Department of Psychology

Psychology at Simmons provides students with both an opportunity and a resource. The opportunity is to learn in conjunction with a dedicated, able and available faculty what psychology is and can be. The resource is the variety of courses, ideas and facilities found both within the department and beyond that enable psychology to contribute to students' college experience and career plans.

The relatively small required core of courses makes psychology an ideal major to combine in various ways with applied and related areas, such as management, education, biology, etc.

What can you do with a degree in Psychology?

Majoring in psychology provides preparation for a range of career paths. These include not only work and graduate training in psychology proper, but also in areas as diverse as law, management, healthcare, engineering, and computer science.

Many career paths in psychology require additional graduate experience at either the master's or doctoral level. However, there are a variety of clinical and research opportunities for graduates who may work as researchers or practitioners in such areas as child development, biological psychology, human resources, clinical psychology, and social services.

Below are two links to resources provided by the American Psychological Association that you may check to obtain valuable information about employment opportunities and graduate study:

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