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Meagan Chambers '13: We Make Miracles Happen

Headshot of Meagan Chambers

Meagan tells us about her work as a graphic designer for a prominent Boston architecture firm.

On her current position

I’m a Graphic Designer at Elkus Manfredi Architects. My favorite part of the job is having the opportunity to work on a variety of projects; I do everything from presentations and custom books to super graphics and environmental design. On a typical day I bounce between several projects and frequently have to put out fires because it’s an extremely fast-paced environment. Our graphics group slogan is, “We make miracles happen."

On Elkus Manfredi Architects

We’re a prominent architecture firm, especially within Boston. It’s amazing how many buildings I’ve passed that we designed – I didn’t realize this until I started working here!

On her Simmons education

I majored in studio art and communications with a concentration in graphic design. Simmons is incredibly career-oriented. My whole experience at Simmons focused on career preparation and I felt more prepared in my first job than my peers in similar roles. Their emphasis on resume building, internships, self-presentation and communication is invaluable.

On advice to students

Your professors are immense resources. Keep in contact with them after you graduate!

On her favorite Simmons professor

Judith Aronson! I knew I wanted to be a designer when I started at Simmons and she helped solidify that path for me. We still keep in touch and I consider her a life-long friend.

On her Simmons moment

I was interning at State Street when I stepped into the elevator and immediately noticed that the CEO, Jay Hooley, was in my company. Being that State Street has over 30,000 employees in 26 different countries – I didn’t imagine I would ever see him in person.

I just stood there thinking, “Ok, I’m in the elevator with the CEO of a Fortune 500 – I literally have the opportunity to give an elevator pitch.” After a few moments of internal struggle on whether I should engage him, I threw out my hand and spit out my self-summary, rapid-fire. He turned, delighted that someone had spoken to him, and asked me about my time at State Street, my position, and finally, the school I was attending. I responded, “Simmons” as I stepped off the elevator and heard him reply “Simmons – great school,” as the doors closed.

I can’t think of a better instance of preparation. It may have been for only a few minutes but I was incredibly proud to have had my Simmons education in that elevator with me.

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