Request Accommodation on a Test

Students approved for testing accommodations may request to take exams through the OAS Virtual Testing Center. Eligible students may take any timed, in-class assessment (e.g. exams, quizzes, compositions, etc.) in the OAS Virtual Testing Center. The OAS Virtual Testing Center will be open effective November 2, 2020 between the hours of 9:00 am and 3:00 pm Monday through Friday.

How do I request assessments in the OAS Virtual Testing Center?

  • Use the NEW Exam Request Form to request any assessment to be taken in the OAS Virtual Testing Center.
  • Please carefully read the instructions on the Exam Request Form for important information about scheduling your exam.
  • Fill out the form no less than three business days in advance of the exam to allow OAS adequate time to process the request.
  • If the date and/or time of an exam changes after you have already submitted the exam request form, email [email protected] to update your exam reservation details.
  • OAS will send a detailed confirmation email from [email protected] after we process the Exam Request Form. The confirmation email will include important OAS Virtual Testing Center guidelines and instructions for test day.
  • Students will receive a Zoom link to the Virtual Testing Center the day before their scheduled exam.
  • Do NOT request final exams through this form. More information regarding final exams will be emailed to you later in the semester.
  • This does not apply to online graduate students in @Simmons programs.

Accessibility Services

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Accessibility Services

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