Daren Graves

Associate Professor of Education and Coordinator of the Boston Teachers Union Program
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  • Ed.D. - Human Development and Psychology -Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • M.Ed. - Human Development and Psychology -Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • B.A. - Behavioral Neuroscience - Yale University

About Me

Dr. Daren Graves is currently an Associate Professor of Education at Simmons University. His research lies at the intersection of critical race theory, racial identity development, and teacher education. As a teacher educator, he is committed to preparing educators to work with students by directly engaging issues of race and to bring the students’ racialized realities into their educational contexts. In addition to his teaching duties, Dr. Graves serves as the liaison between Simmons University and the Boston Teachers Union (BTU) Pilot School where he coordinates professional development opportunities for the BTU School staff, serves on the Governing Board, coordinates the placement of Simmons interns and student volunteers, and works directly with Union School students and teachers inside and outside the classroom.

What I Teach

  • GEDUC 445 – Educational Psychology
  • DEDU 653 – Qualitative Research Methodology
  • Honors 101/LCIS 101 – First Year Seminar- Honors Program
  • SW 409 – Racism and Dynamics of Oppression
  • BOS 101 - “From Pumpsie to Papi”: Race and Sports in the City of Champions

Research/Creative Activities

Articles about my research


Graves, D. (2017) "Written all over my face" – The toll of a Black Man teaching White students about racism. In R. Kohli and B. Picower (Eds.), Confronting racism in teacher education: Counternarratives of critical practice (pp. 60-67). New York, NY: Routledge

Seider, S., Graves, D., El-Amin, A., Soutter, M., Tamerat, J., Jennett, P., Clark, S., Johannsen, J., & Keene, A. (2014). Faculty of color teaching critical race theory at a PWI: An autoethnography. Journal of Critical Thought and Praxis, 3(2), 1-30.

Graves, D., Sweet, D.A., & McGowan, M. (2010). I feel like I can do it too: A paradigm shift in an urban library internship program. Urban Library Journal, 16(1), 1-18.

Graves, D., McGowan, M., & Sweet, D.A. (2010). Making a home: Critical pedagogy in a library internship program for high school students. In E. Drabinski, A. Kumbier, & M. Accardi (Eds.), Critical library instruction: Theories and methods (pp. 161-175). Los Angeles, CA: Library Juice Press

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