About the School of Social Work

The nation's first institute of higher learning to offer training for clinical social workers

In 1904, Simmons was the nation's first institute of higher learning to offer training for clinical social workers.

Today, the School of Social Work (SSW) continues to provide a rigorous clinical social work education for men and women, and is committed to celebrating and building a diverse school community. Our students, faculty, and staff are comprised of people from different ethnicities, races, classes, and backgrounds.

Many SSW students are experienced human service professionals who seek additional education for personal and professional growth. Others are career changers, making the transition to a more meaningful vocation, or students with previous work or volunteer experience who enter the SSW program soon after completing their undergraduate degrees.

All come together in a small classroom environment that creates a spirited learning community. Students receive the support needed to develop their social work skills and, ultimately, to become skilled clinical practitioners. They gain knowledge of new theories and paradigms for understanding themselves, society, and their clients.

They learn about diversity in the classroom and in field placements and embrace the opportunity to connect with others who have very different life experiences. Our students share a passion for scholarship, a commitment to community, and a vision for change. They help others overcome life's most difficult challenges.

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