CITI Training Program

The Simmons University Institutional Review Board (IRB) requires all individuals conducting research involving human subjects through the University, and faculty advisors on student human subjects research projects, to complete CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) training, a web-based human subjects research investigator education program. We ask that researchers use their Simmons email address when setting up their CITI account so that their training record will be visible in Cayuse Human Ethics.

The Simmons University IRB has defined the curriculum for this course, in accordance with your role in Human Subjects Research. While most Simmons researchers will take the Social Behavioral and Educational (SBE) courses, if you are conducting research involving collecting human biological samples or specimens, you will need to take the Biomedical course. Students who must take the biomedical course should select the Students with Projects Involving Biological Specimens learner group, unless otherwise advised.

While most students will take the 'students conducting no more than minimal risk research' curriculum, research advisors may require more extensive training. Please check with your advisor about which course you are required take.

NOTE TO FACULTY RESEARCH ADVISORS REGARDING CITI TRAINING: Faculty supervisors will need to complete the Social and Behavioral Educational (SBE) IRB training for investigators, not the student version.

Researchers will have to register with CITI Program and sign in to complete the modules and take the quiz at the end of each session. If you are currently affiliated with other institutions that use CITI, our program compares the modules you need for Simmons with the ones you've already completed elsewhere and will prevent duplication of efforts. It will direct you to only the remaining modules that need to be completed.

CITI Registration Instructions — please read completely and carefully.

For new users, below is the link for registering CITI system. Please affiliate yourself with Simmons.

You must select a course and a learner group. You want to select the Human Subjects Research Courses course and then choose the appropriate learner group level.

Student Researchers who are conducting minimal risk research should choose Students. Students must complete the required modules plus 1 elective module to generate a certificate of completion.

Other Researchers, such as faculty, and students involved in more than minimal risk research should select Social & Behavioral.

Do NOT select the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) course, unless you have been specifically asked to do so.

Register with the CITI Program.

Click on the 'How do I register?' link under Help & Support for detailed instructions on how to register.

If you have already registered and thus have a user name and password access the CITI training.