Registration Tips

1. Find your Advisor on Starfish

Always remember you can set up an appointment with any advisor in the Office of Undergraduate Advising as well. Check out this video to see how!

2. Check your Registration Time

Did you know you have a unique time on Workday when you are able to begin your registration each semester? Watch this video to learn where to find it and mark your calendar for your specific registration time.

3. Search, Save and Register for Classes

Did you know that you can save your courses ahead of time in Saved Schedules on Workday? Take a look at this video to see how to search for courses and create different schedules.

For additional tips and guides on how to navigate Workday, visit:

4. Utilize your Academic Planning Materials

The Office of Undergraduate Advising provides major and minor advising planning worksheets for all programs at Simmons. If you have questions about your major or minor, or just want to explore various requirements, watch this for a quick how-to guide.