Honorary Degree

Call for Nominations for Commencement 2021 Honorary Degrees.

At Simmons' 2021 Commencement ceremonies, we will bestow honorary degrees on four to six individuals who exemplify the Simmons mission and spirit. Simmons University grants honorary degrees:

  • To honor individuals’ achievement across the fields of human endeavor, including public service in all its forms, the creative and performing arts, business, and the professions.
  • To honor the mission, disciplines, values, and priorities of the University.
  • To represent the ethnic, racial, gender, sexual, social, economic, national, and cultural diversity of the Simmons community and our larger communities.

Candidates should be prominent in their field, and should ordinarily have accomplishments demonstrated in a substantial body of work over many years. These achievements should align with the priorities and values of the University.

All members of the Simmons community (students, faculty, alumnae, and staff) are invited to submit a nomination to the Honorary Degree Committee.

Honorary Degree Nomination Form for Commencement 2021