Institutional Review Board

All IRB applications and correspondence should be submitted via Cayuse.

The University's Institutional Review Board (IRB) is charged by the University President with the responsibility of reviewing research proposals for the purpose of protecting the rights of individuals who are subjects of any research, conducted by faculty, staff, or students of Simmons University. Federal Regulations place responsibility on the University and the Principal Investigator to ensure that high ethical standards are maintained for all research involving human subjects. Simmons University provides education through a web-based training program in human research subjects' protections — CITI Program.

COVID-19 Guidance for Researchers

Simmons University IRB places the health of all individuals as the most important priority. As the University begins to bring students and faculty back on campus, we recognize the need to resume in-person research activities on a case by case basis. Researchers seeking to resume in-person research will be required to attest to being fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and consent forms should include a vaccination attestation for study participants. Research activities should also include standard protections, as defined by CDC, city and state guidelines, such as social distancing, mask-wearing, and limiting groups.

If your research currently involves remote interactions with human participants and you plan to modify your research to include in-person participation, you must submit a request for a modification to the IRB prior to implementing changes in the protocol and continuing research activities.

In your amendment, please include revised informed consent documents that include vaccination attestation and social distancing and masking procedures.

Once it is complete, please submit your amendment via Cayuse or reach out to [email protected].


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CITI Training Program

The IRB requires all individuals conducting research involving human subjects through the University to complete the CITI Program.