Theme Communities

Simmons provides a variety of communities each year that focus on bringing students together with common interests. Check out our Dorm Hunters video series!

First-Year Theme & Special Interest Communities

  • Sports Pride Floor (Simmons Hall, 3rd Floor)
  • Women-Only Floor (Simmons 1st floor)
  • Foodie Floor (Mesick Hall, 4th Floor)
  • Arts Floor (Morse Hall, 4th Floor)
  • Wellness Community (South Hall 1st-4th floors)

Returning Student Theme & Special Interest Communities

  • Arts and Activism (North Hall, 1st-2nd Floors)
  • Wellness Community (South Hall 1st-4th floors)

Sports Pride Floor

Simmons Hall, 3rd Floor

Imagine living on a floor where you are surrounded by sports enthusiasts like yourself. Next year, you'll walk down to Fenway Park and enjoy the crowds together on Opening Day. Picture yourself creating a March Madness bracket with friends on your floor, and shouting at the TV with fellow football fans. Imagine cheering on Simmons sports teams with your floor all year long. 

As a resident on the Sports Pride Floor, you'll get to help run, plan, and enjoy a Tailgate Party before a Simmons sporting event. This is just one of the many awesome benefits and programs catered specifically to you, as a Sports Pride Floor resident. When sports fans get together there is bound to be a whole lot of fun!


  • Attend a pep rally with floor mates to support Simmons' sport teams
  • Participate together in intramural sports teams
  • Watch games together with your floor mates in the common room
  • The chance to win free passes to tour Fenway Park and Red Sox, Celtics, or Bruins tickets

Foodie Floor

Mesick Hall, 4th Floor

Are you a self-proclaimed "foodie?" Do you live, sleep, and breathe good food? Is your TV permanently stuck on the Food Network? Are you passionate about nutritious recipes and healthy cooking? Then the Foodie Floor is for you! Imagine living on a floor with other food lovers like yourself. Imagine having floor outings to local restaurants each semester and enjoying the diverse food options that Boston Restaurant Week has to offer every spring. Imagine having cooking parties in your hall with your floor mates. 

As a resident on the Foodie Floor you'll learn all about nutrition, eating healthy, and you'll get to hold your own "Top Chef" cook-off contests. These are just some of the many special benefits and programming about all things food-related you'll get on this floor!


  • Cooking parties in the newly renovated Mesick kitchen
  • Monthly healthy eating and nutrition programming, run by Eat @ Simmons
  • "Top Chef" Cook-off contest between residents
  • Special programming around food and healthy eating

Arts Floor

Morse Hall, 4th Floor

Do you enjoy trips to the Museum of Fine Arts, The Lizard Lounge, The Institute of Contemporary Art or the Berklee Performance Center? How about learning how to dance, perform spoken word or take photographs? Do you consider yourself "artsy?" Are you always doodling during class or coming up with creative new ways to express yourself?

If so, then you belong on The Arts Floor. This fun and festive community will be full of students that appreciate exploring different art forms. With so many different opportunities, expect to connect with a new group of friends all while getting involved in regular craft nights, trips to different area theaters, painting, and much more!


  •  Frequent outings to different events and performances across the Colleges of the Fenway and updates about arts events in the city of Boston.
  • Opportunities to work with your Resident Advisor to organize and plan art-related programs.
  • Living on a floor with students who have share similar interests and passions that you do.

Arts and Activism Floors

North Hall

The newest theme community on Residence Campus is the Arts & Activism Theme Community in North Hall. Upperclass students will explore social issues through creative expression. We all voice, nurture, and express our inner activist differently, and this community welcomes all writers, slam poets, visual artists, musicians, designers, performers, and anyone else who appreciates when expression and activism collide.

The community is designed for students of all majors who want to engage in meaningful conversations about social movements and identities such as race, gender, immigration status, class, age, religion, ability, and sexuality. This living community will provide a space for conversations about how these identities intersect and come into play on campus and beyond.


  • Social justice themed programming and workshops increasing your skills as an agent of change for the community.
  • A supportive environment where you can explore your passions and identities.
  • A visually vibrant community full of chalkboards, whiteboards, murals, and student contributions.