Everyday Leadership™

Everyday leadership is the act of leveraging individual strengths and passions to drive meaningful change.

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As an everyday leader, you live a life of continuous learning

Everyday leaders embrace a life of learning and service, and they utilize their talents to make the world better.

You are true to your origin story, identity, values, and strengths. You show up as your best self and empower others to be their best selves. You are an inclusive leader who builds community because you know the power of collaboration and the collective best. You are courageous in pursuit of your vision and in challenging the status quo.

Everyday leaders address the crises of their time to make the world a better place and invest for future generations.

Everyday leaders commit to

  • Being true to their story, identity, and strengths
  • Leading inclusively to harness the power of the collective best
  • Courageously pursuing their vision to make the world a better place

Everyday Leadership Practices

"Each of us can utilize our unique strengths to be a leader in our everyday lives, to include everyone around us in our work, and to help all of us thrive. " - President Lynn Perry Wooten

Everyday Leadership Practices