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Meet Your Orientation Captain: Josephine Tran-Vong '21

What's your major and where are you from?

I'm majoring in nursing. I was born and raised in Stockton, California, but I currently live on Cape Cod, Massachusetts!

What residence hall did you live in as a first-year?

Morse Hall — on the Arts floor.

What made you choose Simmons?

Simmons is well known for its nursing program and it's in a great location. When I went on my tour, I just felt this sense of community and knew this is was it.

What made you make the move to become an Orientation Captain?

My Orientation Leaders were a big reason I wanted to become one. They just had this constant positive energy and they really made my transition smooth, and I also wanted to do that for others.

Josephine Tran Vong
Josephine Tran-Vong '21, Emily MIlls '19, Natasha Caquias '20 and Emily Curley '20

What are you most excited for at Orientation?

I'm excited to meet orientees, see Orientation Leaders thrive, and to see the other Orientation Captains shine!

What's your favorite food at Bartol?

The specialty pizza — my favorite is the ricotta and balsamic one, but really all of them are good. The pizza corner is what I check first when I step into Bartol.

Do you have any tips for first-years?

This will be a confusing time, it’s okay to not know what’s going on. You probably aren’t the only one!

Tell us one fun fact about yourselves!

I'm a first-generation student!

What's your Simmons moment?

Towards the end of my first year, I became heavily involved in clubs and organizations, and now I hold e-board positions for them. Being in these spaces allowed me to meet amazing people who were just like me that I wouldn’t have met elsewhere. My Simmons moment was feeling the sense of community I felt on my first tour, multiplied by ten. It was finding people you’ve only known for a few months but being comfortable enough to consider them family. 

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