Non-Degree Student Registration

If you are interested in taking a class or two to get to know Simmons, to fulfill credits, or just to expand your mind, the non-degree option is for you!

Non-matriculating students who want to take courses at Simmons must first work with the appropriate Admissions Office to get approved and have an account created. The Admissions Office will then notify the Office of the Registrar and the student will be manually registered for the course(s).

As a non-degree student, you will have access to all the rights and privileges of a current active student.

If you are interested in taking Undergraduate courses, visit this page to apply with the non-degree application.

If you are interested in taking Graduate courses, please contact the appropriate Admissions Office:

Graduate Liberal Arts, Education and Behavior Analysis617-521-2915
School of Nursing617-521-2605
School of Library and Information Science617-521-2868
School of Management617-521-3800
School of Social Work617-521-3939