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Lindsey Sumpman '19: An Accident Led to My Passion

Lindsey turned her passion for skiing into a career path.

On pursuing physical therapy

I’m fascinated with the human body and providing care for others, so I always planned on becoming a doctor. Then, at the age of 12 I broke my leg in a skiing accident (shocker!) and ended up needing physical therapy. As a patient, I was immersed in the clinical environment and I knew that I was meant to pursue physical therapy. After taking Psych 101 in my sophomore year, I learned about the strong connection between the body and mind. I decided to add a psychology minor because I knew that this would only enhance my skills as a physical therapist.

On being a Simmons Academic Menor (SAM)

I became a SAM because I wanted to give advice to first year students that I could have used when I was in their shoes. I truly enjoy helping students feel more comfortable as they begin their journey at Simmons. I’m also overly passionate about course registration (it's probably my favorite time of the year apart from the Winter Olympics!) and I like guiding students through that process.

Lindsey Sumpman holding award

On her love of skiing

Skiing has always been at the center of my life. Both of my parents are skiers and I’ve been skiing since I was 18 months old. I spent the majority of my childhood at Mountain Creek in Vernon, New Jersey. Now, I race independently on the weekends throughout January and February, traveling to mountains throughout New England to compete. I also ski recreationally and last spring break I went on my first ski trip out west to Utah!

On the Winter Olympics

I love the camaraderie surrounding the Olympics. It’s a time of unity for the United States and for the world. When I was little, I used to watch the opening ceremony with my notebook and I'd write down how many members were on each team. I’m particularly excited for the Winter Olympics because of my love for ski racing. I love seeing an athlete's dreams come true.

On her Olympic favorites

Lindsey Sumpman cheering at the Olympics

I love all of the alpine skiing events but the Women's Slalom is probably my favorite. I’ll be cheering for Mikaela Shiffrin to bring home the gold in multiple alpine skiing events!

On her Simmons moment

I spent my summer here as a Summer Admission Representative, where I gave campus tours to prospective students and their families. We ended our tours on the rooftop garden of the Management and Academic Building and I remember standing in front of the group thinking how proud I was of myself, how much confidence I had gained, and how much I had grown as a person due to my experiences at Simmons.

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