Campus Life Life{A550ACB1-0279-411B-A255-91E406032B98} Alicia LaPolla: Assistant Dean of First Year Programs<h4>Where did you go to college and what did you study?</h4> <p>I attended Boston College and studied psychology there. I also have a masters in human development and psychology from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. I&rsquo;m currently working on a doctoral degree in higher education at Northeastern.</p> <h4>Tell us about your role at Simmons.</h4> I&rsquo;m the Assistant Dean of First Year Programs, working with first year students to navigate the transition to college, which can be so exciting and challenging at the same time. <h4>What's your favorite thing about Simmons?</h4> <p>I came to Simmons at the beginning of this academic year and it has been wonderful to see how close-knit this community is. There are so many friendly faces and opportunities for collaboration.&nbsp;</p> <p>I&rsquo;m also a big fan of the pistachio muffins in Common Grounds!</p> <h4>What inspired you to work in your field?</h4> <p>My own college experience opened my eyes to the experiences of people with different backgrounds than my own&nbsp;&mdash; this really shaped my sense of self and worldview. I decided I wanted to make a career out of helping students learn and grow throughout that process.&nbsp;</p> <p>The best part of my job is meeting a student who feels like they really belong here and knows that their voice is important on campus.&nbsp;</p> <h4>What advice would you give to students considering Simmons?</h4> <p>Think critically about what you want out of your college experience, but also keep an open mind. It can be difficult to know what a college is like until you&rsquo;ve been on campus for a few months. Embrace the unexpected and allow yourself to explore all kinds of <a href="">fields of study</a>, <a href="">organizations</a>, and groups of friends.</p> <h4>How should prospective students connect with Simmons?</h4> <p>Connect with current students! Follow Simmons on <a href="" target="_blank">Twitter</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Instagram</a>, and <a href="" target="_blank">Facebook</a> to get a taste of campus life.&nbsp;</p> <h4>How can students get in contact with you?&nbsp;</h4> <p>Students can <a href="">email me</a>. I&rsquo;m also on <a href="" target="_blank">Facebook</a>!</p> <h4>If we visited your office, what would we see?</h4> <p>Pictures of my kids and a mini skee ball game.&nbsp;</p> <h4>What's your favorite thing to do in Boston?&nbsp;&nbsp;</h4> <p>I love trying new restaurants and just wandering the city. I&rsquo;m particularly partial to the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain. It&rsquo;s so beautiful and it&rsquo;s where I got married!</p> <h4>What's your favorite book and TV show?</h4> <p>I love <em>The Year of Magical Thinking</em> by Joan Didion, and lately I've found myself curling up with some Netflix on the couch.</p> <h4>What's your favorite local lunch?</h4> <p>I could eat the halloumi salad from Tatte every day of the week. It&rsquo;s the best!</p>2019-01-31T00:00:00-05:00{065E0B6A-9C32-4874-8FFF-7EC89D1F55CC} in Review: The Best of 2018<p>2018 was a monumental year for Simmons! From becoming a university, to climbing the ranks in&nbsp;<em>U.S.News &amp; World Report</em>&nbsp;&mdash; it's been a busy year. In celebration of the end of the year, we're taking a look at our biggest moments and stories from 2018.&nbsp;</p> <h3><img height="300" alt="Academic Campus" width="350" src="~/media/E79FF0AE3EBE4651BA606D61EAB56A5A.ashx?h=300&amp;&amp;w=350" />1. Simmons College Announces University Designation</h3> <p>On September 1, 2018, we officially became Simmons University. This university designation also included the creation of four new colleges &mdash; making this the most comprehensive academic redesign in more than 100 years!&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Key quote:</strong> "Given the size and scope of our programs, including online graduate programs with national and international reach, &lsquo;university&rsquo; is a more accurate description of who we are and where we are going. We&rsquo;re looking forward to a very exciting future." &mdash; Helen G. Drinan, President of Simmons University</p> <p><a href="">Read the full story.</a></p> <hr style="clear: both !important;" /> <p><span class="image-right"><img height="300" alt="Headshot of Emma Willmann at the Comedy at the Knitting Factory" width="350" src="~/media/9AA29985171A4D1BB744658B7732C095.ashx?h=300&amp;&amp;w=350" /></span></p> <h3>2. From Simmons to Standup: Emma Willmann '08 Arrives on Netflix</h3> <p>We joined Emma during Boston's Women in Comedy Festival and learned about her journey into comedy. It wasn't always easy, but Willmann kept her goal of success at the forefront of her mind&mdash;a tactic she learned at Simmons. Today, you can find Willmann on the final two seasons of <em>Crazy Ex Girlfriend</em> and Netflix's <em>The Comedy Lineup: Part Two</em>.</p> <p><strong>Key quote:</strong>&nbsp;"There&rsquo;s such an importance placed on intersectionality at Simmons. You&rsquo;re constantly deconstructing race, class, gender&mdash;and you see it in every class you take. Simmons cultivates critical thinking and I try to be very critical of that lens when doing stand-up." &mdash; Emma Willmann '08</p> <p><a href="">Read the full story.</a></p> <hr style="clear: both !important;" /> <h3><img height="300" alt="University Celebration following Convocation 2018" width="350" src="~/media/7F65D33378A34B62BA8E4219CA218279.ashx?h=300&amp;&amp;w=350" />3. Simmons University Ranked by U.S.News &amp; World Report</h3> <p>Simmons earned an impressive #4 ranking for Best Value in the 2019 <em>U.S.News &amp; World Report</em> rankings in the Regional Universities North category &ndash; the most competitive higher education region in the nation! This marks Simmons' highest-ever ranking in the Best Value category, rising from the #5 spot in 2017.</p> <p><strong>Key quote:</strong> "Our combination of rigor, exceptional student experience, value, and range of programs is being recognized by national evaluators. Simmons is a force in today&rsquo;s competitive higher education landscape, further elevating the stature of our distinctive undergraduate program for women and our nationally-recognized graduate programs."&nbsp;&mdash; Helen G. Drinan, President of Simmons University</p> <p><a href="">Read the full story.</a></p> <hr style="clear: both !important;" /> <h3><span class="image-right"><img height="300" alt="Professor Gary Bailey" width="350" src="~/media/202E18F7F226405BB8839B00F5CD6466.ashx" /></span></h3> <h3>4. Professor Bailey Named One of Boston's Most Influential People of Color</h3> <p>Gary Bailey, DHL, MSW, ACSW, Professor of Practice at Simmons School of Social Work, was named one of Boston&rsquo;s Most Influential People of Color. This year marked the 10th anniversary of the GK100 list of Greater Boston&rsquo;s 100 Most Influential People of Color.</p> <p><strong>Key quote: "</strong>We do not view the GK100 as a popularity list, but more of an opportunity to showcase the depth and breadth of culturally diverse talent in Boston who are contributing to the economic and social fabric of the city across various industries &ndash; including academia, business, health care, innovation and technology, and philanthropy."&nbsp;&mdash; Colette Phillips, CEO of Colette Phillips Communications and Founder of Get Konnected!</p> <p><a href="">Read the full story.</a></p> <hr style="clear: both !important;" /> <h3><img height="300" alt="Michelle Obama and Helen Drinan speaking during the Simmons Leadership Conference. " width="350" src="~/media/C8663E77AA92435FA4D5E4AAE2EE8574.ashx" />5. Looking Back at the Simmons Leadership Conference</h3> <p>The Simmons Leadership Conference was filled with inspiring messages and powerful leaders. The day featured incredible speeches from Gretchen Carlson, Nely Gal&aacute;n, Valerie Plame, Edie Weiner, and Former First Lady Michelle Obama.</p> <p><strong>Key Quote:</strong> "The arc of history is long. What we're here to do is make a mark."&nbsp;&mdash; Former First Lady Michelle Obama</p> <p><a href="">Read the full story.</a></p> <hr style="clear: both !important;" /> <h3><span class="image-right"><img height="300" alt="Abigail Flinn, Katelyn McCarthy, Julianne Pondelli '18C and Samantha DeLucca in ice skating rink" width="350" src="~/media/C5FC41CD451847A0B70523F2C7A114C6.ashx?h=300&amp;&amp;w=350" /></span></h3> <h3>6. Inspiring Change: Julianne Pondelli '18C Takes Nutrition to the Ice</h3> <p>To her students, Julianne Pondelli '18C is much more than a skating coach&mdash;she&rsquo;s a source of support and refuge in the rigorous sport of figure skating. Between her passion for skating, dedication to nutrition, and value of higher education, Pondelli&rsquo;s students recognize and admire her unique approach to coaching.</p> <p><strong>Key Quote:</strong> "Nutrition education is so important in an athlete&rsquo;s life. If I can give my students a positive experience in the nutrition field and show them how to have a positive attitude towards food, that would be great in addition to just teaching them how to skate."&nbsp;&mdash; Julie Pondelli '18C</p> <p><a href="">Read the full story.</a></p> <hr style="clear: both !important;" /> <h3><img height="300" alt="Helen Drinan" width="350" src="~/media/FC761DB82D8B409AA81090C555DCDCCD.ashx" />7. What You Can Do: Five Ways to Respond</h3> <p>After the many horrific events that occurred in October, President Helen Drinan encouraged the Simmons community to take action. Writing with a deep sense of purpose, President Drinan gave us five ways to respond to the hateful rhetoric we hear nearly every day.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Key Quote:</strong> "At Simmons University, we aspire to be the most inclusive campus for all members of our community, physically and virtually. While that will take time, the most important impact will be felt as each one of us decides to join in that effort. I believe we can model the kind of community we wish our world to be. It starts with each of us as a leader of one." &mdash; Helen G. Drinan, President of Simmons University</p> <p><a href="">Read the full story.</a></p>2018-12-14T00:00:00-05:00{6E5FEB8E-DAFA-4146-8728-B20B86AEDEA6} Ways to Make a Difference This Thanksgiving<p>Whether you're looking forward to a few days of relaxation with friends and family or you'd like to give back this Thanksgiving &mdash; there are plenty of ways to make a positive impact in your community! From volunteering your time, to reducing your food waste this holiday, you can easily make a difference.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <hr /> <h5>VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME</h5> <p>Volunteering your time and skills is a great way to give back to your community and build your own local network. According to Professor <a href="">Kristina Pechulis</a>, a great place to volunteer is <a href="" target="_blank">Community Servings</a>&nbsp;&mdash; a not-for-profit food and nutrition program providing services to individuals and families living with critical and chronic illnesses. Community Servings is one of the largest volunteer programs in the area with plenty of ways to get involved.&nbsp;</p> <p>If you&rsquo;re looking for something a little different, several websites can match you with volunteer opportunities in your local area:&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li><a href="" target="_blank">Idealist</a>&nbsp;</li> <li><a href="" target="_blank">Volunteer Match</a>&nbsp;</li> <li><a href="" target="_blank">Points of Light</a></li> </ul> <hr /> <h5>BE MINDFUL OF FOOD WASTE</h5> <p>Food waste is already a pervasive problem in the United States, and food waste on Thanksgiving is no exception. Thankfully, with a little advance planning, avoiding excess waste can be an easy task. Although many of us look forward to Thanksgiving leftovers, try preparing your dishes with a specific headcount in mind &mdash; chances are, you'll still have enough for the next day.</p> <p>Speaking of leftovers, get creative! You might get sick of turkey sandwiches after a few days, so don't be afraid to try something different. There are <a href="" target="_blank">countless recipes</a> that will inspire you to reassemble your leftovers in new and interesting ways.&nbsp;</p> <p>Still have leftovers of vegetables you didn't finish in time? Or food scraps from your Thanksgiving prep? Consider composting, it's easier than you think and the <a href="" target="_blank">Environmental Protection Agency</a>&nbsp;(EPA) has great tips on how to get started.</p> <hr /> <h5>AVOID SINGLE USE TABLEWARE&nbsp;</h5> <p>Let's be honest, no one wants to tackle a mountain of dishes after eating an enormous meal. Sadly, most of this single use tableware ends up in landfills &mdash; in fact, paper products make up 28% of all trash sent to landfills each year according to the <a href="" target="_blank">EPA</a>.</p> <p>An easy (and cheaper) solution is to use your own dishes and cutlery. If you don't have enough for everyone, ask your guests to bring some extra. Also, instead of using plastic bags or plastic wrap for leftovers, encourage guests to bring their own containers and/or invest in reusable beeswax wrap &mdash; both will help cut down on your overall waste.&nbsp;</p> <ul> </ul>2018-11-20T00:00:00-05:00{BC21F74A-01FA-4C52-8D9C-7C3D0CF153E3} Welcomes Civil Rights Activist Shaun King to Campus<p>"In the grand scheme of human history, are we the peak of humanity?"</p> <p>Throughout his Community Keynote on November 13, Shaun King continuously posed this question to attendees.&nbsp;A modern civil rights activist, King is&nbsp;known for his efforts in the Black Lives Matter movement and is currently&nbsp;a columnist for&nbsp;<em><a href="" target="_blank">The Intercept</a></em>&nbsp;and a writer-in-residence for the&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Fair Punishment Project</a>.&nbsp;</p> <p>Jumping headfirst into the discussion, King began by imploring the audience to take an honest look into the current state of human affairs, both in the U.S. and the world.&nbsp;</p> <p>"We are living in a deeply disturbing time," explained King. Increasingly frequent mass shootings, occurrences of police brutality, the rise of white supremacy, the demonization of immigrants &mdash; it's impossible to keep track of every calamity when they occur at an alarming rate.&nbsp;</p> <p>In order to survive the bleak news cycle, we've learned how to pivot our attention elsewhere. King admitted that he also operated in this way &mdash; until he hit a breaking point. During a typical work day in the summer of 2014, King watched the video of Eric Garner's death.&nbsp;</p> <p>"I can't explain what happened, but I struggled to complete the rest of my day," said King. "I decided that I needed to find out more about this man and tell his story. I thought that if I shared that video, maybe we could contextualize this tragedy."</p> <p>Demanding justice for Eric Garner eventually expanded to include John Crawford, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice &mdash; the beginnings of the Black Lives Matter movement. Unfortunately the justice he fought for never came, and since 2014 the list of injustices has only grown longer.&nbsp;</p> <p>King paints a bleak but honest portrayal of humanity&nbsp;&mdash; admitting that he'd like to spread a message of hope rather than a list of endless tragedy. But he does this for a reason: to help us understand our place in the grand scheme of human history.&nbsp;</p> <hr /> <h3 style="color: #6e7377; font-size: 20px; line-height: 1.5; padding-top: 15px; padding-bottom: 15px;">"I believe in you and I'm excited to see what&rsquo;s ahead of each of you," concluded King. "It's going to be hard to move forward, but I feel good about the direction we&rsquo;re going in."</h3> <hr /> <p>"Unlike technology, humanity does not get better and better," explained King. "We like to think that we have evolved upwardly, but are we really the peak of humanity? Depending on where you think we are in history effects the decisions you make."</p> <p>According to King, it's extremely easy to fall into these dips in humanity &mdash; and incredibly challenging to dig ourselves out. In order to overcome slavery there was the Civil War. In order to overcome Jim Crowe we had the Civil Rights Movement. What will it take this time?</p> <p>Even though it feels like we've hit rock bottom, King is still hopeful for our future. Although the quality of humanity isn't continuously on the rise, there is no dip that we didn't overcome.&nbsp;</p> <p>"I have hope because we're starting to understand the radical effort it will take to shift the direction of our country," said King.&nbsp;</p> <p>As an example, King listed the strides made in the <a href="">midterm elections</a>. From a historic turnout of voters, to a more diverse representation of Americans in Congress, these are significant changes.</p> <p>King ended his message with his hopes for the Simmons students in the audience. Wishing them successful college careers and encouraging them to learn as much as possible while they're here.&nbsp;</p> <p>"I believe in you and I'm excited to see what&rsquo;s ahead of each of you," concluded King. "It's going to be hard to move forward, but I feel good about the direction we&rsquo;re going in."</p>2018-11-15T00:00:00-05:00{8B6358BB-F160-46D5-8D46-848E14823F2C} Official Simmons Guide to Boston<h3><img alt="Signs for Fenway Park" src="~/media/863579B50481400FAF9C4F6425C4E280.ashx?h=300&amp;w=350" style="height: 300px; width: 350px;" />Within Walking Distance</h3> <p>There's tons to do right around the corner from the Simmons campus. Just steps from our front door, you can take in some of the greatest pieces of art in the world at the <a href="" target="_blank">Museum of Fine Arts</a> and the <a href="">Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum</a>.</p> <p>Just down Huntington Avenue, you can head to the <a href="">Mary Baker Eddy Library</a>, take in a concert at <a href="" target="_blank">Symphony Hall</a> or the <a href="" target="_blank">New England Conservatory</a>, and catch a Red Sox game at <a href="" target="_blank">Fenway Park</a>!</p> <p><strong>Travel Time</strong>: Five to 15 minutes walking.</p> <hr style="clear: both !important;" /> <h3>North End&nbsp;<span class="image-right">&nbsp;<img height="300" alt="Statue of Paul Revere" width="350" src="~/media/78BF09BCB3FE43D69C3FE9E58EF1DC00.ashx" /></span></h3> <p>The North End is Boston's oldest residential community, and people have continuously lived there since it was settled in the 1630s. It's distinctly known for its Italian community, with restaurants like <a href="" target="_blank">Bacco</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Fiore</a> and the original <a href="" target="_blank">Regina's Pizzeria</a>.</p> <p>There are also plenty of pastries to try, and <a href="" target="_blank">Mike's Pastry</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Modern Pastry</a> have you covered. You can learn some history by visiting the <a href="">Paul Revere House</a> or check out a show at the <a href="" target="_blank">Improv Asylum Theater</a>. Oh, and if you're around in the summer make sure you check out the <a href="" target="_blank">St. Anthony's Feast</a>, which includes marching bands, food and live music!</p> <p><strong>Travel Time</strong>: 20 minutes on the Green Line.</p> <hr style="clear: both !important;" /> <h3><img height="300" alt="The Museum of Science building" width="350" src="~/media/CA44129129E74435BE3128F6923C04E2.ashx" />West End</h3> <p>The West End is a mix of commercial and residential areas and is home to the third oldest hospital in the U.S., <a href="" target="_blank">Massachusetts General Hospital</a>. You can learn a little more about the history of this area by visiting the <a href="" target="_blank">West End Museum</a> and cheer on the Celtics or the Bruins at the <a href="" target="_blank">TD Garden</a>. Science comes alive at the <a href="" target="_blank">Museum of Science</a> and you can pay a visit the old Charles Street Jail, now the <a href="" target="_blank">Liberty Hotel</a>.</p> <p><strong>Travel Time:</strong> 20 to 25 minutes on the Green Line.</p> <hr style="clear: both !important;" /> <h3>South End&nbsp;<span class="image-right">&nbsp;<img height="300" alt="Townhomes located in the South End neighborhood of Boston" width="350" src="~/media/DD2056E42CB646FE9838D76D44961287.ashx" /></span></h3> <p>The South End is one of Boston's main restaurant districts and features Tremont Street, which is often called "Restaurant Row." Restaurants like <a href="" target="_blank">The Beehive</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Toro</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">The Gallows</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Myers and Chang</a> and way more will keep you coming back time again.</p> <p>You can get in touch with your artistic side by visiting the <a href="" target="_blank">Boston Center for the Arts</a> and the <a href="" target="_blank">SoWa Art Galleries</a>. It's also just a good place to go and walk around because everything is so pretty and Instagrammable.</p> <p><strong>Travel Time</strong>: 12 minutes on the Green Line, and then five to 10 minutes walking.</p> <hr style="clear: both !important;" /> <h3><img height="300" alt="People studying in the Boston Public Library" width="350" src="~/media/CD5085C0B6614CB49D180F07D82C2FC3.ashx" />Back Bay</h3> <p>Back Bay is famous for its brownstone homes, but it's also home to some of the most recognizable places in Boston, including the <a href="" target="_blank">Boston Public Library</a> and <a href="">Hynes Convention Center</a>. It also includes the best shopping spots in the city, from <a href="">Newbury Street</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Prudential Center</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Copley Place</a>.</p> <p>Want some of the best views of Boston? Hit up the <a href="" target="_blank">Skywalk Observatory</a> at the top of the Prudential Building for the city's only sky-high vantage point. Looking for more culture? Visit <a href="" target="_blank">Trinity Church</a>, regarded as one of the finest buildings in America, or the <a href="" target="_blank">Old South Church</a>, just across the street from the library. And don't miss the <a href="">Boston Marathon</a> finish line, or cheer on the runners if you're here in April!</p> <p><strong>Travel Time</strong>: 15 minutes on the Green Line.</p> <hr style="clear: both !important;" /> <h3>Seaport/Waterfront&nbsp;<span class="image-right">&nbsp;<img height="300" alt="The Boston Tea Party Museum" width="350" src="~/media/0BCB844929894DB2ADA21598AA136500.ashx" /></span></h3> <p>If you couldn't tell by the names, you'll be right on the water when you visit the Waterfront and Seaport. Say hello to the sea creatures at the <a href="" target="_blank">New England Aquarium</a> or embrace your inner child at the <a href="" target="_blank">Children's Museum</a>. You can also head over to the Boston Harbor, home to the historic Boston Tea Party and the <a href="" target="_blank">Boston Tea Party Museum</a>.</p> <p>You definitely won't go hungry over here, with spots like <a href="" target="_blank">Legal Harborside</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Strega</a> and Ming Tsai's restaurant <a href="" target="_blank">Blue Dragon</a>! Rather catch a concert? The <a href="" target="_blank">Blue Hills Bank Pavilion</a> is one of the city's most popular outdoor amphitheaters, with great views of the water and some memorable concerts. Oh, and if you're looking to get out on the water, make sure you check out <a href="" target="_blank">Codzilla</a>, Boston's very own high-speed thrill ride boat!</p> <p><strong>Travel Time</strong>: 40 minutes (train time and walking).</p> <hr style="clear: both !important;" /> <h3><img height="300" alt="The Boston Opera House" width="350" src="~/media/5A51537B83B947C3BA58F3947F1896CD.ashx" />Theater District</h3> <p> Are you a fan of broadway shows, ballets or even operas? You'll feel right at home in the Theatre District, where you can see everything from the <a href="" target="_blank">Boston Ballet</a> perform some of the world's most famous ballets to Blue Man Group perform their innovative and amazing performance you just have to see for yourself.</p> <p>Laugh at <a href="" target="_blank">Shear Madness</a> or catch the latest great show at the <a href="" target="_blank">Boch Center Wang Theatre</a>, the&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Boston Opera House</a>, the <a href="" target="_blank">Charles Playhouse</a>, the <a href="" target="_blank">Colonial Theatre</a>, the <a href="" target="_blank">Cutler Majestic Theatre</a>, the <a href="" target="_blank">Modern Theatre</a>, the <a href="" target="_blank">Orpheum Theatre</a>, the <a href="" target="_blank">Paramount Theatre</a>&nbsp;or the <a href="" target="_blank">Wilbur Theatre</a> (phew). <a href="" target="_blank">Chinatown</a> is also close by, so you can grab some of the best Asian cuisine just around the corner.</p> <div> <p><strong>Travel Time</strong>: 20 minutes on the Green Line.</p> <hr style="clear: both !important;" /> <h3>Cambridge/Somerville&nbsp;<span class="image-right">&nbsp;<img height="300" alt="Rowing team on the Charles River" width="350" src="~/media/E15524C5E6634BA4BE4A8D3A37329A36.ashx" /></span></h3> </div> <p> Just across the river is Cambridge, which has its own collection of neighborhoods, but we're giving you the highlights. <a href="" target="_blank">Harvard Square</a> is home to Harvard University, but it also holds food, shopping and even some great music venues. There's a farmer's market, a skating rink in the winter, and tons of outdoor seating for the warmer months.</p> <p>The <a href="" target="_blank">MIT Museum</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Harvard Art Museum</a> will keep you cultured, while <a href="" target="_blank">The Sinclair</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Club Passim</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">The Plough &amp; Stars</a> (and much much more!) will keep you entertained with live music.</p> <p>And don't miss the annual <a href="" target="_blank">Head of the Charles</a>! Watch this exciting regatta from the shores of Cambridge for some beautiful city views.&nbsp;</p> <div> <p><strong>Travel Time</strong>: 35 to 40 minutes on the train.</p> </div>2018-10-19T00:00:00-04:00{5DDD0961-BD13-47BB-B7E3-B59B88A11E98} Things You Can Do For Your Mental Health<h5>DEVELOP A SUPPORT NETWORK</h5> <p>Making new friends is a key part of the college experience &mdash; but maintaining relationships with your friends and family back home is equally important. If you're feeling down or stressed, reach out to your friends and family for the support you need.&nbsp;</p> <p>Having a hard time connecting with other students? You're not alone! Many new college students experience some level of loneliness during their first few weeks.&nbsp;Getting involved in one of our many student organizations is a great way to get started. Simmons offers a wide variety of student groups on campus. Reach out to the Office of Student Leadership and Activities at <a href=""></a>&nbsp;for more information.</p> <hr /> <h5>SET REALISTIC GOALS</h5> <p>Understand that you can't do everything. Although you might want to go to class, have a part-time job/internship, play a sport, run for office, etc. &mdash; sooner or later you're going to get run down. Setting unrealistic goals will result in unnecessary self-criticism if they're unmet.&nbsp;</p> <p>Instead, decide what you'd like to achieve and write down the steps needed to meet this goal. As you start to progress towards it, you'll enjoy a sense of accomplishment and self-worth.</p> <hr /> <h5>CARE FOR YOUR BODY</h5> <p>Personal wellness encompasses many interlocking components, so your physical health impacts your mental and emotional health. Try to get in tune with what makes your body feel good. What types of movement? What kinds of food? How much sleep? These are all important questions to ask yourself as you try to find the right balance for your body.&nbsp;</p> <p>For more information about developing healthy habits, check out these helpful tips for <a href="">staying healthy</a> during the semester!</p> <hr /> <h5>HANDLE STRESS IN A HEALTHY WAY</h5> <p>Students can easily become overwhelmed with so much going on &mdash; luckily, there's plenty of healthy ways to deal with the mental pressures of college. Staying organized, taking breaks and getting off campus are a few easy ways to keep your stress levels low and your well-being high.&nbsp;</p> <p>When do students experience the most stress? Finals week! Check out this list of <a href="">tips and resources</a> to help you get through finals with ease.&nbsp;</p> <hr /> <h5>SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT</h5> <p>Remember, asking for help is a sign of strength &mdash; not weakness. It's normal to seek the help of a professional when your network of family and friends isn't enough. Luckily there are plenty of resources on campus to help you when you need it.</p> <p>In addition to the <a href="">Counseling Center</a>, Simmons also has an established <a href="">Wellness Ambassador Program</a>. These students&nbsp;are passionate about an inclusive and comprehensive picture of well-being for the Simmons community. They provide an open-minded, nonjudgemental approach to wellness and are comfortable with a variety of topics from sexual health to mental health.&nbsp;</p>2018-10-10T00:00:00-04:00{920DDE20-6CA8-4CBC-9444-FF43E59D0341} University Ranked by U.S.News & World Report<p>Simmons University earned an impressive #4 ranking for Best Value in the <a href="" target="_blank">2019 <em>U.S.News &amp; World Report</em> rankings</a> in the Regional Universities North category &ndash; the most competitive higher education region in the nation. This marks Simmons' highest-ever ranking in the Best Value category, rising from the #5 spot in 2017.</p> <p> "Our combination of rigor, exceptional student experience, value, and range of programs is being recognized by national evaluators," said <a href="">President Helen Drinan</a>. "Simmons is a force in today&rsquo;s competitive higher education landscape, further elevating the stature of our distinctive <a href="">undergraduate program</a> for women and our nationally-recognized <a href="">graduate programs</a>."</p> <p>Widely considered to be the preeminent ranking service, <em>U.S.News&nbsp;&amp; World Report</em> publishes annual rankings of thousands of colleges and universities including 656 in the Regional University category.&nbsp;</p> <hr /> <h3 style="color: #6e7377; font-size: 20px; line-height: 1.5; padding-top: 15px; padding-bottom: 15px;">"Our combination of rigor, exceptional student experience, value, and range of programs is being recognized by national evaluators," said President Helen Drinan. "Simmons is a force in today&rsquo;s competitive higher education landscape, further elevating the stature of our distinctive undergraduate program for women and our nationally-recognized graduate programs."</h3> <hr /> <p>Institutions included in the Regional Universities ranking offer a variety of undergraduate degrees and some master&rsquo;s degree programs. The regions are divided and ranked in four geographical groups: North, South, Midwest and West.</p> <p><span>The calculation for Best Value ranked 88 schools for their academic quality, as indicated by its 2019 <em>U.S.News &amp; World Report</em> Best Colleges ranking, and the 2017-2018 net cost of attendance for a student who received the average level of need-based financial aid.</span></p> <p><span>Simmons also placed #11 overall out of 196 universities in the 2019 <em>U.S.News &amp; World Report&nbsp;</em><a href="" target="_blank">Best Regional Universities North</a> rankings. The rankings evaluate colleges and universities on 16 measures of academic excellence, including &ldquo;widely accepted indicators of excellence as first-year student retention, graduation rates and the strength of the faculty.&rdquo;</span></p>2018-09-17T00:00:00-04:00{DD6B5FE8-F0B6-4B12-8779-DCB779818CDC} Convocation and Simmons University<p>University <a href="">President Helen Drinan</a> '75MS, '78MBA welcomed members of the Simmons community to "Convocation: A Celebration of University" on Wednesday, September 5. Cheers from the crowd echoed throughout the academic campus as faculty, staff and students celebrated the beginning of this next chapter.&nbsp;</p> <p>Provost and Senior Vice President <a href="">Katie Conboy</a> kicked off the festivities with a presentation of the four newly organized colleges, headed by our&nbsp;<a href="">four inaugural deans</a>.&nbsp;</p> <p>Continuing this spirit of welcome and celebration, Associate Provost and Dean of the Undergraduate Program, <a href="">Catherine Paden</a>, congratulated the newest Members of Academy &mdash; Simmons' undergraduate honors society. Paden, along with the four new deans, inducted 26 new members of the Class of 2019 into the Academy.&nbsp;</p> <p>Professor Geoffrey Turner, President of the Faculty Senate, gave an address to the Class of 2019 on behalf of the faculty. As a behavior scientist, Turner urged students to truly engage in their surroundings and foster relationships with peers and professors &mdash;&nbsp;many of whom will become lifelong friends.&nbsp;</p> <p>"Get lost in what you do here at Simmons," said Turner. "Find out what engages you. Find meaning and a higher purpose in your work."</p> <hr /> <h3 style="color: #6e7377; font-size: 20px; line-height: 1.5; padding-top: 15px; padding-bottom: 15px;">"The Simmons story has many more chapters to be written," said Provost Conboy as she concluded her remarks. "Let's write them together!"</h3> <div><hr /> <p>Turner was followed later in the ceremony by Provost Katie Conboy, who gave the Convocation Address. She lauded the current success of the University and the redesign of its academic structure before taking attendees through Simmons' institutional journey.</p> <p>"We shouldn't forget that Simmons has already been many things," Provost Conboy reminded the audience. "In some ways we might consider all of these versions of Simmons as strands of our DNA."</p> <p>Provost Conboy explored where we've been, how far we've come and where we're going &mdash; encouraging the Simmons community to go forward in confidence as we begin the next chapter in the University's history.&nbsp;</p> <p><span>"The Simmons story has many more chapters to be written," said Provost Conboy as she concluded her remarks. "Let's write them together!"</span></p> </div>2018-09-06T00:00:00-04:00{3F52918B-E849-48C3-88F9-DE9C92D9A066} Must Read Tips for the Class of 2022Our <a href="">Orientation Leaders</a>, Delaney Roberson '20, Josephine Tran-Vong '21 and Emily Mills '19, told us what they wish they knew before coming to Simmons. Here are a few tips that will help make your transition to Simmons as easy as possible! <h3><img height="300" alt="Students in dorm room" width="350" src="~/media/F5EA5C28F1A345B39FD9DCCD5A4DDE3A.ashx" />1. Pack wisely!</h3> <p>Packing for college doesn't have to be overwhelming. We've taken the stress out of packing by curating a <a href="">comprehensive checklist</a> for our first years. And when it comes to clothes, be sure to come prepared for our beautiful&mdash;but sometimes unpredictable&mdash;New England weather!</p> <h4 style="color: #6e7377; font-size: 20px; line-height: 1.5; padding-top: 15px;">"I wouldn&rsquo;t have survived my first year if I didn&rsquo;t bring my fan and my rain jacket. And make a mental note of the toiletries you use! Target was ransacked the first week I moved in, so I had to borrow my roommate&rsquo;s shower shoes&mdash;her feet were MUCH smaller than mine."</h4> <h4 style="color: #6e7377; font-size: 20px; line-height: 1.5; padding-top: 15px;">-Josephine Tran-Vong '21</h4> <hr style="clear: both !important;" /> <h3>2. Embrace new friendships.&nbsp;<span class="image-right">&nbsp;<img height="300" alt="Photo of the African and Caribbean Student Union E-Board Members: Kara Walsh '20, Aisha Lawal '18, Ogugua Uchendu '20, Rae&rsquo;Niqua Victorine '20 and Tozoe Marton '18" width="350" src="~/media/C1CF254EC09846CBA85EADFE4B633B3D.ashx" /></span></h3> <p>Ask any alum&mdash;Simmons is where lifelong friendships are made. Although it might seem intimidating in the beginning, meeting new people and making friends is easier than you think. Don't know where to start? With over 70 to choose from, try joining one of our many <a href="">clubs and organizations</a>!&nbsp;</p> <h4 style="color: #6e7377; font-size: 20px; line-height: 1.5; padding-top: 15px;">"Don't put so much pressure on yourself to fit in right away. For some students, it may take a bit of time to adjust to new surroundings. That&rsquo;s totally okay! I promise that you will eventually figure out exactly where you need to be."</h4> <h4 style="color: #6e7377; font-size: 20px; line-height: 1.5; padding-top: 15px;">-Delaney Roberson '20</h4> <hr style="clear: both !important;" /> <h3><img height="300" alt="Green line MBTA train" width="350" src="~/media/4458A410524C4ACD80E1EACAEB98E08B.ashx" />3. Getting around the city is easier than it looks.&nbsp;</h3> <p>Boston is known for being a walking city&mdash;there are so many <a href="">interesting neighborhoods</a> just steps away from our campus. If you don't feel like walking, public transit is affordable and easily accessible. Although the schedules and routes may seem confusing at first, we promise that you'll be a pro in no time.&nbsp;</p> <h4 style="color: #6e7377; font-size: 20px; line-height: 1.5; padding-top: 15px;">"The T is not scary. I was so flustered when we took the T during Orientation and thought I'd have to avoid it. I quickly overcame this fear after just a few trips&mdash;it's so much easier than you think."</h4> <h4 style="color: #6e7377; font-size: 20px; line-height: 1.5; padding-top: 15px;">-Emily Mills '19</h4> <hr style="clear: both !important;" /> <h3>4. Take your time when choosing a major.&nbsp;<span class="image-right"> &nbsp;<img height="300" alt="students studying in Common Grounds" width="350" src="~/media/2E34F0DD3B4A4A548F40B26A05525509.ashx" /></span></h3> <p>Did you know that 25% of our students come to Simmons <a href="" target="_blank">undecided</a>? Undecided is technically our second most popular "major"! We know that it takes time to discover your passion&mdash;that's why you don't need to declare a major until your sophomore year.&nbsp;</p> <h4 style="color: #6e7377; font-size: 20px; line-height: 1.5; padding-top: 15px;">"I wish I knew that I didn&rsquo;t need to pick my major right away. I was so stressed trying to figure out what to do with my life my first year."</h4> <h4 style="color: #6e7377; font-size: 20px; line-height: 1.5; padding-top: 15px;">-Emily Mills '19</h4> <hr style="clear: both !important;" /> <h3><img height="300" alt="Students getting food in Bartol Dining Hall" width="350" src="~/media/36C44471EC234C80BFA4A671598CFF8C.ashx?h=300&amp;&amp;w=350" />5. Stay healthy and get enough rest!</h3> <p>Your first semester will be a big adjustment, so be sure to take care of yourself. Pulling all-nighters and spending all day at a desk will eventually catch-up with you. Not sure how to start? Check out these <a href="">handy tips</a> from Simmons' nutrition experts!</p> <h4 style="color: #6e7377; font-size: 20px; line-height: 1.5; padding-top: 15px;">"Just because Star Market is open 24/7 does NOT mean that you should go on an expedition at 3 a.m. to get ice cream."</h4> <h4 style="color: #6e7377; font-size: 20px; line-height: 1.5; padding-top: 15px;">-Delaney Roberson '20</h4>2018-08-15T00:00:00-04:00{CBC59D19-DD93-433E-87DA-399525FA52CB} Community News, August 2018<strong> <h4>Faculty</h4> </strong> <p><strong></strong></p> <p>Associate Professor <strong>Naresh Agarwal</strong> co-authored a paper "Ascertaining the Place of Library &amp; Information Science in Knowledge Management Research" which was accepted at the 81<sup>st</sup> Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&amp;T) 2018 Annual Meeting in Vancouver, Canada, November 10-14. Agarwal has also started an initiative called "<a href="" target="_blank">Project Oneness World</a>"&nbsp;which will feature a variety of interviews.&nbsp;</p> <p>SLIS Director&nbsp;<strong>Sanda Erdelez</strong>&nbsp;gave a keynote presentation, "Encountering Information in a Rapidly Changing Environment" in June at the 2018 Western Balkans Information Literacy Conference (WBLIC), Bihac, Bosnia &amp; Herzegovina. At the same conference she gave a well-attended workshop, "Information Encountering and New Information Literacy." Her co-authored paper, "Distraction to Illumination: Mining Biomedical Publications for Serendipity in Research," was accepted for the Annual Meeting of ASIS&amp;T.</p> <p>SLIS Assistant Professor <strong>Ann Graf</strong> is co-leading a&nbsp;SIG-AH (Arts &amp; Humanities) panel, "Everyday Documentation of Arts and Humanities Collections" that was accepted at the ASIS&amp;T 2018 Annual Meeting. The panel is composed of a diverse group of academic researchers and practitioners from Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. It will focus on "everyday documentation" of arts and humanities-based collections done by those outside libraries, archives, and museums, and how such documentation practices can and should inform institutional practice and technological developments.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Associate Professor <strong>Melanie Kimball</strong> co-edited and wrote a chapter for&nbsp;<em>Engaging Teens with Story: How to Inspire and Educate Youth with Storytelling, </em>which&nbsp;was awarded Best Professional Resource for School or Youth Librarians by the School Library Connections/American Reference Books Annual for 2018. Kimball also presented a paper, "Twice (or Thrice) Told Tales: Re-making Popular Literature for Youth via Graphic Novelization," at the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing 2018 annual conference, July 9-12 in Sydney, Australia.</p> <strong> <h4>Students</h4> </strong> <p>SLIS student <strong>Judith Haran</strong>&rsquo;s article, &ldquo;<a href="" target="_blank">The Nuremberg Trials Project at Havard Law School: Making History Accessible to All</a>,&rdquo; has been published in the <em>Journal of Contemporary Archival Studies</em>.</p> <p>SLIS students <strong>Moonyung Kang-Larsen, Cristian Alejandro Martinez (YALSA Scholar), Daisy Crystal Muralles, Elise Riley&nbsp;</strong>and<strong> Mallory Elizabeth Walker</strong> have been awarded <a href="" target="_blank">Spectrum Scholarships</a> from the American Library Association. These scholarships are awarded to exceptional students pursuing graduate degrees in library and information science&mdash;both online and face-to-face.&nbsp;</p> <strong> <h4>Alumni</h4> </strong> <p><strong style="font-weight: bold;">Adriene Galindo </strong>'16MS received a Frank B. Sessa Scholarship for Continuing Professional Education of Beta Phi Mu Members. Award winners receive $150 to cover expenses for the professional continuing education opportunity of their choice. </p> <strong> </strong>2018-08-07T00:00:00-04:00{635A38F6-40BD-4FAE-8B5B-B2013D5EF163} Boston Spots You Can't Miss<p>We're right in the heart of Boston, and there's so much to do and see in this city. Our <a href="">Orientation Leaders</a>,&nbsp;Delaney Roberson '20, Josephine Tran-Vong '21 and Emily Mills '19,&nbsp;told us their favorite places to visit during the school year. Here are just a few of the many iconic Boston landmarks that you can't afford to miss while you're here.</p> <h3><img height="300" alt="Entrance to Museum of Fine Arts" width="350" src="~/media/C8B6632408B84A0286DA64C38CC047FC.ashx" />1. Museum of Fine Arts</h3> <p>There's tons to do right around the corner from the Simmons campus. Just steps from our front door, you can take in some of the greatest pieces of art in the world at the <a href="">Museum of Fine Arts</a>&nbsp;(MFA). And you won't have to worry about admission &mdash; Simmons students can visit free of charge!</p> <h4 style="color: #6e7377; font-size: 22px; line-height: 1.5; padding-top: 15px;">"I think the MFA is perfect for gloomy days. Whenever I feel overwhelmed or stressed, the calming atmosphere is just what I need."</h4> <h4 style="color: #6e7377; font-size: 22px; line-height: 1.5;">- Delaney Roberson '20</h4> <hr style="clear: both !important;" /> <h3>2. Fenway Area&nbsp; <span class="image-right">&nbsp;&nbsp;<img height="300" alt="Citgo sign by Fenway Park" width="350" src="~/media/24F2681B06974ED793C4B66CEEF64C67.ashx" class="image-right" /></span></h3> <p>Although we love watching the <a href="" target="_blank">Red Sox</a> play at Fenway Park, there's much more to this area than baseball! Just steps away from our Residence campus, there's great shopping and restaurants for Simmons students to enjoy.&nbsp;</p> <h4 style="color: #6e7377; font-size: 22px; line-height: 1.5; padding-top: 15px;">"I love Fenway area. There&rsquo;s a two story Target and a ton of places to eat &mdash; my favorites are El Pel&oacute;n and Thornton&rsquo;s on Peterborough Street!"</h4> <h4 style="color: #6e7377; font-size: 22px; line-height: 1.5;">- Emily Mills '19</h4> <hr style="clear: both !important;" /> <h3><img height="300" alt="People studying in the Boston Public Library" width="350" src="~/media/CD5085C0B6614CB49D180F07D82C2FC3.ashx" />3. Boston Public Library</h3> <p>Founded in 1848, the <a href="http://" target="_blank"></a><a href="">Boston Public Library</a> is the first free municipal library in the United States! Located in Back Bay, this area is known for its architecture&nbsp;&mdash; from the iconic Boston brownstones to <a href="" target="_blank">Trinity Church</a>, you'll find several beautiful buildings just steps away from the library.</p> <h4 style="color: #6e7377; font-size: 22px; line-height: 1.5; padding-top: 15px;">"I love going to the Boston Public Library with my friends. There's always other college students so it&rsquo;s fun to meet new people!"</h4> <h4 style="color: #6e7377; font-size: 22px; line-height: 1.5;">- Josephine Tran-Vong '21</h4> <hr style="clear: both !important;" /> <h3>4. Boston Public Garden&nbsp; <span class="image-right">&nbsp;&nbsp;<img height="300" alt="Boston Public Garden lagoon with skyscrapers in background." width="350" src="~/media/D7B626E812064DCE84B46D81B27BC5D4.ashx" /></span></h3> <p>Established in 1837, the <a href="" target="_blank">Boston Public Garden</a> was the first public botanical garden in America. Enjoy the outdoors while never leaving the heart of the city &mdash; and while you're there,&nbsp; take a ride around the garden's lagoon on a historic <a href="" target="_blank">Swan Boat</a>!</p> <h4 style="color: #6e7377; font-size: 22px; line-height: 1.5; padding-top: 15px;">"I have many places that I would like to explore further in Boston, but I will always be up for a trip to the Boston Public Garden. The Public Garden is especially gorgeous in the warmer months."</h4> <h4 style="color: #6e7377; font-size: 22px; line-height: 1.5;">- Delaney Roberson '20</h4> <hr style="clear: both !important;" /> <h3><img height="300" alt="People walking in Downtown Crossing area." width="350" src="~/media/66644C2667A9464498C6D1F323BD842C.ashx" />5. Downtown Crossing</h3> <p>Have some free time? Check out the <a href="" target="_blank">Downtown Crossing</a> area! Located next to the Boston Common, this section of the city has plenty of shops, restaurants and unique storefronts to keep you entertained.&nbsp;</p> <h4 style="color: #6e7377; font-size: 22px; line-height: 1.5; padding-top: 15px;">"I love the Park Street/Downtown Crossing area. Whether it&rsquo;s hanging out at the Common, or shopping at Primark, there's so much to do."</h4> <h4 style="color: #6e7377; font-size: 22px; line-height: 1.5;">- Emily Mills '19</h4>2018-06-29T00:00:00-04:00{F34D0777-CD31-431D-B250-1A012D822DDB} Your Orientation Leaders<h4>What's your major?</h4> <p><strong>Delaney:</strong> <a href="">Nursing</a>.</p> <p><strong>Josephine:</strong> Nursing.</p> <p><strong>Emily:</strong> <a href="">Political science</a> with a minor in <a href="">communications</a>.</p> <h4>Where are you from?</h4> <p><strong>Delaney:</strong> Highland, New York, a small town 90 miles north of New York City.</p> <p><strong>Josephine:</strong> I was born and raised in Stockton, California, but I currently live on Cape Cod, Massachusetts!</p> <p><strong>Emily:</strong> Bristol, Connecticut.</p> <h4>What residence hall did you live in as a first-year?</h4> <p><strong>Delaney:</strong> I lived in South Hall&rsquo;s Wellness Community. It was the perfect dorm for me to complete my first two years at Simmons! I was able to live with so many awesome students who share my passion of health and fitness.</p> <p><strong>Josephine:</strong> Morse Hall &mdash; on the Arts floor.</p> <p><strong>Emily: </strong>South Hall! (The best hall)</p> <h4>What made you choose Simmons?</h4> <p><strong>Delaney:</strong> When I first visited Simmons almost three years ago, I immediately noticed a profound sense of community. I could tell that fellow students, administrators and professors genuinely wanted me to succeed and grow into the best version of myself.</p> <p><strong>Josephine:</strong> Simmons is well known for its nursing program and it's in a great location. When I went on my tour, I just felt this sense of community and knew this is was it.</p> <p><strong>Emily:</strong> I chose Simmons for a few reasons. I wanted a small school where I could get to know my professors and get involved on campus. Simmons and Boston ended up being the best fit for me!</p> <h4>What made you make the move to become an Orientation Leader?</h4> <p><strong>Delaney: </strong>During my own Orientation two years ago, I remember feeling incredibly nervous and overwhelmed. Transitioning into college life with completely new surroundings and people was not an easy task for me&nbsp;&mdash; I became an Orientation Leader to guide students through this process. Being an Orientation Leader perfectly melds my love of Simmons with student leadership.</p> <p><strong>Josephine:</strong> My Orientation Leaders were a big reason I wanted to become one. They just had this constant positive energy and they really made my transition smooth, and I also wanted to do that for others.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Emily:</strong>&nbsp;I was super homesick when I first came here and had a rough adjustment. I wanted to become an Orientation Leader to help any students who were going through the same thing that I went through.</p> <h4>What are you most excited for at Orientation?</h4> <p><strong>All: </strong>Meeting my orientees!</p> <h4>What's your favorite food at Bartol?</h4> <p><strong>Delaney:</strong> I think a lot of Simmons students will agree that Nugget Night is the best! Bartol serves both vegan and traditional chicken nuggets, so even plant-based students can enjoy these tiny bites of pure deliciousness.</p> <p><strong>Josephine: </strong>The specialty pizza &mdash; my favorite is the ricotta and balsamic one, but really all of them are good. The pizza corner is what I check first when I step into Bartol.</p> <p><strong>Emily:</strong>&nbsp;The Mediterranean orzo dish!&nbsp;</p> <h4>Do you have any tips for first-years?</h4> <p><strong>Delaney:</strong> Don&rsquo;t underestimate the value of sturdy shower shoes and a comfy robe.</p> <p><strong>Josephine:</strong> This will be a confusing time, it&rsquo;s okay to not know what&rsquo;s going on. You probably aren&rsquo;t the only one!</p> <p><strong>Emily: </strong>Besides the typical stuff like don&rsquo;t lose your ID and don&rsquo;t take an 8 a.m. class, my biggest tip is to have fun, but work hard. Your first year is such a great opportunity to explore your interests and try new things. Take a class that sounds interesting &mdash; and get involved!&nbsp;</p> <h4>Tell us one fun fact about yourselves!</h4> <p><strong>Delaney:</strong> I teach yoga for our <a href="">Fit at Simmons</a> program! I absolutely love meeting new students this way, while also using yoga to destress and unwind from my hectic schedule.</p> <p><strong>Josephine:</strong> I'm a first-generation student!</p> <p><strong>Emily:</strong> I've watched the entire Parks and Rec series on Netflix 9 times &mdash; it&rsquo;s my favorite show of all time. I think I know every line from every episode.</p> <h4>What's your Simmons moment?</h4> <p><strong>Delaney: </strong>The day I stepped foot into Boston Medical Center for my first nursing clinical was the most exciting, yet terrifying, day of my college career thus far. Although the nursing faculty do an amazing job of cramming ungodly amounts of knowledge into our brains, clinical is where nursing students truly learn how to excel in their field.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Josephine: </strong>Towards the end of my first year, I became heavily involved in clubs and organizations, and now I hold e-board positions for them. Being in these spaces allowed me to meet amazing people who were just like me that I wouldn&rsquo;t have met elsewhere. My Simmons moment was feeling the sense of community I felt on my first tour, multiplied by ten. It was finding people you&rsquo;ve only known for a few months but being comfortable enough to consider them family.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Emily:</strong> Mine was when I traveled to Dallas, Texas last year for a student government conference with some of my fellow SGA members. I became so close with the people I traveled to Texas with, and we were able to become a more cohesive student government because of it. I've had so many opportunities to get involved and become a leader at Simmons, and every experience has lead me to amazing, lifelong friends.</p> <p><hr /> </p> <p><em>From Left: Josephine Tran-Vong '21, Emily Mills '19 and Delaney Roberson '20</em></p>2018-06-19T00:00:00-04:00{14870956-522B-4065-AB39-B8B6A6FC96B6} College Announces University Designation<p>Simmons College announced today that it will become Simmons University effective September 1, 2018, and will introduce a new academic structure, including four new colleges led by <a href="~/link.aspx?_id=C32D984E4DBD4A5CBBFBB1025C005154&amp;_z=z">four recently appointed deans</a>. The announcement is the culmination of a strategic planning and visioning process begun in 2011.</p> <p>&ldquo;The hard work we've been doing on our academic redesign; on real estate use and opportunities; on improving student services and retention; and on strengthening our academic programs has positioned Simmons very well,&rdquo; said <a href="~/link.aspx?_id=78AE8F7006AD4533BAC27B910E349D57&amp;_z=z">Helen G. Drinan, President of Simmons College</a>. &ldquo;Given the size and scope of our programs, including online graduate programs with national and international reach, &lsquo;university&rsquo; is a more accurate description of who we are and where we are going. We&rsquo;re looking forward to a very exciting future.&rdquo;</p> <p>Founded as a women&rsquo;s college in 1899, Simmons has evolved to become a complex urban university dedicated to innovative teaching and engaged learning in the liberal arts and the professions. In the new structure, Simmons University will continue to offer an <a href="~/link.aspx?_id=90099AF2A5AC467FA9E1CBC3FD2D865C&amp;_z=z">undergraduate program</a>&nbsp;for women and numerous <a href="~/link.aspx?_id=1DF7F3B388E14A6E894FE4F9A04F6DB9&amp;_z=z">graduate programs</a>&nbsp;open to all.&nbsp;</p> <p>Simmons University will consist of the <a href="~/link.aspx?_id=F41202130B524C6DADDF42885C61020A&amp;_z=z">Gwen Ifill College of Media, Arts, and Humanities</a>; the College of Social Sciences, Policy, and Practice; the College of Organizational, Computational, and Information Sciences; and the College of Natural, Behavioral, and Health Sciences. Several of Simmons&rsquo; well-known professional schools&mdash;including the School of Nursing, the School of Social Work, the School of Library and Information Science, and the School of Business&mdash;will retain their identities and live within the colleges alongside other existing departments and programs.</p> <p>&ldquo;The new Colleges each underscore Simmons&rsquo; signature strengths, combining distinct disciplinary preparation with interdisciplinary emphases, inter-professional approaches, and attention to rapidly evolving fields of study and practice,&rdquo; said <a href="~/link.aspx?_id=B88EA184CDCF473A869C5AE2EF4EB236&amp;_z=z">Katie Conboy, Ph.D., Provost and Senior Vice President</a>. &ldquo;Together, the four new Colleges reflect the University&rsquo;s commitment to a culture of inclusive leadership, social justice, global perspective, and civic engagement.&rdquo;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>In the last several years, Simmons has experienced growing enrollments in its undergraduate program; doubled its graduate enrollments; and launched an international version of its successful <a href="" target="_blank">women&rsquo;s leadership conference</a>. Simmons also completed the largest fundraising campaign in the college's history.&nbsp;</p> <p>The new academic structure is the result of an intensive two-year process that involved the entire Simmons community in designing a forward-looking organizational structure that honors Simmons&rsquo; ongoing commitment to women&rsquo;s undergraduate education and serves the entire student population.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>&ldquo;All Simmons University graduates will be equipped with the knowledge and collaborative skills needed to engage the complex challenges of an interconnected world,&rdquo; said President Drinan.</p> <p>The Class of 2019 will be the first graduates under the Simmons University designation. Learn more about our <a href="~/link.aspx?_id=E9390445030646CF85E2029E638CBF57&amp;_z=z">university designation</a>.</p>2018-05-24T00:00:00-04:00{3F046A2C-4F1F-4AC7-8A3E-4B5383D7791D} the 113th Simmons Commencement<p>We're still buzzing with excitement from the <a href="" target="_blank">113th Simmons Commencement</a>! In front of their friends and families, 301 undergraduate and over 1,000 graduate students received their Simmons degrees. This inspiring day included Commencement addresses from bestselling and highly decorated author <a href="~/link.aspx?_id=F0C76F353F364250BA26C10413A600D0&amp;_z=z">Jacqueline Woodson</a> and longtime non-profit leader <a href="~/link.aspx?_id=F0C76F353F364250BA26C10413A600D0&amp;_z=z">Joan Wallace-Benjamin</a>.</p> <p>In our morning undergraduate ceremony, <a href="~/link.aspx?_id=78AE8F7006AD4533BAC27B910E349D57&amp;_z=z">President Helen Drinan</a> welcomed attendees and introduced the student speaker, <a href="~/link.aspx?_id=19381ADD598540F4A2EC58D880654BAF&amp;_z=z">Tozoe Marton '18</a>, whose speech was selected out of a record number of submissions. </p> <p>Marton spoke of her journey from Ghana to Simmons and thanked her father and step-mother for fostering her passion for learning. Marton credited Simmons for <a href="" target="_blank">linking this passion</a> to "a lifelong purpose" and concluded with a call to action for her fellow graduates: "we must use the tools we have gained at Simmons to guide us and create positive change in the world."</p> <p>2018 Class President, <a href="~/link.aspx?_id=D88839BF9DF94FC0919DE9E2EAB3482E&amp;_z=z">Maggie Belfi '18</a> was presented with the Joan Melber Warburg '45, '97HD Leadership Award. This honor is awarded to a Simmons senior who displays commendable leadership abilities and devotes these abilities to making positive change. </p> <p>In her undergraduate Commencement address, Woodson <a href="" target="_blank">challenged</a> the graduates to step out of their comfort zones and to help others whenever they are able. &ldquo;You, my fierce Simmons Class of 2018, have a story to tell," said Woodson. "You have a right now, to do the work you were meant to do."</p> <p>Woodson was presented with an honorary degree along with Frieda Garcia, the founding director of La Alianza Hispana and former executive director of United South End Settlements (USES).</p> <p>A record number of Masters and Doctoral degrees were granted in the afternoon graduate Commencement ceremony.</p> <p>During her graduate Commencement address, <a href="~/link.aspx?_id=F0C76F353F364250BA26C10413A600D0&amp;_z=z">Joan Wallace-Benjamin</a> encouraged graduates to <a href="" target="_blank">become involved</a> and use their abilities to make positive change in their communities:</p> <p>"As you graduate and move into the next phase," said Wallace -Benjamin, "don&rsquo;t just ask yourself what you want to be, but instead what problems you want to solve."</p> <p>Wallace-Benjamin received an honorary degree along with the Honorable Leslie E. Harris, Associate Justice, Suffolk Juvenile Court (Ret.).</p> <p>Congratulations to our 2018 Simmons graduates! For more highlights from Commencement check out <a href="" target="_blank">#Sims18</a> on <a href="" target="_blank">Facebook</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Twitter</a>, and <a href="" target="_blank">Instagram</a>! </p>2018-05-18T00:00:00-04:00{19381ADD-5985-40F4-A2EC-58D880654BAF} '18: At Simmons, Everyday is a Learning Experience<p><strong>ON PURSUING HER MAJORS:</strong> I was initially an <a href="">international relations</a> major when I came to Simmons, but one day I sat in on a <a href="">sociology</a> class. The social justice aspect of sociology really drew my attention and I became a double major at the end of my sophomore year.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <strong>ON CHOOSING SIMMONS:</strong>&nbsp;I <a href="">transferred</a> to Simmons my second year for financial reasons. However, the reason I decided to stay is because I honestly fell in love with this community.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>ON SPEAKING AT COMMENCEMENT:&nbsp;</strong>I&rsquo;m truly honored to be selected as the student <a href="">Commencement</a> speaker &mdash; I&rsquo;m both excited and nervous! I decided to audition simply because Simmons has given me so much, and I wanted to give back by sharing my own experience with everyone. I want to let everyone know what a great institution this school is, and the speech does that perfectly &mdash; it mixes personal experience with the mission of this institution. <span class="image-right">&nbsp;<img height="300" alt="Photo of the African and Caribbean Student Union E-Board Members: Kara Walsh '20, Aisha Lawal '18, Ogugua Uchendu '20, Rae&rsquo;Niqua Victorine '20 and Tozoe Marton '18" width="350" src="~/media/C1CF254EC09846CBA85EADFE4B633B3D.ashx" /></span></p> <p><strong>ON THE AFRICAN AND CARIBBEAN STUDENT UNION (ACSU):</strong> I&rsquo;m one of the founding members of ACSU, which was established in January 2017. We wanted to create a space for African and Caribbean students to share their cultures with each other, the Simmons community and the <a href="" target="_blank">Colleges of the Fenway</a>.&nbsp;</p> <p>As president of ACSU, I've learned several things, but the biggest lesson has been patience. When I started this organization, I had so many amazing events in my head that would allow the community to learn more about African and Caribbean cultures. I realized that while these ideas were great, I needed to take baby steps. ACSU wasn&rsquo;t ready to host the large events that I had in my head, so I needed to be patient with the organization as it grew.&nbsp;<span class="image-right">&nbsp;</span></p> <p><strong>ON HER INTERNSHIP:</strong> My internship with Planned Parenthood consisted of canvassing and staffing the phone bank for the Lydia Edwards for Boston City Council Campaign, and working for the Office of Public Affairs at Planned Parenthood&rsquo;s Commonwealth location.&nbsp;</p> <p>At the beginning, I wasn&rsquo;t really excited about working with politicians because I wanted to learn about sexual and reproductive health. After I started working hands-on with politicians who were endorsed by Planned Parenthood, I began to understand the importance of collaboration between non-profits and local politicians. Organizations like Planned Parenthood rely heavily on the policy made by politicians &mdash; it&rsquo;s crucial for Planned Parenthood to support politicians who are in favor of their mission. I now understand the key role that politicians play in improving health care in their respective areas.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><strong><img height="300" alt="Tozoe Marton playing in the leaves on an autumn day" width="350" src="~/media/1E7CFF33D9A24714A2C65C18C885628F.ashx" />ON THE BOSTON DEBATE LEAGUE (BDL): </strong>BDL exposes Boston Public Schools to debate in a way that prepares the students not only for college, but also teaches them how to interact with the world around them.&nbsp;</p> <p>I became a debater for the BDL in 9th grade when I was at the Boston Latin Academy. At the age of 15, I was challenged to think critically about the world around me. Today, I continue to utilize the analytical skills I gained from BDL in class discussions as well as essays.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>When the BDL asked me to be a middle school debate coach, I didn&rsquo;t hesitate to say yes because I understand the impact that debate can have on a student's performance in school. And interestingly, as a debate coach, I noticed that the content I was teaching my debaters were topics I was also learning in my college classes.&nbsp;</p> <div> <p><strong>ON BEING PREPARED FOR THE FUTURE:</strong> Honestly, how has Simmons not prepared me? Everyday was a learning experience. From this institution, I&rsquo;ve learned to be resilient in the face of hardship&nbsp;&mdash; this is something that I'll have with me wherever life takes me.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>ON HER PLANS AFTER GRADUATION:</strong> I'll be attending Brandeis University for my MA in sustainable international development and my MS in global health policy and management.</p> </div> <p><strong>ON HER SIMMONS MOMENT:</strong> I was in <a href="">Professor Saher Selod&rsquo;s</a>&nbsp;inequalities course when we were discussing gender and inequality. I said something completely wrong regarding gender identity and another student nicely corrected me. Circumstances like this happen very often, where everyone is learning from each other. I love that I&rsquo;m able to feel comfortable enough in class to not be afraid of being wrong. I've learned a lot from the professors, but even more from the students.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <div> <p><span></span></p> <hr /> <em>Pictured above: The African and Caribbean Student Union E-Board Members: Kara Walsh '20, Aisha Lawal '18, Ogugua Uchendu '20, Rae&rsquo;Niqua Victorine '20 and Tozoe Marton '18</em> </div>2018-05-16T00:00:00-04:00{A77DFB49-3483-4B17-A5D7-AC6F9375AAC2} Share: My Simmons Moment<h5><hr /> </h5> <h5>MAKING A DIFFERENCE</h5> <p>While working on homework with one of the second graders at Education Sparks, the student put his pencil down, looked me in the eye and said, "I just really appreciate you being here to help me." It was so touching to see that this program is making a difference in that student's life, and I wouldn't have the opportunity to work with the program if it weren't for Simmons and the Scott/Ross Center.&nbsp;</p> <p>-&nbsp;<a href="">Courtney LeBlanc</a>&nbsp;'18</p> <hr /> <h5>BEING MYSELF</h5> <p>Last semester I received an email from admissions that said, &ldquo;Kayla, it&rsquo;s your time to shine. We need you to be Stormy again." I think this moment perfectly sums up my time here! This community has allowed me to be my goofy self while also respecting me as a person&mdash;as a result, I've never felt out of place at Simmons.&nbsp;</p> <p>-&nbsp;<a href="">Kayla Hummel</a>&nbsp;'18</p> <hr /> <h5>BECOMING A LEADER</h5> <p>Simmons has so many different types of opportunities for developing leadership. I always enjoy hearing about what my classmates are involved in because everyone is always doing something different. Many students have jobs on-campus or off-campus, they volunteer, they tutor, they study abroad, they plan events, they do research, they join clubs, they teach exercise classes, they give tours, they play sports, they do everything! Simmons is full of hard-working students and I love being a part of this unique community.&nbsp;</p> <p>-&nbsp;<a href="">Madeline Uretsky</a>&nbsp;'18</p> <hr /> <h5>BEING INVOLVED</h5> <p>Being an RA this year was my Simmons moment &mdash; it really allowed me to be more involved on campus, grow as a leader and also learn a lot about myself. I've met amazing people along the way!&nbsp;</p> <p>-&nbsp;<a href="">Christina Guerrier</a>&nbsp;'18</p> <hr /> <h5>LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES</h5> <p>I was in&nbsp;<a href="">Professor Saher Selod&rsquo;s</a>&nbsp;inequalities course when we were discussing gender and inequality. I said something completely wrong regarding gender identity and another student nicely corrected me. Circumstances like this happen very often, where everyone is learning from each other. I love that I&rsquo;m able to feel comfortable enough in class to not be afraid of being wrong. I've learned a lot from the professors, but even more from the students.</p> <p>-&nbsp;<a href="">Tozoe Marton</a>&nbsp;'18</p> <hr /> <h5>INSPIRING EVENTS</h5> <p>I have two! My first was last spring when I planned and emceed the Leadership Recognition Ceremony for student leaders and groups on campus. It was truly amazing to be part of an event that celebrates individuals and groups on campus that are accomplishing incredible things. Being surrounded by so many inspiring and hardworking people was a great way to celebrate the end of my first year.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> <br /> My second was volunteering at the Simmons Leadership Conference. I was so proud to be part of this event and to represent Simmons. The people here are doing amazing things with a tremendous impact and this event is just one example of that!&nbsp;</p> <p>-&nbsp;<a href="">Molly McDonald</a>&nbsp;'18</p> <hr /> <h5>THE SIMMONS COMMUNITY</h5> <p>It's been a culmination of thoughts, realizations and appreciation for the Simmons community. I'm proud to be a part of this womens-centered institution that continues to encourage students to surpass any obstacles we might face. Overall, I think that my entire senior year is my "Simmons moment," which makes it that much harder to say goodbye.</p> <p>-&nbsp;<a href="">Kaitlyn Lapeyre</a>&nbsp;'18</p>2018-05-15T00:00:00-04:00{A8EC6985-6547-4DB8-9AD7-D6D29ECA52C0} Barriers & Lack of Access: Christina '18 Talks Health Care<p><strong>ON PURSUING NURSING:</strong> Growing up, I noticed the lack of access to health care in my own neighborhood. The nearest hospital was miles away and there was only one local nurse, so everyone was sent to her. I knew I wanted to be like her so I could help others, educate my patients and bring some much needed changes to the health care systems back home.</p> <p><strong>ON CROSSING CULTURAL BARRIERS:</strong> I'm very passionate about providing culturally appropriate care, which I define as the ability to adequately care for a patient despite language barriers or cultural differences. Although this isn't always easy, because all of us have preconceived notions of people from different cultures, it's important to get to know each patient and individualize their care.&nbsp;</p> <p>Language shouldn't be a barrier to educate your patients and care for them properly. I've always been passionate about learning different languages and cultures. <a href="">French</a>, specifically, has always been a part of my life, so I continued to pursue that passion when I came to Simmons.</p> <p><strong>ON CHOOSING SIMMONS:</strong> Simmons was my top choice because of the <a href="">nursing program</a> and for financial reasons. The scholarships I was awarded made it possible to come to Simmons and have meant the world to me. Because Simmons is a small, women-centered college, I've had so many opportunities to grow, get involved and accomplish many great things. It was one of the best decisions that I&rsquo;ve ever made.</p>2018-05-10T00:00:00-04:00{D2B18525-9F54-4200-B592-2863A7E7F213} Entrepreneurship Class Wins Business Feasibility Competition<p>Simmons students won the&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Colleges of the Fenway</a> (COF) Entrepreneurship Competition in the first COF "Feasibility Faceoff." Eight teams from Emmanuel, Wentworth, MassArt and Simmons competed in the final round.</p> <p>Led by Professor <a href="">Teresa Nelson</a>, Elizabeth Eddy &lsquo;18, Tristen Howell &lsquo;18, Ana Maher '20 and Charlotte Dyer &lsquo;19 (pictured above) took first place for their project &ldquo;SimScenes Stickers,&rdquo; a company they developed for the entrepreneurship class, &ldquo;Let&rsquo;s Start a Business on Campus Right Now!&rdquo;</p> <p>&ldquo;We&rsquo;re following the process that any of these students would use if they were establishing a business themselves,&rdquo; said Professor Nelson. &ldquo;We&rsquo;re able to do it together and practice as we go along. It&rsquo;s really about starting with &lsquo;what is their passion and interest?&rsquo; and understanding how this connects with who the customers are and how they create value.&rdquo;</p> <p>With $500 of seed money from the <a href="">entrepreneurship program</a>, the class set out to discover what products students were likely to buy. After meticulous research, planning and surveys, the group opted to create stickers depicting campus life and college experiences that people can relate to&mdash;specifically images significant to Simmons.</p> <p>&ldquo;We went through an entire design and brainstorming process and ultimately wanted to increase positivity and community on the Simmons campus,&rdquo; said Ana Maher. &ldquo;We thought that there are some things everyone can relate to as a Simmons student&mdash;if we created stickers that represented those things, people can put them on laptops, phones or anywhere. Then they can create a sense of community while also reminding you of these positive experiences.&rdquo;</p> <p> </p> <div>They designed several Simmons-specific stickers including Bartol Hall&rsquo;s chicken nugget night, Stormy the shark, the Boston skyline and the Canadian geese that frequent campus grounds. They even decided to honor one iconic Simmons professor:&nbsp;<a href="">Bob White</a>.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> </div>2018-04-30T00:00:00-04:00{33615800-FA17-46CF-9174-C1C622D5B1EC} Up and Out: Women Reshaping the Media Narrative<p>On Friday, March 16, <a href="">Simmons Community Engagement</a> hosted the panel discussion, "Speaking Up and Out: Women Reshaping the Media Narrative" in honor of International Women's Day.&nbsp;</p> <p>"At Simmons we are raising the voices of women and ensuring that these voices are heard," said Diane Hammer, Director of Community Engagement, as she kicked off the event. This apt statement laid the foundation of the overall discussion, which focused on the challenges that women continue to face in today's media and the increased need for female change agents within the industry.&nbsp;</p> <p>Karen Holmes Ward, Director of Public Affairs and Community Services as well as host and executive producer of WCVB-TV's <em>CityLine</em>, moderated the discussion. A well-known journalist and community advocate, Ward stressed the importance of becoming an "informed consumer" of the news, rather than a "passive viewer."&nbsp;</p> <p>Other panelists included Dr. Nada Mustafa Ali, Visiting Associate Professor in the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department at the University of Massachusetts Boston; Jaclyn Friedman, a veteran activist, author and founder of Women, Action &amp; the Media (WAM!); and Danielle Johnson, Broadcast Manager at GRLZ Radio, a Dorchester based program for middle and high school girls where broadcast journalism is used as a catalyst for social change.&nbsp;</p> <p>Dr. Ali, author of <em>Gender, Race and Sudan Exile Politics: 'Do We All Belong to this Country?</em>, spoke about the need for diverse female representation in all aspects of the media industry, from onscreen portrayals to the technology behind it. She also stressed the importance of thinking critically about these portrayals in order to become fully informed about the spaces women inhabit within the media.&nbsp;</p> <p>Friedman echoed Dr. Ali's statements and urged consumers to "give your attention purposefully." She explained that media mergers are becoming increasingly prevalent, therefore only a small number companies control the outgoing messages. In order to ensure that all voices are heard, Friedman encouraged attendees to push for a more balanced media ecosystem. "Your clicks [online] are your vote," she said. "Are you giving your attention to the thing you want to see more of?"</p> <p>In addition to consuming media with purpose, Johnson recommended that women create their own content. "Young voices are shaping today and tomorrow's media," she explained. "By encouraging women to continue to create the content on their own platform, they will have full control."&nbsp;</p> <p>As the event came to a close, Friedman offered attendees a practical application of the event's discussion: "If reshaping the media seems too large, narrow it down until you have a small slice that doesn't feel overwhelming. Movements need followers too. Paralysis is the enemy here."&nbsp;</p> <hr /> <em>Pictured from right to left: Dr. Nada Mustafa Ali, Jaclyn Friedman, Danielle Johnson and Karen Homes Ward</em>2018-03-16T00:00:00-04:00{706E30CE-14B2-43FA-801F-19363D454370} Swimming & Diving Celebrates Historic Win<p>The Simmons <a href="" target="_blank">Swimming &amp; Diving</a> team celebrated their first-ever win at the New England Intercollegiate Swimming &amp; Diving Association (NEISDA) Championship on Sunday, February 18 at the University of Rhode Island (URI). Competing against four other regional schools, the Sharks finished the four-day meet with a score of 1504 points.&nbsp;</p> <p><a href="">Neuroscience and Behavior</a> major, Aine Scholand '20, was named the Swimmer of the Meet after breaking three school and meet records to capture a trio of gold medals in her individual events. Scholand shattered the 22-year old <a href="" target="_blank">NEISDA</a> record and the 28-year old URI pool record for the 1650-yard freestyle. She is also the second competitor in school history to win three individual gold medals during the NEISDA meet and the only competitor in school history to break three meet records.</p> <p>Prior to the meet, Scholand was unaware that the meet records were within her reach. "I had a general idea of the times I wanted and what places I wanted to aim for," said Scholand. "When I saw them, I got really excited and started talking strategies with my coach. She made sure I knew I was on pace to break them."&nbsp;<span class="image-right">&nbsp;<img height="300" alt="Aine Scholand swimming backstroke" width="350" src="~/media/F8B207506CBE4DA88D8704F136FC3632.ashx" class="image-right" /></span></p> <p>In addition to being named Swimmer of the Meet, Scholand was also named the Great Northeast Athletic Conference Women's Swimming &amp; Diving Athlete of the Week for the week of February 12-18.&nbsp;</p> <p>Although she was honored to receive both accolades, Scholand credits her incredible teammates and coaches who encourage her every step of the way. "Having a good team really makes or breaks your experience," said Scholand. "I've been fortunate enough to be surrounded by amazing swimmers who value hard work... I'll always be grateful to them for accepting me as a part of the team."</p> <p>Overall, Simmons won six individual events and three relays for the meet and saw 14 of its 19 student athletes earn All-NEISDA status by virtue of a top-eight individual finish or top-four relay placing. The Sharks combined to achieve All-NEISDA status 56 times and earned 39 medals with a first, second or third place effort during the meet in addition to breaking eight school records.</p> <p>Other notable team accomplishments include:</p> <ul> <li>Jason Erichsen '19 &mdash; 2nd place, School Record in 200-yard breaststroke at 2:26.37</li> <li>Natalie Giraldi '18 &mdash; 2nd place, School Record in 100-yard IM at 1:01.19&nbsp;</li> <li>Maria Soraghan '21 &mdash; 2nd place, Personal Best in 100-yard freestyle at 53.89&nbsp;</li> <li>Anna Leedham '21 &mdash; 3rd place in Preliminaries, School Record in 200-yard butterfly at 2:13.39</li> <li>Elizabeth Bartlett '21 &mdash; 6th place, Personal Best in 100-yard IM at 1:04.61</li> <li>Lindsay Nichols '18 &mdash; 10th place, Personal Best in 200-yard butterfly at 2:26.89</li> </ul> <p>The Sharks are scheduled to attend the Eastern College Athletic Conference Championships at Rutgers University the weekend of February 23-25.&nbsp;</p> <hr /> <p><em>Photo credit: Mike Broglio<br /> </em></p>2018-02-21T00:00:00-05:00{B7FCD9A6-D009-4140-BB37-B1965E71755A} Sirens Qualify for A Cappella Quarterfinals<p>The Simmons Sirens will return to the <a href="" target="_blank">Varsity Vocals International Competition of Collegiate A Cappella</a> (ICCA) for the fourth consecutive year on Sunday, February 18. The ICCA competitions, which inspired the popular <em>Pitch Perfect</em> franchise, showcase nearly 500 groups from around the world &mdash; each vying for the title of International Champion.</p> <p>A cappella groups from all over the country submit video auditions each fall in order to compete in their respective regional competitions. The Sirens are one of ten ensembles selected to compete in this year's Northeast Quarterfinal; only the top two finishing groups will advance to the Northeast Semifinal in March.&nbsp;</p> <p>Since submitting their audition video last fall, the Sirens have spent the past months dedicating countless hours to rehearsals as they ready themselves for Sunday's competition. For those students who are unable to attend the Northeast Quaterfinals, the Sirens will host an "ICCA Preview Night!" in Quadside Caf&eacute; on Friday, February 16.&nbsp;The group plans to showcase their full set including, "Take Me Home" by Jess Glynne, "Blue Eyes Blind" by ZZ Ward, and "Quiet" by MILCK, known for being the unofficial anthem of the Women's March.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>The <a href="" target="_blank">2018 ICCA Quarterfinals</a> for the Northeast region will take place at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the Kresge Auditorium at 2:00 p.m.</p>2018-02-14T00:00:00-05:00{285D565B-397F-498C-983B-97E3FD8E6C64} President Cuts Ribbon to New Multicultural Center<p><strong>ON CHOOSING SIMMONS:</strong> In high school, I started a tech-based education reform club called the iSchool Five. We traveled around to different conferences and schools in the Northeast. We attended a conference in 2014, which happened to take place in Boston. Long story short, I fell in love with the city. Yes, I love New York City, but Boston is great as a college student.</p> <p> When Simmons came on my radar, I was able to check many things off my college must-have list. It was in Boston, the Communications Department offered a great education and I knew that I'd be able to build a great network. When I stepped foot on campus, the energy felt different; I knew that this was where I was going to succeed.</p> <p><strong>ON THE BLACK STUDENT ORGANIZATION (BSO):</strong> As a first-year, I sought out the&nbsp;<a href="">BSO</a>. Being Black at a predominately white institution isn't easy and I wanted the support of others who were having similar experiences. BSO is a community I&rsquo;ve grown to love and where I&rsquo;ve found many of my friends. Moreover, a lot of our conversations allow for support, growth and building relationships with other Black students in the Greater Boston area.&nbsp;&nbsp;<span class="image-right"><img height="300" alt="Multicultural Center Ribbon Cutting" width="350" src="~/media/8D0F30848D8F4B77887D3FCFB63C5A10.ashx?h=300&amp;w=350" style="height: 300px; width: 350px;" /></span></p> <div> <p><strong>ON BEING BSO PRESIDENT:</strong> It's busy, but I wouldn&rsquo;t trade it for anything. When I was a first-year, I told the current president at the time, <a href="">Morgan Ward</a>, that I'd be the president of BSO by my senior year. Well, I managed to do it by my junior year.</p> </div> <p> My favorite part of the position is taking the role and making it my own. I&rsquo;ve learned that leadership comes in many different forms. I&rsquo;m an introvert so I prefer to get to know people in smaller settings, which is why I love the general body meetings we host weekly.&nbsp;</p> <p>In many ways, being president of the BSO is shaping me as a person. I'm learning to let my voice be heard, it has supported my event planning passions and it has expanded my knowledge of many social issues.</p> <div> <p><strong>ON BLACK HISTORY MONTH:</strong> Black History Month is a time to remember and celebrate the achievements of Black people, past, present and future. The history taught in school is not the only history. This month allows us to show more to the story through our lens. It&rsquo;s a reminder to us how glorious being Black truly is.</p> <p><span><strong>ON HER SIMMONS MOMENT:</strong>&nbsp;This past week the college opened its first ever <a href="">Multicultural Center</a>. This was sparked by the ten demands which were presented to the administration in 2015, my first year at Simmons. I participated in the protest alongside other students of color. In the demands, we stated wanting a multicultural office/center for students of color to create community, feel supported and for others to use as a resource. It is now two years later and our demands are being fulfilled. My moment was <a href="" target="_blank">cutting the ribbon</a> at the grand opening and realizing&nbsp;</span>Simmons is on a journey towards equity. This moment definitely made me proud to be attending Simmons.</p> <div><br /> </div> </div>2018-02-08T00:00:00-05:00{59DF7F31-3BC0-4827-B610-DC632A58FBA9} Celebrates Grand Opening of New Multicultural Center<p>On January 31, Simmons celebrated the grand opening of the Multicultural Center, a new space that offers advocacy, programming, and resources in regards to <a href="~/link.aspx?_id=23BDB3EDDEED46DEA7746EA9DCC37C39&amp;_z=z">diversity, equity, and inclusion</a>.</p> <p>"This moment is truly groundbreaking," said Nasyira Taylor '19, President of the Black Student Organization. "I hope the center will be a hub for students of color on campus and that all of us find a sense of community in the space. This center is the representation of the struggles of underrepresented people. This is where we are centered."&nbsp;</p> <p>The speaking program also included remarks by&nbsp;<a href="~/link.aspx?_id=78AE8F7006AD4533BAC27B910E349D57&amp;_z=z">President Helen Drinan</a>; Lisa Smith-McQueenie, Assistant Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion; Noha Elmohands, Director of Multicultural Student Affairs; Morgan Ward '16, former President of the Black Student Organization (BSO); and Celina Fernando '19, from the Like Minds Coalition.</p> <p>Lisa Smith-McQueenie was honored with the first Multicultural Community Award for her commitment to equity work at Simmons; this award will be given annually.&nbsp;</p> <p>The center functions as a multipurpose space for programming, studying, and socializing and includes the Director of Multicultural Affairs' office.&nbsp;</p> <p><em> Multicultural Center is located across from the bookstore, next to the elevator. It is open from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.</em></p>2018-02-01T00:00:00-05:00{3944D38D-E9C3-4930-9184-9E914148DAF8} Through Finals: 5 Tips<div><hr /> </div> <h5>STAY ORGANIZED</h5> <p>Try making a checklist of every exam, presentation and paper due until the end of the semester. This will help you keep track of everything, and it feels pretty great to check stuff off! Plus, it'll help you think ahead so you can schedule time to study for an exam or work on a paper.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <hr /> <h5>TAKE BREAKS</h5> <p> For a short break, go to the gym! Try a yoga or Zumba class. Scheduled classes are great because you can easily plan your studying around them. Not only will it provide a break from studying, you'll feel great afterwards! If you have a little more time, take an afternoon to explore the city. Check out the Christmas tree on Boston Common, go skating at Frog Pond, or do some holiday shopping! Getting off campus and forgetting about finals for a bit will help you re-energize for when you hit the books again.</p> <hr /> <h5>MAKE STUDYING FUN!</h5> <p> Study with your friends! Working together can help take some of the anxiety out of finals week. If you're all studying for the same exam, make up a game. Go through your flashcards Jeopardy-style and have a prize for the winning team &mdash; the competition will help you forget that you're studying! You could also find a cozy cafe off campus to do some studying. A change of scenery can help change-up your routine and get you motivated. </p> <p> </p> <hr /> <h5>PREPARATION IS KEY</h5> <p> Try not to cram the day of your exam. If you've prepared yourself well, you won't have to! Have a good breakfast to get your day started right. If you're relaxed when you walk into the classroom, you can let your preparation take over! You probably won't remember much of what you study at the last minute anyway.</p> <hr /> <p> </p> <h5>UTILIZE SIMMONS' RESOURCES</h5> <p> Simmons offers so much! If you have a question about course material, take advantage of your professor's office hours. Make an appointment at the <a href="">Writing</a>&nbsp;or&nbsp;<a href="">Tutoring</a> Center. Don't hesitate to reach out to your Advisor or the <a href="">Simmons Academic Mentors</a>&nbsp;(SAMs) for support. Both groups are happy to help and can be a friendly face if you're feeling stressed.</p> <hr /> <p><br /> </p>2017-12-14T00:00:00-05:00{7C462164-47BC-4E4C-B6BB-2B72D928DDD2} Healthy at College: 5 Tips<h5><hr /> 1. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER</h5> <p>"Replace at least one caloric beverage with water. By replacing these beverages with water you're accomplishing 2 goals: getting enough water (or at least more water) and reducing your intake of empty calories." -&nbsp;<a href="">Professor Metallinos-Katsaras</a></p> <p>"Staying hydrated helps to keep your body temperature within a normal range, lubricates your joints, protects sensitive tissues, and also helps you eliminate waste and toxins. Water also keeps your skin looking healthy and hydrated!" - Kaitlyn Lapeyre '18</p> <hr /> <div> <h5>2. MOVE YOUR BODY</h5> <p>"Use your own body. A series of 10 squats, lunges, pushups and sit ups will get your heart pumping without the need for a big space. As you get better at them, you can repeat the series 2-3 times and follow it up with a brief stretching routine. The whole thing can be done in less than 10 minutes!" -&nbsp;<a href="">Professor Pojednic</a></p> <p>"Arm circles, push-ups, standing side bends, planks, wall sits and squats are easy and effective.&nbsp;These easy exercises can be done just about anywhere and will give you a full body workout!" - Kaitlyn Lapeyre '18</p> <hr /> <h5>3. STRETCH YOUR MUSCLES</h5> <p>"Pay attention to the muscles in your hips and chest; these are the muscles that get tight and weak as you shorten them from sitting and slouching. A simple toe touch will open up your hamstrings. A deep lunge with your back leg on the floor will get into your hip flexors, which get VERY tight from sitting. Grab your hands together behind your back and lift slightly until you feel a broadening across your shoulders. Lastly, look up! Staring down at your phone and computer wreaks havoc on your upper body muscles!" - Professor Pojednic</p> <p>"It's important to take little breaks during those long study sessions and stretch those muscles! Each stretch should be held for 30 seconds to 1 minute." - Kaitlyn Lapeyre '18</p> <hr /> <h5>4. EAT HEALTHY</h5> <p>"Use the plate method. Make half of your plate fruits and vegetables!"&nbsp;- Professor Pojednic</p> <p>"If you get a salad, get the dressing on the side. That way you can better control how much you add. Also, be an informed consumer by looking at the caloric content of food items. You might be surprised by how many calories some of the meals and drinks really are." - Professor Metallinos-Katsaras</p> <hr /> <h5>5. TAKE BREAKS</h5> <p>"Get up during periods of the day and give yourself a mental and physical break. Even a brief walk around in the hallway will help clear your head and keep your muscles moving and healthy."&nbsp;-Professor Pojednic</p> <p>"Get enough sleep, eat healthy, exercise and meditate."&nbsp;- Kaitlyn Lapeyre '18</p> <hr /> </div>2017-10-18T00:00:00-04:00