Request Residential Accommodations

In accordance with applicable federal, state, and city disability laws, Simmons University has established the following process to ensure that students with a documented diagnosis or disability may have equal access to Simmons University residential housing resources.

The initial OAS residential accommodation request review process takes weeks as there are several steps to determine eligibility and to review access needs based on the submitted documents from the student and practitioner. The OAS receives an extensive number of requests, which is why complete and detailed documentation is essential. Determinations are made first for the highest need cases, generally medically based, and then determined based on a clearly stated and evidence-based need to access the residence halls through the requested accommodation.

Students who intend to request residential accommodation(s) for their on-campus Simmons University residence based on a documented diagnosis/disability will need to complete the process outlined below.

Residential Accommodation Application Deadlines

Academic SessionDeadline for Application and Documentation
2020-2021 Academic YearReturning Students: March 6, 2020
REVISED New Students: May 25, 2020

Applications will be reviewed after March 6 and May 25, respectively.

All accommodations approved after the applicable deadline will be assigned based upon availability; students are placed on a priority wait-list by the Office of Residential Life.

Requesting Residential Accommodations

Step 1: Review the request forms

In order to request residential accommodations, carefully review these steps and the two required forms in advance of making your request. Only the current, up-to-date forms found below will be processed; earlier versions of these forms (those found through Internet search) will not be accepted or processed.

Step 2: Complete the request forms

The student completes the Student Request for Residential Accommodations form. The Practitioner's Verification of Diagnosis for Residential Accommodations form must be completed by a licensed health care professional.

2020-2021 Academic Year
Student Request for Residential Accommodations 2020-2021
Practitioner's Verification of Diagnosis for Residential Accommodations 2020-2021

Returning students who already have a Practitioner's Verification of Diagnosis for Residential Accommodations document on file with OAS do NOT need to resubmit a new Verification of Diagnosis in order to re-request previously approved residential accommodations. However, returning students who are seeking an additional or new residential accommodation not previously reviewed or approved will be required to submit a new Practitioner's Verification of Diagnosis for Residential Accommodations document to support any new requests.

Step 3: Submit the request forms

Attach the completed Practitioner’s Verification of Diagnosis for Residential Accommodations form to the Student Request for Residential Accommodations form as you are completing your request to submit both forms simultaneously. Students must use their Simmons University login credentials to access the Student Request form. Please submit documents as PDFs.

If you are unable to scan documents, we invite you to send via U.S. Mail or personally deliver to: Simmons University, Office of Accessibility Services, Center for Student Success, 300 The Fenway, Boston, MA 02115.

We cannot accept fax submissions.

Information provided to the Simmons University Office of Accessibility Services is kept confidential.
Your request and supporting documentation will be reviewed by the Office of Accessibility Services.

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