Living-Learning Communities

Simmons University is transitioning from Theme Communities to Living-Learning Communities. The first three Living-Learning Communities to launch Fall 2022 will be the Honors Living-Learning Community, Trans & Non-Binary Living-Learning Community, and BIPOC Living-Learning Community.

Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) create a comprehensive connected experience that encourages student learning through academic coursework and unlimited opportunities for personal discovery and reflection. Research shows that students, who live in LLC environments are more likely to stay in college, earn a higher GPA and experience a greater degree of satisfaction with their overall college experience. Research also demonstrates that faculty and staff involved in the LLCs derive an equally rich and rewarding experience as the students.

Our goal is to foster a strong sense of student belonging, self-efficacy and well-being through our LLCs. LLCs reflect purposeful programming achieved through the collaborative efforts of campus partnerships. Finally, LLCs also meet the Residence Life Vision of providing resources to assist in the development of residents’ emotional intelligence, resilience and well-being; encouragement to actively participate in social responsibility and personal accountability; pathways for leadership and mentorship; support for navigating processes and procedures of our department; and opportunities for cultivating university community connections and sense of belonging.

LLCs create a rich educational living experience that compliments classroom learning. LLCs provide unique learning experiences that facilitate social connections and positive identification with their community.

Honors Living-Learning Community

Beginning Fall 2022, all first-year Honors students will live together in the Honors Living-Learning Community located in Dix Hall. We are very excited to add this residential opportunity as a way to support the formation of deeper connections with peers, staff, and faculty in the Honors Program. Through community dinners, topical discussions, professional meet-and-greets, and other social programs, students will form long lasting friendships, make connections with the university community, and learn about curricular and co-curricular resources. Additionally, students will have the choice to continue living within the Honors LLC in their second year on campus, thereby serving both the first-year and sophomore classes.

Trans & Non-Binary Living-Learning Community

The Trans & Non-Binary Living-Learning Community is created for students who identify anywhere within the transgender and non-binary spectrum as well as folx who are strong active allies. In partnership with the Multicultural Center, this LLC will provide our Trans & Non-Binary residential population with a brave and intentional space to build community, share lived experiences and perspectives, and foster identity development. The first floor of Dix Hall has been chosen as the pilot location for the 2022-2023 academic year and spaces are limited. Folx who are a part of this community can expect faculty and staff involvement, fun programming experiences, and opportunities to celebrate trans leaders and advocates.

BIPOC Living-Learning Community

The Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Living-Learning Community will foster authentic and lasting solidarity to undo Native invisibility, anti-Blackness, and advance racial justice. The BIPOC LLC will be a space for the community to connect around shared/ similar identity(s) and lived experiences. The Office of Residence Life and the Multicultural Center will partner to provide intentional programming that focuses on uplifting and empowering BIPOC student voices through dialogue on topics of personal development, professional growth, university connections, resources, and opportunities beyond graduation. The BIPOC LLC will be an extension to the inaugural Fall 2022 Bridge Program and will be located on the second floor of Simmons Hall.