University Advisory Council

Group photo of Dean's Advisory Council

In fall 2019, Simmons University inaugurated the University Advisory Council, which is formed by four Dean’s Advisory Councils representing each of Simmons’ four Colleges. The Dean’s Advisory Councils inform the future vision of each of the Colleges and the roles they play in our society. The goal of each Council is to help guide the direction of the work of the deans and the work of each College through the shared perspective of a group of leadership volunteers.

Each Council consists of pivotal leaders in their respective arenas who serve as a think-tank to help build connections with community partners, create mentoring and career opportunities for Simmons students, and forge relationships in the fields and industries into which Simmons students work. While the Councils do not have a fiduciary obligation, they consider Simmons a philanthropic priority. Through their service to Simmons, they help inspire others to support the academic initiatives of the Colleges and Simmons, and help to garner support for the scholarships and experiences that sustain Simmons students.

The Dean’s Advisory Councils meet twice a year, typically in the fall and spring semesters. Together, the four Dean’s Advisory Councils comprise the University Advisory Council that meets once a year.

2022-2023 Dean's Advisory Council of the College of Natural, Behavioral, and Health Sciences

  • Jean Chin '69
  • Nancy Clark '73
  • Sandra Scott Cotterell '79
  • Sarah M. Creed '06
  • Patricia D'Amore
  • Paula Dore-Duffy '70
  • Joan A. Drevins '11DPT
  • Sasha M. DuBois '08
  • Emily Feinberg '96MSN
  • Nancie H. Herbold
  • Mary A. Hess '64, '91HD
  • Jeanette Ives Erickson
  • Heather Gleason Jennings '09, '11DPT
  • Jeanne Leffers '69
  • Marsha L. Maurer '18PhD
  • Colleen M. Murphy '81, '99MBA
  • Catherine F. Ryan '80
  • Debra St. George '75
  • Mary T. Sweeney '74

2022-2023 Dean's Advisory Council of the College of Organizational, Computational, and Information Sciences

  • Lenore Epstein Blum '63
  • Christine Bailas Cook '74
  • Beatriz A. Datangel '11
  • Ruthe Farmer
  • Priyal Goyal '14
  • Wendy A. Gutterson '94MHA
  • Kathryn D. Hannabury '96MBA, '03MS
  • Cheryl Doddy Howard '71
  • Enna E. Jimenez '91, '06E
  • Maryann Parker-O'Toole '88MS
  • Robin Parry '84
  • Amy E. Ryan P '10
  • Carole Seigel '80MBA
  • Charlotte M. Streat '00MBA
  • Maureen Thornton Syracuse '68
  • Ernesto A. Valencia '00MS
  • Linda Wisnewski '81MBA

2022-2023 Dean's Advisory Council of the College of Social Sciences, Policy, and Practice

  • Rashonda Y. Ambrose '02
  • Anne L. Bryant '71
  • Jennifer K. Coplon '67, '69MSW
  • Pamela Moran Dashiell '75
  • Eileen M. Friars '72
  • Teri L. Groome '04MAT
  • Anne Hodsdon '75
  • Gina A. Patterson '06
  • Linda A. Rossetti '86
  • Patricia A. Spellman '96MBA
  • Lesli A. Suggs '94MSW
  • Guale Valdez
  • Pamela Sigal Willsey '82

2022-2023 Dean's Advisory Council of the Gwen Ifill College of Media, Arts, and Humanities

  • Chantel S. Adams '09
  • Yamiche Alcindor
  • Nancy Ancrum
  • Rick Berke
  • Cynthia A. Carter '78
  • Desiree Hicks
  • Sherrilyn Ifill
  • Maria Karagianis '70
  • Athelia Knight
  • Kimberly A. Jackson-LeBeau '97
  • Kevin Merida
  • J. Keith Motley
  • Michele Norris
  • Ann E. Petruccelli '01
  • Judith Turner Phair King '68
  • Christian Pope-Campbell '91
  • Julieanna Richardson
  • Barbara Semedo '73
  • Samaria A. Stallings '96
  • Kate Taylor
  • Maya I. Valentine '19

For further inquiry on the University or Dean’s Advisory Councils, please email [email protected] or call 1-800-831-4284.