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Class of 2022 President Jenny Huynh '22 Reflects on Leadership and Her Simmons Experience

What were you looking for during your college search process?

Headshot of Jenny Huynh

When I was applying for college, I was looking for a school close to home and in the Boston area — I knew I wanted to be in the city! I looked for a school that felt like home to me, and I immediately knew when I visited Simmons. I could imagine myself loving the campus, and I fell in love with a place that supported me and my personal growth.

I also wanted a school that I could financially afford, and I was lucky enough to find a school that offered such wonderful scholarships and opportunities!

What inspired you to pursue a psychology major?

I have always loved learning more about psychology, the brain, and how psychology is such a large umbrella term for so many different aspects of life. I love learning about personality, behavior, and mental health disorders. I’ve always had a particular interest in psychology because it helped me better understand myself and my relationships with others. I knew I wanted to help others understand themselves, especially after my own personal experiences in therapy.

Tell us about your experience as the Class of 2022 president.

Being the Class of 2022 president has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my college career. I joined Class Council during my sophomore year as treasurer after seeing the wonderful events my friends hosted during their time on the Council. I wanted to be more involved at Simmons, and I knew that being a part of this council with my friends would be fun!

When we transitioned to online classes, however, I decided to run for class president because I wanted to be there for my classmates. I wanted to create a sense of community, even though we were online.

Being a part of student government has allowed me to connect with my peers and with so many different people from the Simmons community. I learned so much about event planning and how much I enjoy hosting these events. I’m currently working on Senior Week with my Council, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Being a part of student government has allowed me to connect with my peers and with so many different people from the Simmons community.

What have you learned from this experience?

The biggest lesson I learned from being class president is that being a student leader is more than just a leadership role. I’ve learned how to better listen to my peers and their concerns, host events, and connect with staff members. Being class president has also taught me how to balance leadership opportunities and my courses.

Tell us about your internship experience with TheBridge2Hope.

Earlier this year, I got the opportunity to intern for TheBridge2Hope in the Netherlands. Through our very own Center for Global Education and Office of Undergraduate Research & Fellowships, I was able to apply for a virtual internship about sexuality, gender, and non-governmental organizations through the School of International Training (SIT).

I had a unique experience where my original internship site was not what I was looking for, and I almost quit. Instead, each office helped me find a new organization! TheBridge2Hope works directly with women who have been trafficked into the Netherlands, but I worked directly with the organization’s staff members by educating them about compassion fatigue and burnout. I recently hosted a session about my research for the organization. I learned so much about working cross-culturally, managing my own life with a virtual internship, and overall information about the Netherlands and its culture.

How is Simmons preparing you for the future?

Simmons has given me such wonderful opportunities, from taking courses at Emmanuel College to my leadership positions to my internship experience in the Netherlands. My professors and staff members I've worked with were supportive and always believed in me. My courses have not only challenged me, but they've brought some wonderful people into my life. I’ve learned so much about balance and what careers I want to pursue.

Jenny Huynh, pursuing a major in psychology at Simmons University
Jenny Huynh '22 on the day of Convocation.

Do you have a favorite Simmons memory?

My favorite Simmons memory was celebrating with my friends after my speech at Convocation. I was super nervous about making a speech, but even more nervous about it being my last first day of college! My friends watched me deliver my speech, and we all got to celebrate afterward!

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