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  1. Group of Simmons Students

    Established in 2017, the National Society of Black Women in Medicine is committed to increasing the recruitment and retention of Black women pursuing careers in the medical field. This academic year, Neurobiology major Debora Edouard ’24 and Biochemistry and Public Health minor Kadijah McClean ’24 co-founded the Simmons chapter of the Society.

  2. The main campus building at Simmons University

    Since joining the Simmons University Alumnae/i Association Executive Board (AAEB), Kelly O’Connell ’99 has helped launch the Simmons Tuesday Tea Podcast, and co-hosted the Byond Balance event last November. On April 2, AAEB is hosting a special Simmons campus screening of “Show Her The Money,” a documentary that delves into the gender gap in venture capital funding with a focus on empowering women entrepreneurs.

  3. A composite photo of Jan Taylor ’07MS and Allyson Irish ’04MS

    In honor of "Galentine's" Day, Simmons friends Allyson Irish ’04MS and Jan Taylor ’07MS share their thoughts about entrepreneurship, making bold (and unexpected) career moves, and what makes Simmons friendships special.

  4. Bart Brown ’24, Gia Elie ’24, Sunei Clarke ’24, and Sunday Ntoto ’24 of the Black Student Organization host the Cupcake Tabling event at Common Grounds on February 1, 2023

    Throughout Black History Month, all students are welcome to express their solidarity with Simmons’ Black community over cupcakes, soul food, music, and dancing. We spoke with BSO’s Soul President Gia Elie ’24, Soul Vice President Sunei Clarke ’24, and Soul of Communications Bartianna Brown ’24 about their passion for Black history and co-curating events that celebrate their culture.

  5. Dr. Beryl Irene Bailey's Punctuation Posse Patrol: cartoon images

    In a new article published in Educational Leadership, Dr. Beryl Irene Bailey identifies the reason for flailing literacy among elementary school students and proposes an innovative solution.

  6. Simmons University Beatley Library (home of best library science programs)

    Professor Laura Saunders shares how she supported an anti-book banning resolution in her town of Somerville, Massachusetts.

  7.  Jane Bergwall Shattuck '48 walks at the 2012 commencement ceremony

    When she matriculated to Simmons in the 1940s, Jane Bergwall Shattuck did not realize that she initiated a multi-generational presence at the University.

  8. Lieutenant Dahiana Mesa

    Operations Lieutenant Dahiana Mesa, a member of Simmons’ Public Safety Department, is a warm and trusted presence on campus. In her current role, she oversees diverse operations within the Department, supports Public Safety personnel, and provides guidance and resources to the Simmons community. We spoke with Lieutenant Mesa about her career in law enforcement and why she loves Simmons.

  9. A photo collage of people who were featured in Simmons News in 2023
    Campus & Community

    Simmons students, alumnae/i, faculty, and students contribute to so much of the world: from health and wellness, to art, food, culture, and beyond. Here’s a look back at some top stories of the last calendar year.

  10. A collage of book covers from the 2023 reading list
    Campus & Community

    Over the course of 2023, many stories have been shared on the Simmons website promoting literature of all kinds, directly from professionals in the field. Here is a round-up of some recommendations, to add to your list this winter.