Advising Milestones

Advising Trajectory

Summer Before First Year

Select Fall courses with your PLAN Advisor.

First Year

Work regularly with your PLAN Advisor to ensure success in your first year. Meet in-person at least once a semester.

Beyond First Year (Years 2-4)

After first year, you will be assigned an advisor in your major(s) or areas of interest.

First-Year Milestones

First-Year students join the Simmons community with diverse sets of goals, plans and questions. Every First-Year student will be assigned a PLAN Advisor, or an advisor who will work with them throughout their first year on campus to explore academic offerings, assist in registration and ensure each student is set up for success. PLAN Advisors will be assigned before students arrive on campus, and students attending June Orientation will have the opportunity to select courses with their PLAN Advisor.


  • Check Simmons email in early June to find an introductory email from your PLAN Advisor. Ensure all placement exams are completed prior to June 15th.
  • Attend Summer Orientation, and work with your PLAN Advisor to learn more about PLAN, explore course offerings and select your first semester courses.
  • If you are unable to attend June Orientation, the Office of Undergraduate Advising will email your Simmons email in early July to schedule your individualized advising appointment. You will have the opportunity to meet your PLAN Advisor when you arrive on campus in the Fall.
  • Prior to arriving on campus, log into your Workday account to view your course schedule.


  • Remain in contact with your PLAN Advisor in the first few weeks of the semester, and reach out with any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Learn about our SAMs (Simmons Academic Mentors). Connect here!
  • Review the academic calendar and adhere to all academic deadlines. Students are able to add or drop courses within these deadlines, but your PLAN Advisor must sign off on any changes to your schedule. After the first two weeks of class, you may need a professors signature as well.
  • Starfish is a software tool intended to help you succeed as an informed, connected student. Be mindful of all Starfish notifications you receive! Many times your professors will let you know if they believe you should meet with them outside of class to review material or discuss an assignment. This tool will allow you to engage in your academic progress. Advisors and student support staff will also monitor and connect with you through Starfish.
  • Attend the Major Exploration Fair and Advising Workshops.
  • Schedule your Spring Registration Appointment with your PLAN advisor between October 15-November 1.
  • Spring Registration will open the first week of November. Ensure you are prepared and have met with your PLAN Advisor to create your spring schedule.


  • Review the academic calendar when you return to campus to refresh on deadlines.
  • Meet with your PLAN Advisor if you would like to change your schedule.
  • Continue to be mindful of all Starfish notifications you receive and speak with your professors about any academic concern you may have.
  • Schedule your Fall Registration Appointment with your PLAN Advisor between March 15-April 1.
  • You will continue to discuss your academic goals and plans with your PLAN Advisor. During the Spring semester, you will begin considering what academic areas you are most interested in. Discussing your interests and goals with your PLAN Advisor will allow you to connect with an advisor in your academic department of interest during your sophomore year.
  • Fall Registration will open the first week of April.
  • Make a plan to visit the Major Declaration Celebration in late April to speak with various academic departments and student representatives. At the Celebration, you will be able to explore many different academic areas and speak with professors about the courses they offer. You may even decide to declare your major!

Sophomore Year Student

Sophomore students have accomplished a great deal in their first year at Simmons. After completing two full semesters of classes, you likely have a sense of the academic department you are most interested in. You may be ready to declare your major, or you may want to continue exploring. Take this opportunity to dive into your major courses, or take a course in a new discipline. A Learning Community in two new disciplines may be a great way for you to learn more about different subjects.


  • Log in to your Starfish account over the summer to view any advisor changes. After your first year working with your PLAN Advisor, you will be assigned a faculty advisor in the department or program you are most interested in. You are able to change this advisor if your academic interests change by filling out the Advisor Change form and dropping it off in the Office of Undergraduate Advising (Center for Student Success, Lefavour Ground Floor).


  • Meet with your faculty advisor.
  • If you are ready, declare your major! If you want to continue exploring, take a Learning Community or other courses to expand your horizons.
  • Spring Registration will open the first week of November.


  • Continue to meet with your faculty advisor.
  • During this semester, you should plan to declare your major, if you have not already. If you are unsure about your major interest, connect with the Office of Undergraduate Advising for more guidance.
  • Fall Registration will open the first week of April.
  • Plan to attend the Major Declaration and Exploration Celebration in late April - to declare your major, or to explore new departments and discuss your interests with new faculty mentors.