Morning Commencement 2024 Digital Program

Doctoral Candidate Names: Doctor of Philosophy

Master's Candidate Names: MFA in Writing for Children | MFA in Writing for Children and MA in Children’s Literature | MA in Children’s Literature | MA in Teaching and MA in Children’s Literature | MA in Teaching | MS in Education | MA in Gender and Cultural Studies | MA in History | MS (in Library and Information Science) | MS and MA in Children’s Literature | MS and MA in History | Advanced Certificate in Archives Management | Certificate in School Library Teacher Program | Master of Public Health | Master in Public Policy

Baccalaureate Candidate Names: Bachelor of Arts | Bachelor of Science | Bachelor of Science in Business Administration | Bachelor of Science in Nursing | Bachelor of Social Work

Order of Exercises | 9:00 am

Academic Procession

A stack of Commencement programs

The audience is requested to remain seated during the procession.


Regina M. Pisa, Chair, Simmons University Board of Trustees


Lynn Perry Wooten, President, Simmons University


Gary Bailey, Professor of Practice and Master of Social Work Program Director, School of Social Work

Student Speakers

Graduate student speaker, introduced by Rae-Anne Butera, Vice President of Student Engagement and Dean of Students

Jessica Cameron '24, Master of Science (in Library and Information Science)

Undergraduate student speaker, introduced by Lynn Perry Wooten, President, Simmons University

Azeemah Solomon '24, Bachelor of Science

Conferring of the Honorary Degree

The Candidate for the Honorary Degree

Presented by Stephanie Cosner, Provost, Simmons University

Citation read by Lynn Perry Wooten, President, Simmons University Doctor of Public Service, Honoris Causa Meredith Woo

Commencement Address

Meredith Woo

Conferring Of The Degrees

Candidates for the Doctoral Degrees

Presented by Diane Grossman, Interim Dean, The Gwen Ifill College of Media, Arts, and Humanities

Candidates for the Master's Degrees

Presented by Sanda Erdelez, Dean, School of Library and Information Science

Candidates for the Baccalaureate Degrees

Presented by Stephanie Cosner, Provost, Simmons University

Academic Leadership

Stephanie Cosner, Provost, Simmons University
Russell Pinizzotto, Former Provost, Chief Operating Officer, Simmons University
Erin DeCurtis, Interim Director, School of Business
Leanne Doherty, Associate Provost, Academic and Faculty Affairs
Sanda Erdelez, Dean, School of Library and Information Science
Paul Geisler, Dean, School of Sciences and Health Professions
Diane Grossman, Interim Dean, The Gwen Ifill College of Media, Arts, and Humanities
Kelly Hager, Associate Provost, Curriculum, Assessment, and Accreditation
Johnnie Hamilton-Mason, Interim Director, School of Social Work
Heather Shlosser, Dean, School of Nursing


Guests are requested to remain seated until the degree candidates have exited MGM Music Hall.

Commencement Marshal

Naresh Agarwal, Chief Marshal, Professor and Director of Information Science and Technology Concentration, School of Library and Information Science 

◇ Degree candidate for 2024-2025

The Gwen Ifill College of Media, Arts, and Humanities

Candidates for the Doctoral and Master's Degrees

Doctor of Philosophy

Educational Leadership

Frances Keefe, B.S., Springfield College, M.Ed., University of Massachusetts

Doctor of Philosophy

Library and Information Science

Zhan Hu, M.S., Tufts University, M.S., Simmons University
Matthew Connor Sullivan, B.A., Gardner-Webb University, M.St., Oxford University, M.T.S., Harvard Divinity School, M.S., Simmons University

Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Children

Paul Kopulos, B.S., Duquesne University
Tommy McAree, B.A., Ithaca College
Remy Miller, B.A., Wheaton College
Sinny Madeline Swade, B.A., Simmons University

Master of Fine Arts in Writing for Children and Master of Arts in Children’s Literature

Elliot Elise Buckmaster, B.A., Brigham Young University
Karina A. Enriquez, B.A., University of California
John Edward Koniszewski, B.A., The University of Tampa
Emily Sun Li, B.S., Emory University, M.S.Ed., University of Pennsylvania
Renee Joy Runge, B.A., University of Florida

Master of Arts in Children’s Literature

Matthew W.H. Banks, B.A., Framingham State University
Alejandra Egaña del Valle, B.A., ARCOS Professional Institute, Chile
Michelle Ann Peruzzi, B.A., Boston University
Sara Margaret Schwister, B.A., Simmons College
Natalie Stroud, B.S., The University of Vermont
Sarah Bernadette Threlkeld, B.A., University of Puget Sound
Amber Weinstock, B.A., State University of New York

Master of Arts in Teaching and Master of Arts in Children’s Literature

James A. Smith, B.A., Carleton College, Máster Propio, Universidad de Alcalá, Spain

Master of Arts in Teaching

Elizabeth Anne Dion, B.A., Simmons University
Brennan Rori Gondek, B.A., Simmons University
Anna P. Kohanski, B.A., Clark University
Madeline Missud Martin, B.A., Simmons University
Erica Mei, B.A., Simmons University
Sasha Elise Moore, B.A., Simmons University
Sara Ann Slager, B.A., Simmons University
Jenna Michelle Squasoni, B.A., Simmons University
Allison Kate Stacey, B.A., Simmons University
Elizabeth Cathleen Wilson, B.A., Simmons University

Master of Science in Education

Special Education

Jihane Al Arja, B.A., Lebanese University, Lebanon
Alya Hasan Al-Suwaidi, B.Ed., Emirates College for Advanced Education, United Arab Emirates
Julia Kersage Ashe, B.A., Simmons University
Stasia L. Bankert, B.A., University of Massachusetts
Heather R. Belland
Dinah Rose Gabato Bolivar, B.E.Ed., Notre Dame of Marbel University, Philippines
Leah Louise Bonis, B.A., Simmons University
Maleigh Rose Citro, B.S., Worcester State University
Katherine Marissa Clarke, B.A., University of Hartford
Jennifer Correa, B.A., Framingham State University
Vanie Rose S. Coscos, B.E.Ed., Cebu Normal University, Philippines
Miranda G. Cox, B.A., Roger Williams University
Valerie Joy P. Dominguez, B.S., Centro Escolar University, Philippines
Sharon Marie Falkins, B.A., East Carolina University
Sarah Margaret Farley, B.S., Fitchburg State University
Tinashe Sasha Ganyau
Ashley Grace Gioioso, B.S., Assumption College
Rayssa D. Guimarães, B.A., Anna Maria College
Jana Fawzi Hazim, B.A., Saint Joseph University of Beruit, Lebanon
Sarajane May Hersey, B.A., University of Massachusetts
Tiffany Nicole Horton, B.S., Savannah State University
Brindie K. Howerton, B.S.Ed., Concordia University
Tamara Ahmad Inad, B.A.E., Damascus University, Syria
Zahia Amer Issa, B.S., Beirut Arab University, Lebanon
Kathryn MacNeille Iverson, B.A., Dickinson College
Zairra Marie Darullo Jose, B.S.N., Capital Medical Center Colleges, Inc., Philippines
Amber Nichole Kemmerer, B.A.S., Central Michigan University
Mathew McDonough, B.S., University of Massachusetts
Rodalice Leynes Montealegre, B.S., San Pedro College Inc., Philippines
Meghan Alice Murphy, B.A., Assumption University
Anushka Nambiar, B.Com., University of Mumbai, India
Natalie Marie Narcisse, B.A., Saint Elizabeth University
Rebecca Lynn Neuberger, B.S., University of Alabama
Haley C. Nicholson, B.A., University of Massachusetts
Emmanuel Chisom Obianigwe, B.A., Western New England University
Emma M. Parsons, B.A., University of Massachusetts
Evan Gregory Potter, B.A., University of North Carolina
Sydney Marie Rehmann, B.A., Alma College
Breanne Elizabeth Ross, B.A., West Virginia University
McKenzie Lucien Rusczyk, B.S., University of Connecticut
John P. Schaper, B.A., Assumption College
Michelle Shuman, B.A., Simmons University
Kalyn Leann Smith, B.S., St. Lawrence University
Courtney Elizabeth Tierney, B.S., Greenville College
Jonathan To, B.S., Worcester State University
Maxine Torres, B.A., Westfield State University
Victoria Marie Weisser, B.A., State University of New York, M.S., Western New England University
Katelin Ann Westaway, B.A., Fitchburg State University
Katalina Shienna Fillar Yambao-Hunter, B.E.Ed., University of the Philippines Diliman, Philippines

Master of Arts in Gender and Cultural Studies

Riley Megan Adams, B.A., Syracuse University
Kayla Boulas, B.A., Washington & Jefferson College
Christine Gnale Destephen
Wakaba Hisatomi, B.A., Sophia University, Japan
Kyle Anthony Rosa, B.S., Framingham State University
Amanda Wynn, B.A., University of the Pacific

Master of Arts in History

Julia E. Bradley, B.A., Roger Williams University, M.S., Simmons University
Rachel Hanna Kindred, B.A., Eastern Michigan University
Alleson Faye Lawless, B.A., Rollins College
Kerry Connelly Lydon, B.A., Wellesley College
Ivy Makena Noonan, B.A., University of Massachusetts, M.S., Simmons University
John Oldham, B.A., American University, M.S., Simmons University
Samantha Nicole Resner, B.F.A., Academy of Art University, M.S., Simmons University
Dominic Andrew Scheidegger, B.A., University of Massachusetts, M.S., Simmons University
Caleb Henry Simone, B.A., The University of Vermont

Master of Science

Library and Information Science

Sara Abbatemarco, B.A., Fordham University, M.S.Ed., Bank Street College of Education
Rachel Marcus Adams, B.F.A., Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Felicia Marie Teixeira Aguiar, B.S., Simmons University
Rachel Elizabeth Ahearn, B.A., Yale University
Xavier Aaron Albin, B.S., Westminster College
Virginia Albinson, B.A., State University of New York
Peyton Elisa Alie, B.A., University of New Hampshire
Randa Dawn Allawas, B.A., University of Massachusetts
Katherine Ruth Alpert, B.A., Smith College
Elizabeth Allene Alverson, B.A., Northeastern University
Kaitlin Michelle Astrella, B.A., Boston College
Megan Joy Attwood, B.A., University of South Florida
Kyle B. Avirom, B.S., Tennessee Technological University
Alexis Skylar Bedell, M.A., Kansas State University, M.A., Illinois State University
Devon M. Bettinson, B.A., Northeastern University
Grace Elizabeth Bichler, B.A., Cornell University
Nina Boutsikaris, B.A., Ithaca College, M.F.A., The University of Arizona
Emily Joann Bowie, B.A., Hendrix College
Allyson Marie Bowker, B.A., B.S., Brandeis University
Sarah Katherine Bowman, B.A., Brown University, Ph.D., Yale University
Anna R. Boyles, B.A., Simmons University
Katie Margaret Rosalina Brandao, B.A., George Fox University
Laura Crook Brisson, B.M., Northwestern University, M.M., University of Maryland
Leah Sinclaire Brooks, B.A., Clark University
Autumn Elizabeth Brown, B.A., Wellesley College
Sabrina Marie Brown, B.A., University of New Hampshire
Rachel Noelle Budge, B.A., Southern New Hampshire University
Joelle Lee Buenaventura, B.A., West Chester University
Jessica Diane Cameron, B.S., Ithaca College
Emma Jo Campbell, B.A., University of Maine
Elizabeth F. Carberry, B.A., University of Massachusetts
Allyson Drohan Cartter, B.A., Brandeis University
Nathaniel Casper Miller, B.A., Juniata College
Spencer William Chantelois, B.A., Oxford Brookes University, Great Britain
M. Aurora Charlow, B.A., University of North Carolina
Alexis Mendoza Chrobak, B.A., University of Illinois, M.A., University of Wisconsin
Ariel Bianca Chu, B.A., University of Massachusetts
Catherine Porter Cipolla, B.A., Keene State College
Tina Marie Claflin, B.A., American Military University
Karen Michelle Clausen-Brown, B.A., Walla Walla University, M.A., Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
Emma Louise Clemons, B.A., Michigan State University
Elizabeth Bousquet Collotta, B.A., Simmons University
Adele Celia Conway, B.A., Lafayette College
Elizabeth Anna Coretto, B.A., Oberlin College
Lila Crum, B.S., Simmons University
Hayley E. Curtis, B.A., Reed College
Laura Ann Dainton, B.A., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Marissa B. D'Amico, B.A., New College of Florida
Lee Davis, B.A., Smith College
Rebecca DeGreeff, B.A., University of Missouri
Isabella Laoué De Gregorio, B.A., College of Our Lady of the Elms
Dawn Dellasanta, B.A., Framingham State University
Lauren Mary Elizabeth Demers, B.A., Western Governors University
Danielle Eleanor Dempsey, B.A., Rutgers University
Gray E. Denney, B.A., Beloit College, M.A., University of Pittsburgh
Joshua Diaz Bonet, B.A., University of Central Florida
Rachael Dillon, B.S., University of New Haven, M.C.J., Boston University
Grace Susanne Doeden, B.A., Augustana University
Samantha Ann Donahue, B.A., Saint Michael’s College
Megan Dakota Donaty, B.A., College of the Holy Cross
Katherine Donnelly, B.A., University of Michigan
Ava Mari Doogue, B.A., Emmanuel College
Lena Margaret Downes, B.A., University of Maine
Brigidh Grace Duffey, B.A., Mount Holyoke College
Madelyn Dempsey Dundon, B.A., West Virginia University
Regina Marie Dziergas, B.A., The State University of New York, M.A., Boston University
Hayley Marie Edgar, B.A., Bard College
Samuel James Achilles Edwards, B.A., Hampshire College
Michael Adrien Elmer, B.A., Westfield State University
Eric Eugene Emigh, B.A., Sarah Lawrence College
Sarah Tueller Emmett, B.A., Brigham Young University
Olivia Violet Ann Englehart, B.A., Magdalen College, B.A., Bridgewater State University
Laurie Alison Ensley, B.A., Harvard College, M.A., University of Chicago
Lily Francis Eremita, B.A., Roger Williams University
Janin I. Escobedo-Garcia, B.A., Mills College
Savannah Grace Etzler, B.A., University of Richmond
Thiemba Nicole Ferguson
Mary Margaret Violet Fincher, B.A., University of Toronto, Canada
Erin Olivia Finn, B.M., State University of New York
Caitlin Liane Foster, B.F.A., Tufts University
Morgan Leigh Franklin, B.A., University of North Texas
Eliot Thomas Fumante, B.S., Suffolk University
Christina Brigitta Galanti, B.S., M.S., Clarkson University
Meghan Elizabeth Gallagher, B.S., Ithaca College
Victoria Lucy Gallegos, B.S., Portland State University
Lauren Kathryn Wilkins Garber, B.S., Northeastern University
Zahra D. Garrett, B.S., Skidmore College
Clark Geiling, B.A., Smith College
Emerson Grey Getzen, B.A., Colby College
Ezra Piecuch Gish, B.A., Oberlin College
Ellen Pellino Gittes, B.S., University of Pennsylvania
Barrett Mark Golay, B.S., Tufts University
Lisa Grasso, B.F.A., Emerson College, M.S., Suffolk University
Melissa James Grasso, B.A., Boston College, M.A., Vanderbilt University
Christine A. Gray-Mullen, B.S., Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Monica Gregory, B.P.A., Florida International University
William Bruno Gruppo, B.A., Kenyon College
Alexandra Haas, B.A., Columbia College Chicago
Cori Lee Edgerton Haisler, B.A., University of Southern California
Maegan Leigh Halica, B.S., University of Maine
Fiona Kaleigh Halloran, B.S., Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
Mik J. Hamilton, B.A., Cornell University
Jonathan Christopher Hammond, B.A., Nazareth College
Whitney Walen Hammond, B.A., Saint Anselm College, M.Ed., Salem State University
Emily Marie Hayes, B.A., Bridgewater State University
Emily Kathleen Heath, B.A., William & Mary, B.S., University of Southern Mississippi
Rhea A. Heaven, B.A., M.A., Northwest Nazerene University
Ashley Marie Herrera, B.A., M.A., The University of Texas
Hannah Nicole Michelle Hicks, B.A., Smith College
Bridget K. Hinz, B.A., Saint Michael’s College, M.A., University of Denver
Michelle Houslanger, B.A., M.F.A., Sarah Lawrence College
Emily Anne Humphrey, B.A., University of Alaska
Molly Adams Chatard Hurd, B.A., Smith College
Sarahanne Fairbank Hurtig, B.A., University of Massachusetts
Phoebe E. Hynes, B.A., University of Massachusetts
Rachael Innerarity, B.A., Wesleyan University
Remington Olivia Jackson, B.A., Berry College
Jamie Morgan Jackson-Flowers, B.A., The University of Alabama
Asaph Jagendorf, B.A., The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, M.A., Harvard University
Arieta Jakaj, B.A., University of Connecticut
Brian Michael Jirout, B.A., Florida State University, M.S., Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology
Emily Ann Johnson, B.A., University of Mary Washington
Loretta Bernice Johnson, B.S., Capella University
Abigail Leigh Johnston, B.A., Florida State University
Courtney E. Johnt, B.A., Canisius University
Emma Honor Jones, B.A., Skidmore College
Hazel Grace Kalderon, B.A., Smith College
Ryan Antony Kalis, B.A., University of Pretoria, M.F.A., University of Idaho, M.F.A., West Virginia University
Ji Won Kang, B.A., Hankuk university of Foreign Studies, South Korea
Benjamin David Kaplan, B.A., Hamilton College
Emma Susanne Kell, B.S., Northeastern University
Anna Elizabeth Kelly, B.A., Middlebury College
Meghan Leah Kelly, B.A., Colby College
Katie Leanne Kidwell, B.A., University of Nebraska, M.A., University of Iowa
Yukyung Kim, B.A., Sookmyung Women’s University, South Korea
Jayne Fulton Kirber, B.A., Vassar College
Julia Miranda Klukoff, B.A., Mount Holyoke College
Kathryn M. Kovarik, B.A., Brown University
Ruth Lillian Kramer, B.A., Williams College
Rebecca Donovan Kranz, B.S.W., Salem State University
Emma Christina Kushman, B.F.A., Savannah College of Art and Design
Marco Cole Lanier, B.A., M.A., The New School
Maria Elizabeth Lee, B.A., University of Minnesota
Emma Eileen Leisentritt, B.A., Emmanuel College, M.A., The University of Alabama
Nathan Robert Lemke, B.A., Beloit College
Anna Perse Libertin, B.S., Kenyon College
Matthew J. Lincoln, B.A., Worcester State University
Nancy Anne Lipinski, B.S., Bay Path University
Alex Joseph LoGiudice, B.A., Eastern University, M.A., West Chester University
Amanda Lee Loiselle, B.A., Westfield State University
Katherine R. Lonergan, B.A., Wellesley College
Rowan Josephine Lowell, B.A., Wheaton College
Molly Rose Lowrie, B.A., Wheaton College
Alana Rae MacArthur, B.A., University of Maine
Abigail Grace Maziarz, B.S., Keene State College
Jenna Paige McCarter, B.A., Saint Michael’s College, M.Ed., American International College
Rhiannon P. McCarthy, B.A., Wellesley College, M.Phil., Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Elizabeth Rose McIlhenney, B.A., Elizabethtown College
Robert Messina, B.S., University of Massachusetts, M.S., Boston University
James Claypool Miller, B.A., Oberlin College
Emma Katherine Monahan, B.A., Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
Lindsay Gabrielle Moore, B.A., Ithaca College
Caroline Noel Mulligan, A.B., Brown University
Kathleen Mary Mulvaney, B.A., University of Mary Washington, M.A., State University of New York
Laurel Grace Murphy, B.A., North Central College
Diana Helen Litke Myers, A.B., Harvard University, M.St., University of Oxford, Great Britain
Emily Margaret Newell, B.A., University of Maine
Sarah Anne Reed Nichols, B.A., University of Arizona
Jack Cahn Niggli, B.S., University of Massachusetts
Jade Obler, B.A., Mills College
Ashley Rose O’Donnell, B.A., Westfield State University
Nicole Marie Orchosky, B.A., University of Akron
Zoe Layla Babad Palmer, B.A., McGill University
Grace Elizabeth Parenti, B.A., Salve Regina University
Benjamin Francisco Snowdon Parra, B.A., Vassar College, M.A., SOAS University of London, England
Lauren Olivia Pash, B.A., Kutztown University
Cassandra Lynn Peltier, B.A., Mount Holyoke College
Holly Leigh Penttila, B.S., Champlain College
Elena Pepe-Salutric, B.A., Harvard University, M.A., Cardinal Stritch University
Katherine Elizabeth Pierce, B.A., Franklin & Marshall College
Leanne Rae Pierson, B.A., Brigham Young University
Ana Paulina Pietrewicz, B.A., University of Massachusetts
Elizabeth Marie Poland, B.A., University of Connecticut
Erin Marie Pronovost, B.A., Smith College
Rhiannon E. Rainey, B.A., Rhodes College
Jackson James Trifiro Reed, B.A., Wheaton College
Emma Rege, B.A., Mount Holyoke College
John William Reuter III, B.A., Hampshire College
Hannah Katherine Reynolds, B.A., Ohio University
Amanda Emily Roberts, B.A., Marist College
Lisa C. Roberts, B.S., University of Maine, M.S.Ed., University of Southern Maine
Rebecca Christine Rodgers, B.A., Wheeling Jesuit University
Alicia O’Connell Rogers, B.A., Bowdoin College, J.D., New York Law School
Silvia Roma, B.A., State University of New York
Annie Jean Ross, B.A., Northwestern University
Jonathan Winston Nicholas Rowe, B.A., Emmanuel College
Sorilis Enid Ruiz-Escobar, B.S., University of Florida
Michael Harmon Ryan, B.A., Fordham University
Sophia Lily Saccente, B.A., College of the Atlantic
Sofia London Safran, B.A., Trinity College
Sinai Sampson-Hill, B.A., Simmons University
Yuko Sato, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Waseda University, Japan
David Morrill Schlitt, B.A., Columbia University, M.A., University of Michigan
Kelli Lynn Schmidt, B.A., Arizona State University
Anna Marie Schuldt, B.A., College of Charleston
D.J. Schuldt, M.A., Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University
Melissa Ann Schuler, B.A., Arcadia University
Tess Elizabeth Schuster, B.A., Roger Williams University
Raina Teresa Sciocchetti, B.A., Unity College
Jordan Claire Shaw, B.A., University of Connecticut
Ana Sheehy, B.A., Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
Amelia Hazel Katherine Sigler, B.A., Mount Holyoke College
Kristin Marie Silvia, B.A., Western Connecticut State University
Evan Fiveash Smith, B.F.A., Massachusetts College of Art and Design, M.A., Boston University
Joshua Michael Spicer, B.A., Roger Williams University
Rachel Allison Starr, A.B., Brown University, M.A., Dartmouth College
Marlow Stefanik, B.A., University of Maine
Wesley James Sueker, B.A., University of California
Abril Louise Suffill, B.A., Rutgers University
Jo Colby Boy Swenson, B.A., Marymount Manhattan College, M.A., University of London, England
Benjamin I. Swift, B.A., Hampshire College, M.F.A., School of Visual Arts
Penelope Taylor, B.A., Mount Holyoke College
Anna Benedetta Tejada, B.A., Boston University
Sasha Beatrice Ginnis Tekeian, B.A., Clark University
Paula Victoria Torré-Nieto, B.A., Smith College
Shoshana Malka Traum, B.A., Binghamton University
Karen Suzanne Trop, B.A., Bennington College
Emma Olivia Trujillo, B.A., Emerson College
Samantha Alice Tullis, B.A., University of Massachusetts
John Turner
Ammany Ty, B.A., University of Massachusetts
Maxwell Vivacqua, B.A., George Mason University
Allie Renee Voelkel, B.A., Colorado State University
Isabelle Kellin Wagner, B.A., DePaul University
Adrian Molife Walker, B.S., Bridgewater State University
Hannah Rose Wanless, B.A., University of South Florida
Amanda Cybele Waters, B.A., Lesley University
Abigail Rose Wedlick, B.A., University of Colorado
Neal Hollis Whitefur, B.S., The University of North Carolina
Wendy Jean Whoriskey, B.S., Simmons University
Phillip Gerard Wright, B.M., Berklee College of Music, M.A., Tufts University
Connor Patrick York
Savannah Rose Young, B.A., University of San Francisco

Master of Science and Master of Arts in Children’s Literature

Tricia Ann Balsan, B.A., State University of New York
Rosie Yu-Xiu Carter, B.A., Boston University
Rachel Claire Silver Hertzberg, B.A., Bryn Mawr College
Kaelan Burch Heston, B.A., Simmons University
Rachel Alexandra Jacobe, B.A., Vassar College
Katherine Rebecca Kayser, B.A., Washington State University
Celeste Elaine Maffei, B.A., Louisiana State University
Mac Lee McAndrew, B.A., Smith College
Carina Myrand, B.A., University of Oregon
Alexandra Katlyn Smith, B.A., University of Texas
Elizabeth Ann Thompson, B.A., Emmanuel College

Master of Science and Master of Arts in History

Jenna Rae Colozza, B.A., State University of New York
Sabrina Layne Garity, B.F.A., University of North Carolina, M.F.A., The New School
Virginia Cluett Jenkins, B.A., Reed College
Michelle Marie Lavelle, B.A., University of Minnesota
Madison Rose Mark, B.A., University of New England
Abigail Metzler, B.A., Syracuse University
Tamsin Meredith Myers, B.A., Haverford College
Lee Holden Parker, B.A., Maryville College
Gabriella Catherine Petrone, B.A., Muhlenberg College
Willa Poepsel, B.A., University of Massachusetts
Johnna Leigh Purchase, B.A., St. Olaf College
McKenzie Danielle Reimer, B.S., B.A., Iowa State University
Lillian Thorne, B.A., Simmons University
Savannah Brooke York, B.S., Tennessee Wesleyan University

Advanced Certificate in Archives Management

Jenée Elizabeth Force, B.A., M.A., M.L.S., The State University of New York
Cara Dawn Jordan, B.A., Allegheny College, M.S., Clarion University
Linda Lilia Smith, B.A., University of Dallas, M.L.S., Texas Woman’s University

Certificate in School Library Teacher Program

Jennifer Marie Bradley, B.A., Boston College, M.A., Simmons University
Melaina Anne Corduff, B.A., Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, M.Ed., University of Massachusetts
Rosemary McCullough-Ghali, B.S., University of Maine, M.A., Simmons University
Monica Cheney Sateriale, B.A., M.Ed., University of Massachusetts
David Goodwin Vitale-Wolff, B.A., Wesleyan University, M.Ed., University of Massachusetts
Amanda White, B.A., University of Massachusetts, M.S., Simmons University

Master of Public Health

Evelyn Ami Agbemadzo, M.D., University of Science and Technology, Ghana
Yvette L. Armstrong, B.S.N., Rhode Island College
Amadi Marika Cooper, B.S., Kennesaw State University
Stephanie Raquel Gomez, B.S., University of Massachusetts
Haley Lynn Kessinger
Mykaela Lassi, B.A., Wellesley College
Shantel Mercedes, B.A., Mills College
Ann Marie Meyer, B.S., Colorado State University
Peggy Montlouis, B.S., Cambridge College
Emily Orlando, B.S., Michigan State University, B.S.N., University of Detroit Mercy
Nicole V. Polanco, B.A., University of Massachusetts
Sage Rosenthal, B.A., Brandeis University
Sarah Herminia Sanson Hernandez, B.A., University of Massachusetts
Michelle S. Soto
Thu Theresa Anh Tran, B.A., University of Massachusetts
Annie M. Tse, B.S., The Ohio State University
Cassie Walston, B.A., Southern New Hampshire University
Julia M. Wood, B.S., Fairfield University
Caitlin E. Worthington, B.S., Springfield College
Brett Zimmerman , B.A., University of Washington

Master in Public Policy

Michelle C. Bozzi, B.A., Simmons University
Kylie Marie Collins, B.A., Simmons University
Akasha Forde, B.A., Simmons University
Audrey F. Grant, B.A., Simmons University
Maureen Isabella Grant, B.A., Simmons University
Meredith Alison LaMalva, B.A., Simmons University
María Elisa Martínez Anzola, B.A., Simmons University
Charlotte A. Speyer Stocks, B.A., Simmons University
Ithzamar Machain Valencia, B.A., Simmons University


† Member of Academy
§ Member of the Honors Program
◇ Degree candidate for 2024-2025
∑ Dual Degree Engineering Program

Candidates for the Baccalaureate Degrees

Bachelor of Arts

Atiyyah Abdur-Rahman
Adey Awes Ahmed
Braiden E. Allen
Kristine Amy Alvarado, Cum Laude
Lucy Angell Anderson, Summa Cum Laude
Rachel Andriacchi, Magna Cum Laude
Olivia Antonelli Ray, Magna Cum Laude §
Emily Anne Armand
Elizabeth Claire AuTorino
Carla Edith Bamaca Lopez, Cum Laude
April E. Beatty, Magna Cum Laude §
Kaitlin Meng Meng Benton, Summa Cum Laude
Helena Nutting Bigelow, Summa Cum Laude
Abigail E. Blin, Magna Cum Laude
Jordan Bradford
Andreana Marie Brown, Magna Cum Laude
Sherri Dawn Burnett, Magna Cum Laude
Molly Marie Calkins, Magna Cum Laude
Maria Elen Carmona
Jacqueline Blair Carota, Magna Cum Laude
Leandra Lili Dasilva Carvalho
Jeniffer Castillo Gutierrez
Diane Chen, Cum Laude
Hannah Elizabeth Chestnut, Cum Laude
Jonna Colapietro, Cum Laude
Courtney McKenna Elise Crawford, Cum Laude
Beatrice Sweetpea Crocker, Magna Cum Laude
Tessa Rose Culhane, Summa Cum Laude
Caitlin P. Curry, Summa Cum Laude § †
Maria Diamantina DaSilva
Dean Pirnie Davidson
Sophie Louise Duane-Leavitt
Allison Victoria Dudas, Summa Cum Laude
Gia Elizabeth Elie
Naleigha Patrice Evans
Christina Elizabeth Min Ferrari, Magna Cum Laude
Destiny Figueroa, Summa Cum Laude
Maya Fitaihi
Melissa Roxanne Flores, Summa Cum Laude
Akasha Forde, Cum Laude
Sara Rose Fucillo
Sophia Kazuko Getz, Summa Cum Laude
Daniela Gil Veras, Cum Laude §
Layla Sofia Glatman, Magna Cum Laude §
Jordana Janow Goldenberg, Cum Laude
Laura-Luiza Cabral Gouvea, Summa Cum Laude
Gracyn Gustafson Delaune, Summa Cum Laude § †
Hannah Hanscom, Cum Laude
Katherine Grace Harrington
Allie Elizabeth Hobby, Magna Cum Laude
Hailey Reilly Hull, Cum Laude
Diane M. Junker
Saville Nicole Keyes
Lily Powell Kollmorgen
Katie Lara
Elizabeth Rose Lassiter, Summa Cum Laude
Grace Lau
Sydney Lawrence
Adelie Leabman, Summa Cum Laude
Marguerite Noelle Liccese, Summa Cum Laude
Melissa Tatiana Lovato
Jennifer L. Maloney, Magna Cum Laude
Leah Marie Manfra
María Elisa Martínez Anzola, Magna Cum Laude
Lesley Guadalupe Martinez Gomez, Cum Laude
Abigail Skye McDonald, Summa Cum Laude
Elizabeth Jane Mehringer, Summa Cum Laude
Nuvia Merida, Cum Laude
Daija Taliya Miller
Aimee Grace Moody, Cum Laude
Starleina Marie Murphy
Sunday Ntoto
Erin O’Brien, Summa Cum Laude
Natalie Rose Ochoa, Summa Cum Laude §
Brooke Ohlsson, Summa Cum Laude
Elizabeth Ann Palmer, Summa Cum Laude
Loreliz Perez
Jamie Erin Perkins, Summa Cum Laude §
Sarah Jeanne Peters
Stephanie Christina Pichardo
Ruth Ann Prescott, Magna Cum Laude
Zuleka I. Queen-Postell, Magna Cum Laude
Estela Raya-Fouts, Summa Cum Laude § †
Annette B. Reed, Cum Laude
Miyako Soledad Rico, Summa Cum Laude
Emily Fiona Rieben, Summa Cum Laude
Hannah L. Riley, Summa Cum Laude
Kaela Elizabeth Roach
Mary Madeline Rocha, Cum Laude
Erin Elizabeth Rooney, Cum Laude
Julia Louise Rush, Summa Cum Laude
Michele Lynn Santiago-Mahoney, Cum Laude
Sriyashi Sapkota, Cum Laude
Calla Savelson, Summa Cum Laude
Grace Ruby Schroeder, Summa Cum Laude §
Meaghan Tracy Schwartz, Summa Cum Laude
Yukti Sharma
Keely Delaney Sheffield, Magna Cum Laude
Elena Catalina Sierra
Mikayla Le Smith, Cum Laude
Amber Elizabeth Smith-Harder, Summa Cum Laude
Nicole Marie Soto, Magna Cum Laude
Katarina Helena Sousa, Summa Cum Laude § †
Ayden Blythe Sparks
Christine Spinosa, Cum Laude
Andersen Steele, Cum Laude
Mia Rose Suchy
Megan Elaine Sutherland, Magna Cum Laude §
Grace Elizabeth Tamborella
Isabella Hope Taylor, Summa Cum Laude
Moorea Rose Thompson, Summa Cum Laude
Deidre Michelle Townsend, Magna Cum Laude
Natalie R. Treybal
Ana Fernanda Tueme Lezama, Cum Laude
Lia Vivi Vichi, Summa Cum Laude
Ivy Wanjiru Waikwa
Dorinda White, Summa Cum Laude
Julia Rose Wilen, Summa Cum Laude §
Isabella Fenton Yee, Summa Cum Laude §
Anek Yen
Gabriel Francis Zani
Eduarda Maria Severi Zanoni, Cum Laude §
Reham Zeroual
Winnie Zhou

Bachelor of Science

Kamila Abreu
Naomi Rose Adamsky, Summa Cum Laude
Faiza Akther
Nardos Hailu Alemu, Summa Cum Laude §
Eimy J. Almonte Garcia
Piper J. Alyea-Herman §
Jaelyn M. Angelo, Cum Laude
Alexis Elizabeth Arruda, Cum Laude §
Caroline Aspinwall, Magna Cum Laude
Sarah Elizabeth Auletta, Summa Cum Laude § †
Amelia Austen
Leila M. Aydibi, Cum Laude
Raquel Elizabeth Baldeon, Magna Cum Laude
Maya Macy Balling, Cum Laude
Vickie Victoria Bazarbachian
Rowen Grace Bentley-Melle, Cum Laude
Alexi Rae Benton
Veronica Lynn Bertoli
Paola Birriel
Abigail Ilana Bloom, Summa Cum Laude § †
Kamryn Moriah Boswell
Hind Bouchtout
Bartianna Antell T’ny Brown, Magna Cum Laude
Jada Cameron, Cum Laude §
Adriana Lizeth Campuzano Martínez
Tatsumiya Cazimir
Veronica Yusi Chan
Shreya Chattapadhyay, Cum Laude
Milena Chaufan, Magna Cum Laude
Joanne Chung, Magna Cum Laude
Sunei Nyah Clarke
Arianna N. Coakley
Maia R. Corrado
Desarae Lenell Cotton
Melanie Crane
Ayva Signé D’Aiello, Magna Cum Laude
Rosemary Davies, Magna Cum Laude
Elisa Buizon Dimagiba, Cum Laude
Demi L. Dusenberry
Nicole A. Dustin, Cum Laude
Abigail Rose Eathorne, Cum Laude
Tayler Eddings
Debora Francemischeida Lindsay Edouard, Cum Laude §
Sahara Farris, Cum Laude
Marishcha Fils-Aime
Lauren Elizabeth Francesconi, Cum Laude
Rachel Marold Freedman
Jennie Theresa Gannon
Sarah Nicole Giuliano, Summa Cum Laude
Katjana Qi Gora, Magna Cum Laude
Emily Rose Greco, Magna Cum Laude
Helena M. Greenslit, Cum Laude
Liann J. Gregory, Magna Cum Laude
Madeleine Eileen Guettler, Summa Cum Laude
Faith C. Hatcher, Magna Cum Laude
Katy Yasmin Hernández §
Olivia R. Hewitt, Cum Laude
Sara Ann Hornak, Summa Cum Laude
Chelsea Hua, Magna Cum Laude
Hasna Iqbal, Magna Cum Laude §
Amber Lorelai Irizarry
Safanah Aqeel Jalal
Sophia Jauniskis, Summa Cum Laude § †
Cameron M. Jester, Magna Cum Laude
Yizhuang Jiang
Chloie M. Johnson
Noshin Atqiya Khan
Madeline Adele Kiernan, Magna Cum Laude
Nicole Ashley Kwong
Lina Laghzaoui
Sarina P. Lau, Summa Cum Laude §
Vivian Le, Magna Cum Laude
Caroline Leal Pamplona, Magna Cum Laude
Jullie Felix Lima
Marina Drake Long, Magna Cum Laude
Damaris Azucena Lopez
Katrina Reyes Manansala, Magna Cum Laude
Diana Martinez
Tishya Marwah
Dalila M. Marzialo
Nicole Lynne Mauro, Cum Laude
Caroline Mazariegos, Summa Cum Laude §
Kadijah Shania McClean
Ava Leigh McConnell
Sydney McSoley, Cum Laude
Stephanie Anne Mead
Alexis Catherine Melvin, Cum Laude
Cressida Sasnah Michaloski § ∑
Siham Abdiwali Mohamed
Sophia Moore ∑
Jade Mercedes Moreta
Aamnah Nazir
Jennifer Sara Ng, Summa Cum Laude
Karen Nguyen, Magna Cum Laude
Melanie Thuy Vy Nguyen
Francesca N. Nicholas, Magna Cum Laude
Caelum E. Noonan
Angie Janice Nottage
Sofia Elena Nunez
Chidimma Okwologu, Magna Cum Laude
Precious Ayomide Ologuntere §
Emma Camille Orr, Magna Cum Laude
Clarissa Evelyn Palencia
Olivia Claire Palmer, Summa Cum Laude §
Audrey Catherine Parker, Summa Cum Laude
Charlotte A. Peace
Maura Monteiro Pereira
Gianna Marie Petrucci, Summa Cum Laude
Ryley Phillips
Vivian Phung
Ava Poole, Magna Cum Laude §
Tsion Barekman Queen, Summa Cum Laude
Alison Quintero
Emma Grace Radlinski, Summa Cum Laude § †
Grace A. Raymond
Kristina Reed
Sasha Maria Rengifo, Cum Laude
Shera Marie Rosario
Ashley Marie Rosen
Samantha May Ryan, Summa Cum Laude §
Carline Saint-Leger
Danyca Francine Dolumbal Santillan, Cum Laude
Anna Saunders §
Emma Louise Scott, Cum Laude
Kimberly Silva-Lopez
Aikaterini Flora Simeonidis
Melissa A. Sinewick, Cum Laude
Rachel A. Sinewick, Cum Laude
Madelynn Kathleen Snobl
Azeemah Solomon
Anisha Srivastava, Summa Cum Laude
Haleigh Elizabeth St.Hilaire
Barrett Kai-Fei Su
Hannah B. Sullivan
Izma Tariq, Cum Laude
Elba L. Tejada
Jordyn Camille Goins Thompson
Paige Loretta Thompson, Summa Cum Laude
Jada T. Tinnin, Summa Cum Laude
Anh Minh Tran, Magna Cum Laude
Victoria Thanh Tran
Olivia Mary Trosen
Rebecca Ann Walz, Magna Cum Laude §
Patricia Anne Whitcomb
Lindsey White, Magna Cum Laude
Olivia Camille Winsor
Taina Marí Zegarra-Colón

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Alima Ahmed
Julia M. Brusa, Summa Cum Laude
Margaret Campbell Callender, Cum Laude
Katherine Elizabeth Castle
Crystal Hau Lam Chan
Lisa Marie deRosier, Summa Cum Laude
Helena K. Entrican
Diana Margaret Estrada, Cum Laude
Julianna Dietrich Kortbawi Ferreiros, Summa Cum Laude
Oliver Cecile Fontaine, Summa Cum Laude
Catherine Goulemas
Simone X. Grosswiler, Cum Laude
Rashida Alisha Hagakore, Cum Laude
Jessica Krische
Ashley Kwan, Summa Cum Laude
Nicole Lewis, Summa Cum Laude
Karen-Mae L’Italien
Tatyanna Maria Pina
Summer M. Prentiss, Cum Laude
Maritza Elizabeth Ramirez
Nayeli Jazmine Sanchez, Magna Cum Laude
Sherry L. Snow, Summa Cum Laude
Natasha Vianna, Magna Cum Laude
Katie Madison Weekley

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Nada Mohamed Abdullah, Magna Cum Laude
Sahuti Adhikari, Magna Cum Laude
Heather M. Alfano
Geordaliz Emilia Alvarez
Camille V. Ames, Summa Cum Laude
Olivia Lauren Anderson, Cum Laude
Sarah Beckett Arenberg
Karyl Mary Ashjian, Cum Laude
Aria Kaliopi Badra, Magna Cum Laude
Miah Rae Bailey
Olivia Rose Balsamo, Summa Cum Laude
Jessica Abigail Norell Banker, Magna Cum Laude
Lily Angeline Bautista
Laura Kelsey Beltz, Summa Cum Laude
Allison Miller Bernier, Magna Cum Laude
Elizabeth Anne Biondo, Cum Laude
Belle Rose Bower §
Emily P. Brady, Summa Cum Laude
Lauren Elizabeth Brewster, Magna Cum Laude
Jessica Ann Buckley
Vy Bui, Magna Cum Laude
Nicole Marie Capell
Emily Nicole Catlett, Cum Laude
Amanda Yan Chan, Cum Laude
Julia Chausse
Alondra Chavez Cerda
Yalei Chen
Jacinta Rebecca Chirac, Cum Laude
Jasmine Chu, Summa Cum Laude
Giulia Cincinnato
Lian Patricia Clancy
Lillian Mary Claus
Mary Florence Collette, Summa Cum Laude
Clara Jeannette Collins, Magna Cum Laude §
Claire Conners, Cum Laude
Alejandra Ariel Cordova Flores, Magna Cum Laude
Debby Peralta Crespo, Cum Laude
Cassandra Dagenais, Cum Laude
Aaliyah Gabrielle Deal, Cum Laude
Styliani Valia Deligiannidou, Summa Cum Laude
Eileen Shaw DeSisto, Cum Laude
Isabelle Detwiler
Sonika Dhakal, Cum Laude
Kiley Doris
Maya Dube
Shannon Claire Dunnigan, Summa Cum Laude
Bailey Anne Edwards
Amani Eljadidi, Summa Cum Laude
Suha Mohamed Ahmed Elsheikh, Cum Laude
Elena A. Eroshkin
Claire Isabella Esielionis, Summa Cum Laude
Sahada Gayelle Etienne
Alexandra Esther Farrohi, Magna Cum Laude
Nicole Federici, Cum Laude
Claire Elizabeth Fennelly, Magna Cum Laude
Kiernan Eileen Flanigan, Cum Laude
Madelyn J. Fleming, Magna Cum Laude
Katelyn Mae Frye, Summa Cum Laude
Kayle M. Furtado
Alexis Dani Gallotto, Magna Cum Laude
Courtney Emily Gelina, Cum Laude
Lilah Aaron Gendreau, Cum Laude
Camille Avery Gervitz, Cum Laude
Sage Louise Getchell
Jillian Rose Gomes
Sheila Fontes Gomes
Aspen Green-Kaberman
Natalia Angelica Guerra, Cum Laude
Molly McSween Guinivan, Cum Laude
Soraya Reem Hafiani, Summa Cum Laude
Mariah Jordan Michaela Hanson, Summa Cum Laude
Gabriela Noelle Hernandez
Micaela Sophie Hersch, Cum Laude
Katie Alison Hinchliffe
Rylee Hinchy
Kayla R. Hogan
Alyssa Michelle Holland, Summa Cum Laude
Mariana Homez Cubillos, Summa Cum Laude §
Payten Howland
Melissa Iannuzzo, Cum Laude
Mariana Pereyra Jimenez, Cum Laude
Shea Elizabeth Johnson, Summa Cum Laude
Bandu B. Jones
Jadyn Gichai Jung, Cum Laude §
Abby Kemble
Eliza L. Kenney, Summa Cum Laude
Kyla S. Kenny
Jordan Elizabeth Kim, Magna Cum Laude
Tiara A. Kirkman
Meghan J. Kirwan
Lily Anna Kletsov, Cum Laude
Moriah Knight
Jessica Konikov
Elizabeth Rose Krenicky, Cum Laude
Maureen May Krysta
Riley Elizabeth Lambert
Kaitlyn Marie Lambie, Cum Laude
Alessandra Dantas LeBrun, Summa Cum Laude § †
Marlayna Jolie Leocadio
Sarah Jill Levin, Summa Cum Laude
Wan Ying Li
Samantha Lindley
Sierra Curtis Little-Gill, Summa Cum Laude
Ruth Tarrer Luddy
Clara Lui, Cum Laude
Maeve Eleanor Lyon, Cum Laude
Grace Bernadette MacSween, Summa Cum Laude
Dulce Mann
Laiba Maqsood
Emily Rose Marder
Sarah MacKenzie Marrow
Ariana Martinez, Magna Cum Laude §
Gabriela Frances Celia Martinez, Cum Laude
Layla Mathieu
Taryn P. McEntegart, Magna Cum Laude
Nora Elizabeth McPherson
Natalie Mendez
Julianne Meyers, Magna Cum Laude
Hannah Millard, Magna Cum Laude
Hannah H. Miller, Magna Cum Laude
Stella Mae Miller
Revekka N. Molla, Magna Cum Laude
Kathleen Damiani Mulling, Magna Cum Laude
Jillian Elizabeth Napolitano, Magna Cum Laude §
Hellen Anahi Neira Perez
Sydney Eileen Neumuth, Magna Cum Laude
Christina Ngoc Nguyen
Malinda Janise Noel
Safirah Norbert, Cum Laude §
Danielle Marie Norton, Magna Cum Laude
Marita Scott Nothacker, Summa Cum Laude §
Sophia Marie Nuterangelo
Madison Aili Oakes, Summa Cum Laude
Jordan M. O’Brien, Cum Laude
Abigail Grace Ojala
Raggi Ojha
Fiona Rose O’Shea
Allison Rae Paim, Magna Cum Laude
Isabelle Paredes
Jayla Quinn Parnell, Cum Laude
Krishna M. Patel
Niyti Rajesh Patel, Cum Laude
Celinette Perez
Chelsea Elizabeth Peterson
Rebecca Plumb
Grace Laurel Pontius, Summa Cum Laude
Griselda M. Portillo Meléndez
April Potter, Cum Laude
Caroline B. Prag
Erin Delaney Provost, Magna Cum Laude
Binying Qian, Summa Cum Laude
Katelyn Grace Quinlan, Summa Cum Laude § †
Emma Grace Radford, Cum Laude
Sofia Rebeil
Selena Rivera, Cum Laude
Jaelin Michaela Roberts, Magna Cum Laude §
Kayla Araujo Rodrigues
Catherine Ann Rogan, Cum Laude
Jordyn Rubin
Rebecca C. Sayeg, Summa Cum Laude
Candice Lynn Scherbik
Rebecca Julie Schwartz
Isabella Hazel Sciplini, Magna Cum Laude
Zari-jun Sage Shahgodari, Cum Laude §
Olivia Shaw
Lydia Bates Sheppard, Summa Cum Laude
Autalina Cabral Silva
Avery A. Slancik
Jenny Snitzer, Cum Laude
Claudia Sabine Spedding, Cum Laude
Nyasa Amara Stuppard
Autry M. Tennyson, Cum Laude
Kaydean Tomlinson
Nancy Ky-Duyen Tran
Talia Lorraine Verboort
Jillian Maria Vickery
Martina Vo
Meghan Elizabeth Waller
Riley Elisabeth Warner, Magna Cum Laude
Isabelle Dagmar Whitehead, Magna Cum Laude
Emma Jane Wilcoxson, Cum Laude
Riley V. Wurzel, Summa Cum Laude
Annie Xin Ying Yang, Summa Cum Laude § †
Janet Yi, Cum Laude
Brooke Louise Zahine, Cum Laude
Crystal Zeng, Cum Laude
Tanya Zeng, Cum Laude
Ruidie Zhao, Summa Cum Laude
Jessica Zhou, Magna Cum Laude
Jenny Zhuo

Bachelor of Social Work

Hawa Jeylani Abdi, Cum Laude
Krystal Alicea Adorno
Lindsay Marie Albright, Magna Cum Laude
Cynthia Atoui, Summa Cum Laude
Exley Anne Bookamer-Brown, Magna Cum Laude
Eimy Chanoa Carela Urbaez, Cum Laude
Stefanie Lynn Clawson, Summa Cum Laude
Maya Eliana Cohen, Summa Cum Laude
Apollo Correia, Summa Cum Laude
Sadie Frieda Cotler, Summa Cum Laude
Vanessa Currier, Summa Cum Laude
Adadkmary Delbrey
Victoria Rose Dolan, Magna Cum Laude
Christine Ellen Dunn
Amanda Rose Fecteau, Magna Cum Laude
Christina Forester, Summa Cum Laude
Elena Izabel Gardea, Summa Cum Laude
Ella E. Gil, Magna Cum Laude
Miranda Paige Hamblin, Cum Laude
Mya Edith Jara, Magna Cum Laude
Natalie Denise Johnson, Summa Cum Laude §
Jasmeen Kaur, Cum Laude
Saeeda Khan, Cum Laude
Victoria Rae Lavelle, Summa Cum Laude
Sophia Grace LeBlanc, Summa Cum Laude
Eugenia M. Lee
Kerry Rose Lenihan, Cum Laude
Selene Ludovici, Summa Cum Laude
Allison May McElligott
Shayla Marie Melanson, Cum Laude
Sherlley Morales Paiz, Magna Cum Laude
Kristen Nicole O’Shields, Summa Cum Laude
Nicole Renee Perdue, Summa Cum Laude
Briana Pivarnik, Summa Cum Laude
Erin Marie Pollard, Summa Cum Laude
Molly Louise Rancourt, Summa Cum Laude
Abigail M. Riberio, Magna Cum Laude
Alexis Rose Rivera, Magna Cum Laude
Zhuoqi Shi, Summa Cum Laude
Shalaine Tracy Shortall Muchabaya, Cum Laude
Anna M. Splechter
Soleimy R. Suarez Quintin
Abigail Sullivan, Summa Cum Laude
Brianne Thomson, Summa Cum Laude
Tess Coughlen Tomlinson, Summa Cum Laude
Anna Maria Trimboli, Summa Cum Laude
Olympia Aretha Tumblin, Magna Cum Laude
Yenifer C. Velasquez
Laneya S. Whitney
Katelyn Williams, Magna Cum Laude
Makayla Albertine Wright, Summa Cum Laude

† Member of Academy
§ Member of the Honors Program
◇ Degree candidate for 2024-2025
∑ Dual Degree Engineering Program