Simmons undergraduate students are eligible to cross-register at Colleges of the Fenway (COF) schools, and many Simmons courses are open to registration for students from other COF schools.

Registration for Summer and Fall 2020 courses will be available starting on April 6, 2020.

Colleges of the Fenway is a collaboration of five neighboring colleges in the Fenway area:

Some COF courses have prerequisites that must be fulfilled before a student is eligible to register for that course. These prerequisites will be noted on the COF website.

Instructions for Simmons students

  • Search the COF Online Course Directory and choose the courses you would like to take. Students are allowed to take two courses at other COF institutions per semester after their first semester at Simmons. Exceptions to this policy may be granted by the Simmons University Office of the Registrar. Ensure you have taken equivalencies of the pre-requisites needed for the course you want to register for, as defined by the host institution.
  • Submit an application on the Colleges of the Fenway Cross-Registration site.
    • If you are requesting that the course fulfill a major or minor requirement, please obtain consent from the program director.
    • If you intend for the COF course to fulfill a mode or key content area, please make a note of that on your application. Mode/KCA equivalents must be approved by the Simmons Office of the Registrar.
  • Your application will then be reviewed by both Simmons and the host institution, and you will receive confirmation of your registration via email. The course will appear on your schedule in AARC as “CR-101.”
  • When grades at the COF school are calculated, they will be sent to the Simmons Registrar's Office and added to your student record promptly.

Instructions for COF Students

  • Search the Online Course Directory and choose the Simmons University course(s) you would like to take. You may take up to two cross-registered courses per term. Only courses listed on the COF course directory are open to cross-registration.
  • Submit an application on the Colleges of the Fenway Cross-Registration site, which will be reviewed by both your home institution and Simmons. You will receive confirmation of your registration via email.
  • Shortly after you have been registered, you may activate your Simmons account using the instructions below to access your Simmons email address, online learning account, and AARC to view your schedule, classroom location, and required books. Please contact Simmons Technology for any difficulties with your account setup. Instructions for setting up your Simmons account are also available in the Student Success Memo.
  • Once Simmons grades have been posted, the Simmons University Office of the Registrar will send the grades to your home institution Office of the Registrar.

Account Setup for First Time Users

1. 24 hours after visiting the Registrar's Office, go to set up your account.

2. Be sure to click "next" after entering your personal information in order to set up a password.

3. If you cannot access your account after waiting 24 hours from registration, please call Technology at 617-521-2222 or via email

Simmons Online Portal

In order to access your class information and the online learning site, you will need to log into the portal using the username and password.  

Once logged into the portal, you can access AARC, eLearning, Email, and Moodle. If you have trouble logging in, try using your Student ID number as a password. If you still are unable to log in, please contact Technology at 617-521-2222 or via email.


  • AARC: Used to view books needed for the semester; class schedules; contact information for professors; final grades; time and classroom where your class is held; and unofficial transcripts.
  • Email: Every COF student is assigned a Simmons Email account, which the University and professors will use to contact the student. It can be accessed through the Simmons Online Portal or through gmail. Be sure to check your Simmons email frequently for any communications sent to you by your professor or by the institution. Instructions for setting up email forwarding are also available.
  • Moodle: Used to view course assignments; grades for individual assignments; information posted by the professor; course readings and syllabi; and to turn in assignments. Use the username and password which was set up through preferences to log in.
  • Simmons Student ID and Library Services: Student IDs can be obtained in the Campus Card Office free of charge.  Please bring a photo ID other than your home institution ID and your Simmons Student ID number, otherwise they will not be able to issue you your Simmons ID. With your Simmons ID, you can do the following:
    • Access the Academic Campus after business hours;
    • Access electronic course reserves;
    • Access your Library account online and renew items and place holds;
    • Access the Library building during finals period;
    • Borrow laptops from the Technology Desk; and
    • Request interlibrary loans

Course Offerings

Current course offerings at all COF institutions can be viewed here. Please note that some courses have prerequisites that must be fulfilled before a student is eligible to register for that course. These prerequisites will be noted on the COF website.

Note: Students follow the Academic Calendar of the host institution for all cross-registered courses.

Questions about courses should be directed to the Registrar's Office of the host institution:

Emmanuel College
Administration Building, Room 340
Phone: 617-735-9960
[email protected]

Mass College of Art and Design
621 Huntington Ave, Tower Building, 8th Floor
Phone: 617-879-7272
[email protected]

Mass College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
179 Longwood Ave
Phone: 617-732-2855
[email protected]

Simmons University
Phone: 617-521-2111
[email protected]

Wentworth Institute of Technology
550 Huntington Ave, Williston Hall
Phone: 617-989-4020
[email protected]