Twelve Simmons Faculty Members Receive Promotions, Tenure, and Emerita/us Status

Last month, the Simmons Board of Trustees finalized decisions concerning the promotion, tenure, and emerita/us status of select faculty members. We are pleased to congratulate the following faculty members for their outstanding accomplishments:

Promotion to the rank of Professor

  • Daren Graves, CSSPP
  • Amy Pattee, COCIS
  • Kristie Thomas, CSSPP

Tenure and Promotion to the rank of Professor

  • Vanessa Robinson-Dooley, CSSPP

Tenure and Promotion to the rank of Associate Professor

  • Abel Amado, CSSPP
  • Eric Luth, CNBHS
  • Briana Martino, Ifill

Tenure at the rank of Associate Professor

  • Jessie Quintero Johnson, CSSPP

Granted Emerita/us Status

  • Judith Aronson, Ifill
  • Carole Biewener, CSSPP
  • Michael Brown, COCIS
  • Nancy Lee, CNBHS

These professors work to advance the mission of Simmons, which is to cultivate transformative learning that links passion with lifelong purpose. The Simmons University Library has created a LibGuide featuring profiles of the honorees, which includes brief biographical sketches and their choice of text that embodies their work. Let us all celebrate their achievements!

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