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About Me

Dr. Johnnie Hamilton-Mason is a Professor at Simmons School of Social Work.  She teaches Advanced Clinical Practice, HBSE, Leadership, Political Strategies for Clinical Social Workers Practice, Practice with Immigrants and Refugees, Realities of Racism and Oppression and Qualitative Research. From 2004- 2007, Dr. Hamilton-Mason served as Director of the Doctoral Program at SSW.  In 2005 she co-founded the SSW’s Pharnal Longus Academy for Undoing Racism. From 2001 through 2008, she served as a Harvard University W.E.B. DuBois Institute non-resident fellow in African American research.  Her scholarship and research interests are primarily on African American Women and Families, the intersection of cross cultural theory and practice, and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. She has served as a Researcher at the University of Texas’s Hurricane Katrina Researcher Collaborative.  She has recent publications entitled “Working with African American Families”, “Work-life fit: The intersection of Developmental Life cycle and Academic Life Cycle”, “Hope Floats: African American Women's Survival Experiences after Katrina”, “Black Women talk about Workplace Stress and How They Cope”, “And Some of us are Braver: Stress and Coping among African American women”, “Psychoanalytic Theory: Responding to the Assessment Needs of People of Color?” "Using the Color of Fear as a Racial Identity Catalyst", and “Children and Urban Poverty.” With over twenty-one years of full-time teaching experience, she continues to enhance her teaching through clinical practice in urban agencies, as well as through consultation and education locally and internationally.

Dr. Hamilton-Mason presents papers regularly at national and international conferences on such topics as the dynamics of diversity; teaching and learning issues related to diversity; HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment in the United States and Africa; urban practice and urban leadership educational outcomes; cross cultural competency and racial identity theory in clinical work. Previously, Dr. Hamilton-Mason was appointed as Co-Chair of the HIV/AIDS Task force for the National Association of Black Social Workers and currently serves as the Co-Chair of the Council on Social Work Education’s Council on the Role and Status of Women in Higher Education. Dr. Hamilton-Mason is currently on the editorial board for Health and Social Work and the Journal of Social Work Education.  She is also a Board of Trustees member for Research Education Collaborative for Al Quds University and the Heritage Guild.  In 2013, she was honored to receive the Massachusetts NASW Social Work Educator of the Year Award.  As a practitioner, researcher and scholar, her passion lies with serving underrepresented populations and communities.

What I Teach

  • Realities of Racism and Oppression
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Political Action Strategies for Clinical Social Workers
  • Leadership II
  • Clinical Practical
  • Advanced Clinical Practice
  • Clinical Practice with Refugees and Immigrants

Research/Creative Activities

Family Life Stress, Problem Solving, Coping, and Adaptability Among African American related Mothers and Daughters

Goals of the Study

Are there differences between the stress levels of unrelated mothers and daughters with high self-esteem compared to those with low self-esteem, the individual and family problem solving effectiveness, direct coping behaviors, family adaptation, cohesion, and satisfaction and family style

Focus of the Study

  • What factors significantly correlate with self-esteem?
  • To what extent do these factors account for variances in self-esteem?
  • How is the self-esteem of African American women related to stress levels, individual and family problem solving, and family adaptation?


Selected Publications

Hamilton-Mason, J., Everett, J., Hall, J. C., Harden, S., Lecloux, M., Mancini, S. & Warrington, R. (in press). Hope floats: African American women's survival experiences after Katrina. Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment. Advance online publication. doi:10.1080/10911359.2012.664982.

Hall, J.C., Everett, J.E. & Hamilton-Mason, J. (2011). Black women talk about workplace stress and how they cope. Journal of Black Studies, 43, 207-226. doi:10.1177/0021934711413272

Hamilton-Mason, J., Hall, J.C., & Everett, J. (2009). And some of us are braver: Stress
and coping among African American women. Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment.

Cornelius, L. J. & Hamilton-Mason, J. ( 2009). Enduring issues of HIV/AIDS for people of color: What is the roadmap ahead? Health and Social Work, 34(4), 243-246.

Shanti, K., Bell, H., Beausoleil, J., Lein, L., Angel, R. J. & Hamilton-Mason, J. (2008). When the floods of compassion are not enough: A nation's and a city's response to the evacuees of Hurricane Katrina. Smith College Studies in Social Work, 78(4), 399-425.

Hamilton-Mason, J. (2007). Using the color of fear as a racial identity catalyst. In Victor Lewis & Hugh Vasquez (Eds.), The color of fear sourcebook: A toolkit for educators and practitioners. Sterling, VA: Stylus Publishing,LLC.

Selected Presentations

Mancini, S. L. & Hamilton-Mason, J. (2011, October). Navigating secondary data: Hearing and interpreting the voices of Hurricane Katrina. Presented at the 57th Annual Program Meeting of the Council on Social Work Education, Atlanta, GA.

Hamilton-Mason, J. (2011, April). Hope Floats: The Survival Experiences of African American Women in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Presented at the National Association of Black Social Workers Conference, New Orleans, LA.

Melendez, M. & Hamilton-Mason, J. (2011, March). Women of color and addiction treatment. Presented at "Treating the Addictions," Cambridge Health Alliance Department of Psychiatry, Division of Continuing Education, Boston, MA.

Hamilton-Mason, J. (2011, January). Black women discuss how they cope with racism in the workplace. Presented at the Society for Social Work Research Meeting, Tampa, FL.

Hamilton-Mason, J. (2010, November). And some of us are braver: Black women managing stress and coping. Presented at the Social Work Grand Rounds series at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA.

Hamilton-Mason, J. (2010, August). Surveying the landscape of immigrants and refugees:Aa social work perspective. Presented at the 35th Association of Black Social Workers International Education Conference, Egypt.

Hamilton-Mason, J. & Everett, J. (2010, February). Understanding the significance of sexism and racism in the lives of black women. Presented at Simmons University, Boston, MA.

Hamilton-Mason, J. (2010, January). Understanding the significance of racism and sexism in the lives of black women. Presented at the Annual Conference of the Society for Social Work and Research, San Francisco, CA.

Hamilton-Mason, J. (2009, May). Dialogue about diversity in the classroom. Presented at a Faculty Development Institute at Anna Maria College, Paxton, MA.

Hamilton-Mason, J. (2009, February). Underlying causes of HIV disparities in black communities. Presented at the Black HIV/AIDS Conference, Boston, MA.

Hamilton-Mason, J. (2008, November). Black women and HIV/AIDS. Presented at Simmons University Black Student Organization's Dialogue on HIV/AIDS, Boston, MA.

Hamilton-Mason, J., Hall, C & Everett, J. (2008, November). Everyday stressors and daily conflicts: Coping responses of black women. Presented at the Council on Social Work Education Annual Program Meeting, Philadelphia, PA.

Hamilton-Mason, J. (2008). And some of us are braver: Black women managing stress and coping. Presented at the Council on Social Work Education, Philadelphia, PA.

Professional Affiliations & Memberships

  • South End Community Mental Health Center - Senior Clinical Consultant - 1997-Present
  • Multicultural AIDS Coalition - Consultant Popular Education and Clinical Supervisor - 1999-2010