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Seniors Share: My Simmons Memories

Graduating seniors share their favorite memories from Simmons!

Multicultural Center Ribbon Cutting

Cutting the ribbon at the grand opening of the Multicultural Center and realizing Simmons is on a journey towards equity. This moment definitely made me proud to be attending Simmons.

- Nasyria Taylor '19

Scholarship Brunch

Speaking at the Scholarship Brunch felt like the culmination of my time at Simmons. I was in a room full of my favorite people, including my family, my partner, and many other folks who have shaped my experience and propelled my growth. I was so grateful to have the opportunity to say "thank you" to all of them, and to my scholarship donor, Linda Kotzen who made it financially possible for me to experience the transformative education that I've received at Simmons. It was nice to celebrate everything I've accomplished here while also recognizing that I wouldn't have been able to do it alone!

- Kaitlin Maloney '19

The Community

I enjoy all the time spent with my professors, computer science and math peers, my roommates (since my first year), my teammates on the crew team, and my international friends from the Multicultural and International Students Organization (MISO)... I can’t pick just one!

- Pam Qian '19

Giving Tours

I gave campus tours to prospective students and their families as a Summer Admission Representative. We ended our tours on the rooftop garden of the Management and Academic Building and I remember standing in front of the group thinking how proud I was of myself, how much confidence I had gained, and how much I had grown as a person due to my experiences at Simmons. 

- Lindsey Sumpman '19

Dance Company

While it is difficult to pick one favorite memory from my time at Simmons, all of my best moments have happened while dancing with my friends in the Simmons University Dance Company. There’s certainly never a dull moment in rehearsals when all of us get together.

- Christina Zaharevich '19

BSO Intercollegiate Black Student Mixer

Being able to bring together Black and Brown students from all over the greater Boston area was amazing. At our individual schools we may make up a large percentage of the student population, but when we come together it's something extremely special. I'm reminded daily that I hold a special place at Simmons and that I'm not just another student in the crowd. 

- Tema Fodje '19

Quality Time on the Quad

Sitting in the quad on academic campus spending time with my best friends. I'm blessed to have met such wonderful people here and have made friends that I know will last me a lifetime. After a long morning of class, a lunch in the quad on a nice day with people I care about is something I always look forward to.

- Sarah Corbett '19, '21MS

Simmons Radio

The radio and the several late nights we’ve spent in the past getting reels done in the station. It creates a space of working hard to get this really cool thing done, while also goofing off with my friends and doing some dumb creative stuff together. 

- Caroline Mahoney '19

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