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Venezia Delgadillo '21 on Making the Most Out of Your Internship

Why did you decide to come to Simmons?

Vini Delgadillo in her lacrosse uniform

I originally attended Newbury College, which closed in 2019. Simmons offered me the location, program, scholarship, and experience I knew I wanted after the unprecedented situation. I was offered a fantastic scholarship to continue my education and a spot on the Lacrosse team with Coach Devilbliss, a huge part of my seamless transition to Simmons.

Why did you pursue a BA in marketing?

I was always fascinated with the psychology behind what drives the consumer. I knew that the best place for me to learn more would be via a marketing degree. My studies have solidified my interests in consumer behavior, and I never looked back. I'm lucky to have made the best choice for me when I entered college, and to have had incredible professors and classes who made my experience invaluable.

Tell us about the process of getting the internship with Basis Technology.

I was fortunate enough to know someone who already worked at the company and pass my resume through that network. This led to an interview by phone and eventually an in-person meeting before I started the position. The internship was only meant to be a three-month venture, but I will have been at Basis for almost two years to the day when I leave in May.

What were your responsibilities?

My responsibilities as an intern were to maintain the company's social media accounts, write copy, and assist members of the department on projects as needed. My role grew significantly as time went on over the last two years, and I've had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects — building campaigns from start to finish, working on SEO, social media, customer success projects, and more.

What did you learn from this experience?

My experience with Basis has been nothing but invaluable. I've had the opportunity to dip my toe into all kinds of digital marketing projects and to learn from an incredibly talented team. Of course, I learned tangible skills, programs, and techniques, but even more so, I learned how to approach problems, make mistakes, and be a valued team member within any organization. The people around me at Basis Technology have been imperative to my growth as a student, employee, and person. I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity and will miss the team massively. I hope to do them proud as I embark on my professional journey.

What was it like completing an internship during the pandemic?

Luckily, I started my internship before the pandemic and had been working remotely for over six months when the campus shut down and quarantine began. Basis Technology being a global organization meant a very easy transition for their employees since we had already been utilizing remote workspaces like Google Meet and Zoom. I’m lucky to have been able to continue my work and education through the company despite the global pandemic — I know not everyone was in such a privileged position.

What advice would you give other students who are looking for internships?

DON'T BE SHY! Connect with everyone and anyone on LinkedIn. Send messages, send resumes, and communicate! You can't be afraid to send new connections your email or phone number and ask for a brief phone call. The smallest things can make you stand out — you just have to put yourself out there. This advice comes mostly from my post-grad job search, but it is universal.

I would also recommend looking into companies that don't have massive internship programs or are perhaps on a smaller scale than you're thinking. Smaller, close-knit companies have so much to offer. My experience at Basis meant I was able to work on a variety of projects and work closely with various departments. Those skills are transferrable to any position working for any company or organization.

Do you have any plans for after graduation?

I recently accepted an offer with Oracle to start in June as a Business Development Consultant. I'm excited to embark on that new journey, and I know that I would not have this exciting new opportunity without my experiences at Basis Technology.

Do you have a favorite Simmons memory?

My favorite Simmons memory is the time I was able to spend with my Lacrosse team in Florida last year. We came home from Spring break to an extended vacation that quickly turned into months-long quarantine. I've had very few experiences that were as impactful and memorable as that week away with my teammates. I can't thank them and my coaches enough for making my experience as a transfer student as incredible as it has been — I owe them so much.

Simmons University lacrosse team hanging out together.

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