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Feeling Confident in STEM With Pragyee Nepal '21

Why did you decide to come to Simmons?

Headshot of Pragyee Nepal

I came across Simmons while looking for colleges — I liked how Simmons supported women and non-binary students to be independent and fight for their rights. When I got accepted with a scholarship, I decided to come!

Why did you decide to pursue your degree?

I've always had an interest in computer science and I love creating things with computers.

Tell us about CodeU.

In Spring 2019 I was accepted into an invitation-only program called CodeU by Google. Everything was virtual but we had a retreat in California where we met our teammates in person.

How does Simmons support you as a woman in the STEM field?

When I hear stories about other schools and being the only woman in the class, I realize that Simmons has supported and helped us grow in many different ways. We are comfortable in our classrooms and we can speak our thoughts without being talked over. We are heard in our classrooms and this is not a privilege that every woman or non-binary student gets in school.

What do you hope to do with your degree after graduation?

Since computer science is very broad, there are many options I could pursue after graduation. Right now, I'm taking the software engineering path.

Do you have a favorite Simmons memory?

Being a part of the organizing team for SharkHack, Simmons annual hackathon!

Pragyee Nepal '21 was selected to present her essay during Simmons' 2019 Founder's Day celebration. Read her contest-winning essay!

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