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An Easy Internship Trick from Kayla Humel '18

Kayla reflects on her experience as SGA president and how Simmons has set her on the path to succeed.

On choosing Simmons

I love that Simmons has a strong focus on leadership. When I was looking at colleges, every Simmons student I spoke to was really involved and that inspired me to follow in their footsteps. I also love being a marketing major, which is a part of the School of Business. Its extensive alumnae/i network is a great resource for students who are searching for internships or jobs—that's actually how I found my internship at Puma!

On student government

Headshot of Kayla Humel

For the last two years I've been a part of the Student Government Association (SGA) as a representative, treasurer, and now as president—and I love it!  I've been able to meet so many people outside of my major and learn so much about Simmons. First and foremost, I've learned the power of good communication. When the e-board is communicating with one another, event planning is exponentially easier. When SGA is communicating with organizations, processes like budgets occur seamlessly. Good communication is crucial to success in any organization.

I also love how there are so many different opportunities where we can make a difference. I wanted to run for president because I saw opportunities to improve processes between SGA and the other organizations on campus. I knew that SGA could create change on campus and I wanted to play a major part in that.

On getting involved in SGA 

My biggest piece of advice is to become an SGA representative for another organization first. In this role, you'll be introduced to SGA and see what forums are like before committing to a position on the executive board. Also, come talk to us! We frequently have our door open and welcome students to come and ask questions.

On an easy internship trick

My internship at Puma has been an incredible experience overall. An interesting moment was when my supervisor challenged me to solve a Rubik’s Cube. When I finished, he told me I was the coolest intern he’s ever had. I think this moment shows that being yourself will make you stand out in an internship.

On preparing for the future

Simmons has given me so many opportunities to develop my leadership skills and professionalism. Because of these opportunities, when I'm networking, interacting with others in my internship or leading SGA, I feel confident in my communication skills. I've also learned to push myself and, as a result, have accomplished more than I thought possible during my time here.

On her Simmons moment

Last semester I received an email from admissions that said, “Kayla, it’s your time to shine. We need you to be Stormy again." I think this moment perfectly sums up my time here! This community has allowed me to be my goofy self while also respecting me as a person—as a result, I've never felt out of place at Simmons.

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