Major Exploration

Students at MESA Fair in LPK

Some students enter college knowing exactly what they want to study. Some students have no idea. Others change their mind! Exploring different majors and academic paths is part of the college experience and we are here to help. Utilize the resources on this page to learn about different majors and how you can find the best fit for yourself. If you're struggling to decide on a major, consider these tips from the Simmons Academic Mentors:

  • Evaluate your beliefs and core values: Think carefully about who you are — do you like working with people? Data and numbers? What type of work would fulfill you? What is most important to you?
  • Take introductory courses in majors you are considering: If it piques your interest, consider taking more classes in this major. If not, then look into taking other classes.
  • Make an appointment with your advisor or professors: These resources can help you sort through your options, academic policies and talk through any concerns. Schedule an appointment on Starfish.
  • Check degree requirements: It's important to know what is expected for your major. Utilize the Academic Planning Worksheets as a reference!
  • Use elective credits and PLAN requirements to explore other interests: Make the most of your experience by trying new subjects and activities.

Overall, remember that your major isn't a "forever" decision. You could potentially change your mind and swap your major later on! Your academic path is likely not going to be a straight line and that is okay.

All Majors and Minors offered at Simmons can be found here. Click on each one to explore the department and program requirements.

The Major Exploration & Study Abroad Fair occurs during the fall semester and showcases all of the major, minor, and study abroad options. Chat with faculty, staff, and students to learn more about programs of interest and how to incorporate them into your academic plan.

The Major Eliminator helps you start by identifying the majors you don't want and making the exploration process a bit more manageable.

Simmons Academic Mentors (SAM) are a great resource for you to discuss your interests and learn from a peer.

Gallup's CliftonStrengths can help with personal and professional growth by assessing your unique strengths. Simmons students can contact the Career Education Center to receive their top 5 Strengths Report free!

O*Net My Next Move asks users "what do you want to do for a living?" and provides a search engine for exploring careers by keywords, industry, or interest areas.

What Can I Do With This Major lets users explore possible career paths for each major and learn strategies on how to succeed in each field.

Major Declaration Form for when you're ready to declare. Fill it out, get the required signatures, and turn it into the Registrar's Office.

Majorly Undecided

The "Majorly Undecided" workshop is designed to help undecided students learn about the major declaration process and also learn some resources that will help you explore your interests.

How I Chose My Major

The 2022-2023 Simmons Academic Mentors (SAMs) put together a panel to discuss each of their experiences with choosing a major and the resources that helped them along the way. Whether it was Nursing, Women's and Gender Studies, or Financial Mathematics, there's lots of variety to learn from!

Office of Undergraduate Advising

We partner with faculty advisors, academic departments and other Simmons support staff to encourage academic and personal development of all students.