Only a few more things to take care of and you'll be ready for the year!


If this is your first year at Simmons and you are taking out federal loans, you must complete an Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note for each type of loan before the start of classes. 

Please see our Loan Requirements page for more information.


As mentioned in the "Getting Started" section, we may ask you for additional information to complete the verification process. These documents should have been submitted by May 1st so that the financial aid on your bill is accurate. If for whatever reason you were unable to submit the required documentation by May 1st, please be sure to send it to us as soon as possible. In this instance, your aid is not final until the verification process has been completed and it is subject to change even after the bill has been issued.


While your registration is managed by the Registrar Office and not through Student Financial Services, it can significantly impact your eligibility for aid and your balance on your account. Please let us know if your registration has not been finalized or is subject to change as early as possible!

Reduce Your Loan

If you would like to cancel or reduce a loan on the account, the borrower must notify us in writing before the end of add/drop for the semester.

  • If the borrower is the student, they can send their request via their Simmons email account
  • If the borrower is a parent, their written notification must include their physical, official signature. The notice itself can be delivered via email, fax, or mail - whichever is most convenient.


You've finished the financial aid process for this year!

We hope that this "how to" has been helpful. If you have any lingering or new questions, please contact us.