Nursing Professional Development Vouchers

Professional Development Voucher Policy (campus-based programs)

In return for the placement and supervision of students in clinical settings, the School of Nursing at Simmons University provides clinical preceptors with a Professional Development Voucher. Vouchers may be used for courses offered at the College of Natural, Behavioral, and Health Sciences at Simmons University on a space-available basis. Vouchers may be used for courses at other colleges at Simmons University. Approval by the chosen college will be required.

Professional Development Vouchers will be issued by the School of Nursing in the name of the Agency/Institution where the clinical preceptor is employed at the time of the placement. Professional Development Vouchers are not transferable outside an Agency/ Institution. Vouchers may be used by any employee of the Agency/ Institution. Verification of employment may be requested. New vouchers will not be issued for lost vouchers.

Students may not redeem more than four credits worth of vouchers throughout their program. Non-matriculated students may not apply the vouchers towards their tuition. Eligible students must be matriculated in an on-ground program.

Vouchers may not be applied to tuition for [email protected] online FNP program or any other Simmons online programs.
*Please see the Clinical Preceptor Scholarship Program.

Procedure for redeeming voucher(s)

  1. Have authorized representatives of Agency/Institution verify employment by signing voucher where designated.
  2. Register with the Office of the Registrar for a course.
  3. Submit completed voucher to Simmons University, School of Nursing for signature by Clinical Coordination office staff.
  4. Proceed to the Office of Student Financial Services with the Professional Development Voucher(s) to make payment.

Any questions concerning the use of Professional Development Vouchers may be directed to Simmons University School of Nursing for Clinical Coordination office by phoning 617-521-2529.

This voucher policy is subject to change.

Clinical Preceptor Scholarship Program ([email protected])

Professional Development Vouchers cannot be redeemed for any of the [email protected] online programs (including RNMSN, MSN and DNP). In lieu of the Professional Development Vouchers, [email protected] students will be eligible for a Preceptor Scholarship. This scholarship will be applied on a per credit basis over the course of the students program.

Note that Preceptor Scholarships can not be combined with any other scholarship offer provided by Simmons University or its technology partner, 2U, Inc., or any other entity offering scholarships based on that entity’s relationship with Simmons University and/or 2U, Inc., unless expressly permitted by another scholarship offer.

For more information about the Preceptor Scholarship, please reach out to the following contacts:

New students (prior to first term)
[email protected] Admissions
[email protected] 
Current students (actively enrolled in courses)
[email protected] Student Success
[email protected]

The clinical preceptor scholarship program and scholarship amount is subject to change at any time without notice as dictated by Simmons University or its technology partner, 2U, Inc.