Lisa Harrison

'99, '05MBA, Diversity and Human Resources Consultant

Lisa Harrison (she/her, hers or he/him, his) identifies as a genderqueer Latinx immigrant. A consultant and a manager, Lisa has worked in the public and private sectors, specializing in diversity, equity, and inclusion for over 20 years. Lisa develops and delivers in-person as well as virtual training and custom e-Learning, and works with organizations to create strategic plans. Lisa's work has focused on diversity and inclusion, and on how to make organizations become more inclusive and value the diversity of their employees, customers, and students.

The trainings Lisa creates—which include Visible at Last: creating an affirming environment for transgender employees (2014), Challenging Your Bias and Becoming an Upstander, and Building an Inclusive Neurodiverse Workforce—are designed as tools for enhancing workforce development and employee retention. Since creating these trainings, Lisa has been the keynote speaker at many conferences and has trained countless participants. Lisa received her BA from Simmons University in 1999 and an MBA from the SImmons School of Management in 2005.

Lisa participated in the Spring 2021 Mentors-in-Residence panel, Leveraging the Power of Our Voices: Antiracism in Action, and spoke in a private class session for BUS 234: Organizational Communication & Behavior