Payment Methods

Online Payment - E-Check and Credit Card

Simmons provides the convenience of making a quick and easy online payment towards your student account. If you are a student, this is available to you through the Student Account Center which you can access through Simmons Connection. If you would like to make a payment on behalf of a student, please see the information below on becoming an "Authorized User". There is no fee for the electronic check payment option. Please note that a convenience fee of 2.85% will be charged by the provider for the credit card payment option. Simmons University does not charge nor collect the convenience fee. Credit cards currently accepted are: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Authorized users

Authorized users are individuals such as parents, an employer, a spouse, etc. who can make payments on behalf of a Simmons student. In order to become an Authorized User, the student MUST first grant the access. After the access has been granted, the authorized user will automatically receive an email with instructions on how to log in and make payments. Authorized Users will only have access to the financial information the student has made available to them through the Student Account Center. They will NOT have access to anything on Workday, such as grades and registration information.

If you have already been granted access as an Authorized User, you may login using your username and password.

Checks and Money Orders

Make all checks and money orders payable to Simmons University. The student's ID number and name must be included on the check for proper posting. Post dated checks will not be accepted.

For regular mail, please send to:

Simmons University
PO BOX 414104
Boston, MA 02241-4104

For overnight or certified mail, please send to:

Simmons University
Attn: Cashier
300 The Fenway
Boston, MA 02115-5898

A $20 fee will be charged for all returned payments. Student Financial Services will wait 5 business days for an electronic check to clear and 10 business days for a paper check to clear before lifting any financial obligation holds.

Wire Transfers

For wire transfer instructions, please contact Student Financial Services at 617-521-2001 or [email protected].

College Savings Plans (529 Plans) and Pre-paid Tuition Plans (UPlan)

Simmons University welcomes all college and university savings plans. Student Financial Services recommends that parents contact their individual plan provider for specific information regarding how to initiate payment. Most 529 plans send payment directly to the University based on an invoice supplied by the 529 holder. Some plans request that the University provide the invoice on behalf of the student. Please let Student Financial Services know if your plan provider requires documentation from University directly.

If you are using a pre-paid tuition plan to pay for tuition, such as the UPlan, please provide Student Financial Services with the provider name and the amount you will be using for the upcoming academic year. Once we receive this information, we will credit your account and ensure the timely receipt of payment from the plan provider.

Please Note:

Credit card payments and direct debits are not accepted at the Cashier's Window. These payment sites are for Tuition and Fees ONLY.

If you would like to make a deposit, please call your School's Admissions Office for instructions on how to make an online deposit payment. If you make your deposit here, your Admissions Office will NOT be notified of this payment.