives consent via email or paper form, the student will be registered for the course manually. Note that students will never be able to register themselves for a course that requires consent, even once consent has been given; the registration must be completed by the Office of the Registrar. 

**Students in the Simmons Online Nursing, Social Work, and MBA/HCMBA programs are not eligible to be consented into courses. Students may contact their Academic Advisor with concerns.**

**Students in on-campus MSW programs are not eligible to be consented into courses. Students may contact the SSW Registration Manager with concerns.**

Consent for undergraduate and graduate students can be granted by one of the following:

  • Instructor for the course
  • Head of the department
  • Program director

Consent for a student that comes only from their advisor cannot and will not be processed.

Consent for a student can be granted for the following circumstances:

  • The course is full, but the student is allowed to register regardless of capacity.
  • The student has not fulfilled pre-requisites to the course, but instructor and or department head believes the student can and should be enrolled.
  • The course is listed as consent only.
  • The course conflicts with another course on the student's schedule (consent of both instructors required).

Students with bursar's holds on their accounts cannot be registered by consent. Students should speak with Student Financial Services to have their hold lifted before registration can be processed.

Requests should include:

  • Student's full name and ID number
  • Course term
  • Course number
  • Section number
  • Number of credits assigned if the course is credit variable

Please send all requests via email. Requests are processed in the order they are received. Please allow for 1-2 business days processing time, or longer during the busiest times of year. Note: we cannot process registration requests over the phone.