What does it mean to be an academic leader in the most competitive higher education market in the United States? It takes discipline, strategy, collaboration, and a passion for learning.

Dean Eileen Abels
School of Library and Information Science

Eileen Abels, dean of the School of Library and Information Science, is a participatory leader who believes in the power of teamwork and communication. Read More »

Dean Judy Beal
School of Nursing and Health Sciences

Judy Beal, dean of the School of Nursing and Health Sciences, has grown - and grown up - at Simmons. Beal has been an educator, researcher, and leader at Simmons for nearly 30 years. She cares deeply about the College, and has worked to strengthen its visibility and reputation. She sees her school, in particular, as a collaborative and collegial contributor to Simmons and to the world. Read More »

Interim Dean Leanne Doherty 
College of Arts and Sciences

Before beginning her tenure as the Interim Dean, Doherty served as the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, where she was responsible for the design and development of new curriculum and the implementation academic of policies and procedures in the College of Arts and Sciences. Read More »

Dean Catherine Paden
Undergraduate Program

Catherine Paden, dean of the Undergraduate Program, is an accomplished scholar and educator. In her role, she works closely with faculty to review and revise policies around the undergraduate academic experience. Read More »

Dean Cheryl A. Parks
School of Social Work

Cheryl A. Parks, dean of the School of Social Work, brings more than 30 years of experience in clinical care and academic administration, as well as research and other professional achievements to Simmons. Read More »

Leadership Team
School of Business

The School of Business is led by Associate Dean Patricia Deyton with a team of program directors including John Lowe, program director for Undergraduate Programs, Jane Hughes, program director of the MBA program, and Catherine Robbins, program director of the on-site Health Care MBA program. The team shares the passion for the mission of the Business School of educating students to be leaders who understand the necessity to be both exceptional at what they do, and principled in how they do it.