Tanya Cohn

Associate Teaching Professor and Director of DNP Program
  • School of Nursing


  • PhD, Rush University
  • MSN, Simmons University
  • MEd., Harvard University
  • BA in Psychology, Simmons University


  • RN

About Me

Dr. Cohn lives in South Florida with her wife and 4 kids.

Area of Expertise

  • Clinical Research
  • IRB Regulations

What I Teach

  • NURP 410, Research Methods
  • NURP 450, Health Policy
  • NURP 507/508, Scholarly Inquiry
  • NURP 640, Advanced Research Methods
  • NURP 655, Biostatistics
  • NURP 750 series, DNP Seminar

Community Engagement

  • Hands on Broward DIY projects

Research/Special Projects

Dr. Cohn's research topics of interest include acute and family medicine outcomes; community risk factors; social determinants of health; cardiovascular risk in Hispanics; nursing-sensitive indicators; and healthy work environments, along with professional development.


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