Campus Enhancements

During the past year, campus has been full of activity with some exciting updates and enhancements as part of the One Simmons project. Simmons has renovated spaces in all academic buildings and begun the process of constructing new library, lab, and classroom facilities. 

These spaces are aimed to improve the living and learning environment. We are excited to modernize our campus to support our academic programs and to improve the student experience.

Campus Access During Construction 

Parts of the Academic Campus will be an active construction zone throughout the fall, so the community should be aware of changes to campus access routes and building closures.

The entrance to Lefavour Hall from Avenue Louis Pasteur will only allow access to the first floor of Lefavour, containing the Center for Student Success and classrooms. There is no quad access from Lefavour. You can enter the quad between Lefavour and Park Science, but note that the sidewalk entrance has moved. The entrance to the Main College Building from The Fenway will be under construction through the summer and will open in early Fall 2021 and will now be ADA compliant with a new ramp & stairs.

Beatley Library is currently under construction, and library services have been moved to the 5th floor of the Management and Academic Building. Additional tables, seating, and laptop bars have been added throughout campus to make up for the valuable study space that the library normally provides.

Latest Campus Map

New Room Numbering

As part of the construction, room numbers and building designations have changed. The buildings on the Academic Campus have all been assigned letters, and the spaces inside have been re-numbered (e.g., A-XXX for Main College Building, B-XXX for One Palace Road, and C-XXX for the Management and Academic Building, etc.). The distinction between east, west, and center wings in the Main College Building have been removed and the numbering now runs across the entire building.

Updated floor plans will be displayed on each floor and each room will have updated signage to reflect the new numbering. 25Live will temporarily have both the old and the new names and numbers for clarity.

New Spaces & Enhancements 

On the Academic campus, room numbers and building designations have changed and each room will have updated signage to reflect it. 25Live will temporarily have both the old and the new names and numbers for clarity.   

Simmons has also made a number of campus upgrades to mitigate the spread of COVID-19:

  • All HVAC systems now have CDC recommended MERV-14 and MERV-13 filters
  • Increased airflow in spaces by bringing more outside air through the systems
  • Deploying Medify MA-40 portable air filtration units in classrooms and high-traffic areas
  • Replacing and recalibrating all Co2 sensors in SOM

The community will experience an updated academic campus with:

The Multicultural Center

The Multicultural Center at Simmons

Our Multicultural Center now has a new home right off the quad on the first floor of the Management and Academic Building. Check out the newly designed space featuring flexible soft seating, a multi-purpose screen, a new kitchenette, and common dining/event table. The space outside the Center will serve as a gallery for artwork and archival displays as determined by the students. Our goal was to provide a vibrant, comfortable, and flexible space for the social and educational programming that is conducted in the MCC. The Multicultural Center strives to help students merge the narratives of who they are with their academic and professional commitments. We acknowledge that an individual is made up of a multiplicity of identities that shape their experiences and we aim to provide space and education necessary to explore the intersections of who they are. Simmons is committed to building a living and learning environment in which each and every student can thrive intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

Center for Leadership and Engagement

Student Activities Center at Simmons University

A new student space has been created on the first floor of the Management and Academic Building. Featuring a large, open space with large windows overlooking the quad, a whiteboard wall, offices for student groups, as well as collaboration spaces—the Jennifer Eckert Center for Leadership and Engagement puts the undergraduate student experience at the core of the building. Just outside the Center are study booths, soft seating, and a large collaboration table in the lobby. Our goal was to create an energized, colorful, and collaborative space for students to engage, socialize and work.

Student Services One Stop

Desks in the One Stop at Simmons

In order to provide the best service to our students as possible, we have created the Student Services One Stop on the second floor of the Main College Building. Housing all student business services (Student Financial Services, Registrar, Bursar, Veterans Services) in a completely renovated space with areas for students to gather and meet—the "One Stop" mirrors the services provided in the Center for Student Success and epitomizes Simmons's commitment to an outstanding experience for students.

The Makerspace

The Maker Space at Simmons

Our new Makerspace, located on the first floor of Palace Road, is being designed as a student-led facility that will be used for creative activity, entrepreneurial explorations, learning about robotics and technology, curricular and cocurricular projects, and community outreach and engagement. The space features a glass wall for visibility, movable furniture for flexible use, and will be outfitted with a 3D computer, robotics kits, laser cutting equipment, computerized sewing and embroidery machines, as well as "back to basics" crafts supplies.

The Media Center

Media Center at Simmons

Student-driven media is a critical component of a Simmons experience. To allow for more collaboration, innovation, and focus, we created the Media Center on the first floor of the Main College Building. Housing the Simmons Radio Station, the Alden Trust Video Studio and a multi-purpose, flexible, collaboration space with new podcast rooms—the Media Center is the first of its kind at Simmons. Whether students are working on social media, print media, video, radio, or a combination of all—this is a newly created space for these activities.