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Meet Your Orientation Captain: Erin Curley '20

What's your major?

I am double majoring in social work and economics and minoring in health care management

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Salem, MA! I’m not too far from campus, but am thankful to have the option of living on the residential campus. That aspect has definitely helped me find my place at Simmons while still giving me the flexibility to return home whenever I need to!

What residence hall did you live in as a first-year?

As a first year I lived on the fourth floor of Mesick in the beloved Foodie Floor! I was pretty nervous coming to college, but living in a themed community helped me to find a sense of belonging among others with similar interests. I still make time to grab food with some of the amazing friends I made during my first year.

What made you choose Simmons?

My path to Simmons was a little unique. Simmons was the last school I applied to and one I sort of took a chance on. However, the more I looked into it, the more I could envision myself doing well on campus. I am so happy I took that chance and applied to Simmons. As corny as it sounds, I truly cannot see myself being as successful any place else.

Erin Curley '20 and friends
Josephine Tran-Vong '21, Erin Curley '20, Mariana Garcia '20, Rhi Stevens '20

What made you make the move to become an Orientation Captain?

While I loved being an Orientation Leader (OL) last year, I’ve always enjoyed public speaking and working within larger groups. When I heard about the Training Captain position, I immediately applied. I feel this new structure of the orientation program has been so beneficial.

What are you most excited for at Orientation?

As a Captain, I’m probably most excited to see the OL’s interact with their orientees. They’ve given a great deal of themselves to be prepared for Orientation, so I’m looking forward to seeing them really come into their roles and lead with confidence.

What's your favorite food at Bartol?

Oh this is an easy one! The infamous spinach and ricotta pizza is something I’m always keeping an eye out for on the menu. It’s handmade, served hot, and delicious every time. 

What tips do you have for the Class of 2023?

In sticking true to this year’s theme, I hope the Class of 2023 is able to view their transition to Simmons as “A Fresh Start” - a time to try something new, embrace a different outlook and push yourself to grow in all kinds of ways!

What is your favorite part of Boston?

This might not be a typical answer, but I’ve come to love the hustle and bustle of Boston! There’s a special kind of energy to living here that keeps me motivated and active. There’s always something going on in Boston so you’re never bored.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself.

If you really know me you’ll know there’s a story behind almost everything I own. I’ve been an avid thrift shopper for most of my life so it’s a pretty integral part of who I am. Some of my favorite places to go treasure hunting are in Boston’s consignment and thrift shops.

What's your favorite Simmons memory?

My favorite Simmons memory has to be working LoveFest as a Peer Educator. This event is the annual healthy relationships and sexuality fair hosted by the Violence, Prevention & Educational Outreach Office in partnership with Health and Wellness and so many others!

Anything else you want to share?

When I think back to my first year, I’m reminded of how much I’ve grown since coming to Simmons. Enjoy your first year and know that it is only the beginning of your journey! You never know what opportunities you’ll earn or communities you’ll find.

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