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  1. Kiani Jacobs

    While at Simmons, Exercise Science major and Health Care Management minor Kiani Jacobs ’23 received the 2023 Senior Scholar Award and interned at the Harvard Medical Ginty Lab on Neurological Research. Starting a PhD in Exercise Science this fall, she...

  2. Photo of Esther Blum

    Dietitian, author, and podcaster Esther Blum is known as celebrity and wellness ambassador Gwyneth Paltrow 's "menopause mentor." In her private practice, Blum helps women diagnose and treat menopausal symptoms. Moreover, she has published five books on women's hormones, diet...

  3. Ifill Scholar Kaycee Jackson '23

    Why did you choose to attend Simmons? I transferred to Simmons from another institution. I was interested in being challenged academically, and when I looked at the courses in the political science program at Simmons, I thought this will help...

  4. Rashida Hagakore

    Rashida Hagakore '24 is completing her undergraduate degree through CompleteDegree@Simmons, and planning to combine her artistic strengths with a newly developed business acumen.

  5. Headshot of Pamela Curtis

    Pamela D. Curtis ’74, a management major while at Simmons, is now vice president of Process Engineering at Axio Global, Inc. She recently shared her thoughts on how Simmons shaped her career.

  6. Headshot of Tabitha Miles

    Computer science student Tabitha Miles ‘22 has been accepted into the Summer Undergraduate Research Program to research gender disparities in coding bootcamps versus traditional computer science degrees.

  7. Headshot of Vini Delgadillo

    Senior marketing major, Venezia Delgadillo, tells us about turning a three-month venture into a two-year internship, and her most impactful experience at Simmons.

  8. The front of the Main College Building in the Fall

    CompleteDegree@Simmons will provide adult learners who identify as women with the opportunity to earn degrees in high-demand programs such as business and management, communications, computer science, psychology and social work.

  9. Headshot of Julie Tokarowski

    Julie tells us about her experience transferring to Simmons and why she chose to pursue social work.