Professional Development

These funds are intended to support professional development activities such as the dissemination of creative work or scholarship, and to be aligned with college priorities.

Professional Development Funds Policy for 2021-2022

In the 2020-2021 academic year, Simmons made $500 of professional development funding available to each faculty member due to travel restrictions and financial pressures caused by the global health pandemic. Now, as we enter the 2021-2022 academic year, Simmons has committed to making available $900 in professional development funding for each full-time and proportional faculty member. This allows the university to continue to support faculty scholarship and creative activity, as some travel restrictions are lifted, while still accommodating the continued impact of COVID-19 disruptions and additional responsibilities on faculty time.

We have also set aside some small additional funds at the College level for specific, well-justified requests that require more than $900 (examples might include presenting additional papers at conferences, or pedagogical activities that are particularly aligned with department/College/University priorities). Those requests should be submitted using the same process below.

Eligible Activities and Expenses

Full-time and proportional faculty may apply for up to $900 of funding to support eligible activities, including:

  • Conference registration, fees, and related travel
  • Individual professional memberships and licensures related to the faculty's field of academia
  • Access to major scholarly publications and databases not available through the Library
  • Purchase of research materials or support for research activities that are otherwise unavailable
  • Continuing education courses, workshops, or certifications

Professional development funds cannot be used to supplement an academic unit's operating budget and may not be used to cover student salaries, student registrations for conferences, personal book purchase or journal subscriptions, or non-academic memberships.

Activities for which funding is being requested must be in accordance with University policy and public health guidance related to travel and events.

Request Process

Faculty need to get approval to access these funds. After discussing the request for funding with their Chair/supervisor, faculty should complete CNBHS' Faculty Professional Development Approval Request form. Requests should be submitted as soon as plans are known, but at least one full week in advance of the expenditure. Requests will be reviewed by the Dean on a weekly basis, with every effort made to notify faculty of their request's approval status in a timely manner.

Fund Management and Expense Processing

If approved, arrangements will be made for expenses to be paid through expense report reimbursement, invoicing, or university purchasing card. All expenses should be submitted via Workday no later than the 10th of the month after the purchases were made (if purchased via university purchasing card), within 20 business days after the professional development activity completes (if purchased individually and seeking reimbursement), or per specific invoicing terms. Proof of purchase is required.