Residence Hall FAQs


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Where do first-year students typically live? What about transfers?

All first-year students entering in the Fall are assigned to either Dix Hall, Simmons Hall, or Morse Hall, unless they are granted housing accommodation through the Office of Accessibility Services that requires a room type only available in other residence halls. Transfer students are typically eligible to live in all residence halls with the exception of Simmons Hall and Morse Hall.

What special interest communities does Simmons offer and how do I get into one of them?

Beginning Fall 2022, Simmons University will be piloting three new Living-Learning Communities: BIPOC, Honors, and Trans & Non-Binary.  We also offer Women's Only spaces to support students with religious accommodations.

BIPOC Living-Learning Community: The Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Living-Learning Community will foster authentic and lasting solidarity to undo Native invisibility, anti-Blackness, and advance racial justice. The BIPOC LLC will be a space for the community to connect around shared/ similar identity(s) and lived experiences. The Office of Residence Life and the Multicultural Center will partner to provide intentional programming that focuses on uplifting and empowering BIPOC student voices through dialogue on topics of personal development, professional growth, university connections, resources, and opportunities beyond graduation. The BIPOC LLC will be an extension to the inaugural Fall 2022 Bridge Program and will be located on the second floor of Simmons Hall.

Honors Living-Learning Community: Beginning Fall 2022, all first-year Honors students will live together in the Honors Living-Learning Community located in Dix Hall. We are very excited to add this residential opportunity as a way to support the formation

Trans & Non-Binary Living-Learning Community: The Trans & Non-Binary Living-Learning Community is created for students who identify anywhere within the transgender and non-binary spectrum as well as folx who are strong active allies. In partnership with the Multicultural Center, this LLC will provide our Trans & Non-Binary residential population with a brave and intentional space to build community, share lived experiences and perspectives, and foster identity development. The first floor of Dix Hall has been chosen as the pilot location for the 2022-2023 academic year and spaces are limited. Folx who are a part of this community can expect faculty and staff involvement, fun programming experiences, and opportunities to celebrate trans leaders and advocates.

When will you send roommate information and housing assignments?

Room and roommate assignments will be sent out beginning in mid-July. Be sure to get in touch with your roommate(s) before coming to Simmons to decide who should bring some of the larger items such as a TV and if you want to rent a microfridge together.

What is the mattress size?

All mattresses at Simmons are standard twin mattresses.

Is there storage available at Simmons?

Unfortunately, Simmons cannot offer storage on campus other than in your room. However, there are many storage facilities in Boston. Visit the Student Life off-campus housing page for a list of storage and moving companies.

Can we have pets?

The only pets you may have are fish in properly maintained bowls smaller than five gallons.

Learn more about what you can and can't bring to campus. 

Where can I smoke?

In a continuing effort to improve the health of the members of our community and in line with local and national efforts to improve the quality of life, all of Simmons is entirely smoke-free. While on the Residence Campus, the use of tobacco is not permitted. If you choose to use tobacco products, you must do so outside of the campus on adjoining streets such as Pilgrim Road and Brookline Ave. If you use tobacco products on campus, you will be asked to stop immediately by Public Safety, Residence Life Staff or fellow community members.

I heard that I can only bring special types of upholstered furniture. How do I know if it's okay?

State law prohibits the use of upholstered furniture in student rooms unless it is treated with a fire-retardant chemical and is labeled as such. Upholstered furniture includes couches, futons, and overstuffed chairs. Waterbeds, lofts, and hanging chairs are prohibited in residence hall rooms. Decorations may not be hung from the ceiling or sprinkler pipes. Furniture which contains polyurethane foam will not be permitted due to their increased risk of being flammable. All furniture brought into the residence halls should have one of the following labels:



For more information on Massachusetts fire safety regulations please see and search for fire safety and upholstered furniture.

How do you match roommates?

You can find a roommate through the ZeeMee platform offered through Admissions and tell us who it is by when you complete the housing application or we will match you based on your housing preferences in your housing application. It is very important that you truthfully answer all questions. First-year students will have one to three roommates. Roommate requests are honored if requests are mutual and students meet all housing deadlines.

What happens if we don't get along as roommates?

When matching roommates, our office uses a thorough lifestyle questionnaire on our housing application to pair residents. However, roommate conflicts do arise, whether between roommates who have chosen each other, or who have been assigned. In these instances, our office uses the following protocol (which is also outlined in the Housing Contract):

  1. First, roommates will be asked to revisit the Roommate Agreement they signed upon move in, and identify any changes that need to be made.
  2. If the conflict persists after implementation of any changes, roommates must participate in a mediation facilitated by their RA.
  3. If the conflict is still not resolved after the first mediation, the roommates must speak with their Area Coordinator about next steps. The AC may mandate another mediation through the Office of Residence Life professional staff, or they may approve a room change, pending available space on campus. No room changes may be implemented without being approved by a Residence Life professional staff member.

Any communication tips for roommates?

Sharing space can be stressful — even if you and your roommates are best friends — but even roommates who are very different can have a great roommate relationship. We strongly encourage you to talk with your roommates and come to an agreement as early on as possible about space usage, classes and work schedules and general roommate expectations! Getting along with your roommates involves the 3 Cs: courtesy, communication, and compromise.

We recommend deciding before coming who gets which bed to eliminate the first come, first serve rush. During the first floor meeting with the Resident Assistant (RA), the RA will be able to provide you with a Roommate Agreement, which will foster important conversations. This is a time-tested tool for starting off with clear communication about roommate expectations and how to have a great roommate experience. It's normal to have roommates who are different than you, and you will probably find that you will get along and also encounter some problems along the way. If you use the 3 Cs you can minimize and avoid potential conflicts.

Any advice on getting to know my roommates?

Spending time together is the best way for you to get to know each other. At the beginning of the school year, there are a lot of welcome activities and events. Take advantage of these opportunities and attend the events as a group! Go to the dining hall or see a movie together. You'll get along best when you know more about your roommates. The Roommate Agreement will also provide you with an opportunity to talk with your roommates about their likes and dislikes.

How can I make the move in process easier?

We suggest discussing with your roommates when everyone is moving in. Knowing when your other roommates are arriving and possibly coordinating your arrivals will make move in a lot smoother. If you all arrive around the same time it may be really chaotic OR you may decide that it is much easier to organize and get settled in right away. You should work together to decide what is best for all of you.

Decide and agree on what you want in your room. Working together and discussing what you want to have in your room will not only alleviate problems, but will also make packing and organizing much easier. Who knows,  you may have similar or different tastes in colors, posters, and knick-knacks, but thoughtfully combining a bit of everyone's taste could create a really fun, unique space!

During opening weekend Simmons staff will be stationed across the residential campus to answer questions and help students move their belongings into their room. 

We have set aside the first move-in time slot (8:30am-9:30am) for students in triple rooms in order to have more time to get settled in

Where can I study outside of my room?

If you are concerned about studying inside your room there are several alternatives:

  • All halls have lounge areas that are ideal for studying and easily accessible. Lounges are well lit and have couches and tables to work at. All residence students have access to all residence halls up until 11:00pm at night.
  • Simmons, Mesick, North, Arnold, and Smith halls have computer labs accessible to students in all of the halls.
  • Beatley Library, located on the academic campus has computers and several study spaces including group study rooms by online reservation.
  • Meyers Café, Common Grounds Café, and Bartol Hall are frequently used as study spaces by Simmons students.

Will I have internet access in my room?

All rooms have Ethernet (high speed internet) connections in them, and the entire campus is wireless. If you have more specific technology questions, you should contact the Service Desk at 617-521-2190.

What exactly is a mircofridge and how do I rent one?

A microfridge is a small refrigerator with a freezer and microwave. These are the only microwaves allowed in student rooms. Reserve your Microfridge by calling 1-800-525-7307. Students can rent these combination refrigerator, freezer, and microwave units for the academic year or for the semester or purchase one. The Microfridge will be delivered to your room prior to your arrival on campus.

Will I have cable television in my room?

Yes, all rooms are cable ready. You will need to bring a coaxial cable in addition to your television, but it is a good idea for roommates to discuss this.

What phone service will I have?

Most students find that they have cellphone service on campus and little need for a land line. However if you would like to bring a phone to campus you may. You will have free local calling, and a phone number. Since many of our students choose not to utilize the room phone, we do not automatically assign you a phone number. If you do choose to use the room telephone, the number is listed on the jack in your room. Once you have this phone number, please record it in Workday for emergency contact purposes and contact Technology in order to activate the phone. If you have any questions about this process, please call the Office of Residence Life at 617-521-1096 after you arrive on campus.

What electrical appliances can I bring?

You may bring approved appliances that use less than 1000 watts of electricity and hair dryers. You may not bring any appliances for cooking such as a microwave, popcorn popper, George Foreman grill, hot pot, etc. Likewise, students are not permitted air conditioners or space heaters.

Where do I do laundry?

There are washers and dryers in each residence hall. You can use credit/debit cards, the MobilePay app, or purchase Fenway Cash on your Simmons ID to use the laundry machines. Fenway Cash is like dollars connected to your ID. You can add points that can be used for vending machines, laundry, food in the Fens or Quadside, etc. To add points to your account, go to the Campus Card Office located at B-105 in the Palace Road Building or access our account online at

How does my room get cleaned?

Students clean their own rooms. Housekeeping staff clean hallways, common areas, and bathrooms, but all residents are expected to help keep public areas clean and organized.

Are vacuums available for student use?

Unfortunately, we do not have vacuums for check-out.

Meal plans for 2021-2022 are not active and the Office of Residence Life will contact all residential students over the summer with sign up instructions.

How can I change my meal plan?

Fall resident students must pick their own meal plan by going to the Simmons Connection website, LOGGING IN, and clicking on the Workday link at the top of the page. Once in the Workday menu, select the "Meal Plan" link on the left. This will take you to a screen where you have the option to do a "Meal Plan Change." Click on the "Meal Plan Change" link. Click on "Confirm/update Meal Plan". From the drop down menu select the meal plan of your choice, then click the box below to confirm. This plan will be assigned to you for the fall. However, if you pick a particular meal plan and want to change it, you may do so in the same screen for the first two weeks of each semester.

The meal plans are:

  • 225 meals and 100 dining points per semester + 10 guest meals
  • 185 meals and 150 dining points per semester + 10 guest meals
  • 145 meals and 200 dining points per semester + 10 guest meals
  • 260 meals and 0 dining points per semester 

A majority of students find that 225, 185, and 145 meal plans meet their needs. For those students who desire additional meals we now offer an option allowing a student to purchase additional meals at the beginning of the semester at a reduced rate.

If chosen, students will be billed for this option after two week change period. Please note that the balance of meals listed above do not transfer to spring semester. Under all plans students receive 10 guest meals.

If you are uncertain of whether you would like to add additional meals before move in, you can always purchase meals and points later in the semester by purchasing a Simmons Choice plan through the campusdish site.

What does it mean to be assigned to a fire door double room?

We consider rooms that adjoin through a fire door as a quad or a triple room, depending on the building. All residents assigned to those spaces are considered roommates and complete their part of their roommate agreement together. The door between the rooms remains closed, but not locked due to fire safety and no furniture or other items that could block access to the next room can be placed in front of the door.

What is a fire door?

It is a door that allows the people in the stairwell to get out of their room in case of a fire in the stairwell by going through the room next door. This door cannot be locked or blocked by any furniture or other items.

Will my things be safe if the door doesn't lock?

Yes, the doors that lead outside the rooms both lock, it is the door between the rooms that doesn't. Your RA will help you set up standards and expectations in terms of the usage for the fire door - for instance, when to keep the fire door open, what times it is okay to be used for lockouts, when it is okay to go through the fire door into the next room, etc.

Simmons is a tobacco-free university, which includes cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and all forms of smokeless tobacco. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in or around any University Housing. The University does not offer a smoking lounge or smoking area on university property. Students cannot use any form of tobacco or e-cigarettes on Simmons University property. Students wishing to smoke must do so outside of the Simmons Residence Campus gates. Smoking cessation resources are available for students interested.

While on the Residence Campus, the use of tobacco is not permitted. If you chose to use tobacco products, you must do so outside of the campus and on adjoining streets such as Pilgrim Road and Brookline Ave. If you use tobacco products on the campus, you will be asked to immediately stop by Public Safety, Residence Life Staff or fellow community members.

Please visit our website Tobacco Free for information on smoking cessation assistance offered for students and employees as well as lots of other information about Tobacco Free Simmons.