Our Tutors

Emily Sun Li

Children's Literature

I am a graduate student pursuing a dual degree MA in Children's Literature and MFA in Writing for Children. I spent the last two years in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, as a Fulbright scholar teaching English as a foreign language while studying Mandarin Chinese. Prior to that, I taught 9th and 10th grade English literature at the Taft School in Watertown, CT. I graduated summa cum laude from Emory University in 2017, where I studied English/creative writing and environmental science while working at the university writing center. I am so excited to be back in the writing center world—there's nothing more fulfilling to me than helping someone become more confident in their voice! When I'm not reading, writing, or tutoring, I'm probably rewatching Avatar the Last Airbender and drinking too much milk tea.

Rachel Maggio

Children's Literature and Library Sciences

I am a graduate student pursuing a dual degree in Children's Literature and Library Sciences. I graduated from Oregon State University with a major in English. While at Oregon State I worked at both the University Library and the Writing Center. I love that working in a writing center allows me to learn something new every day! I'm proud to be a part of empowering students to grow their confidence in their own work, and hopefully, come to enjoy something that brings me so much joy! Outside of work and academics, you can probably find me making a zine or reading poetry, always with coffee.

Quinn Weiner

Gender and Cultural Studies

I'm pursuing a Master's in Gender and Cultural Studies. I recently graduated from Brandeis University with majors in Sociology, English, and Gender Studies, though I'm originally from Las Vegas, Nevada. During my time at Brandeis, I served as tutor for the English Language Program, primarily supporting students learning English as a secondary language. I love that tutoring writing affords me the opportunity to help students grow their creativity, critical thinking, and confidence! Outside of my academic work, I enjoy baking and playing with my dog.